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    BIOSTAR Announces GeForce GTX 750 Ti OC Graphics Card

    Of course you're right. Biostar must have made a mistake putting the spec and name of 750 Ti on the product page linked in the article. And they must be trolling around for putting the SLI logo on that product page too. You're absolutely right.
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    BIOSTAR Announces GeForce GTX 750 Ti OC Graphics Card

    LMAO looking at the posts above. You guys have never heard of the "new" 750Ti do you? All those recently manufactured 750 Tis had been upgraded with a cutdown GM206 from a GM107. Yes its 640 cores is still weaker than a 950's 768 cores and 960's 1024 cores but still it's more powerful than the...
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    AMD Didn't Get the R9 Fury X Wrong, but NVIDIA Got its GTX 980 Ti Right

    Kind of disappointed by Fury X's performance. Was expecting more. Now i can only wait for Pascal. i know Arctic Islands is coming @ Q4 2016. That's too far away. Now the only wildcard is Pascal, hoping they'll launch it at 1H 2016.
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    AMD Radeon R9 Fury X Pictured Some More

    Most of the pictures in this post belongs to a review sample from PCPOP, a a chinese website. www.pcpop.com/doc/1/1105/1105336.shtml But of course the review isn't out yet, due to nda.
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    delete this because less than half the people around here understand or even want to

    You speak as if Nvidia invented HBM while in truth it was AMD who came out with the idea of HBM and they partnered with SK Hynix to develop HBM technology since 2010. HBM is the fruit of a 5-year long of investment from AMD. True, SK Hynix is selling HBM memory to Nvidia for their Pascal...
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    Radeon R9 Fury X Faster Than GeForce GTX 980 Ti at 4K: AMD

    I think AMD got a winner here with Fury X since it beats 980 Ti even in those Nvidia Gameworks titles. Even if you think AMD might be exaggerating a bit in these slides for marketing purposes or whatever, a tie in those Gameworks titles are still a job very well done.
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    AMD Radeon R9 Nano to Feature a Single PCIe Power Connector

    That Quantum Project of AMD already shows what a next-gen console should looks like. Undoubtly Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo will stick with AMD again.
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    ZOTAC Steam Machine Takes PC Gaming Beyond the Computer

    Did Zotac magically gain access to Skylake processor months ahead of everyone else or did Zotac simply trying to follow Nvidia footstep in light of GTX 970 incident?
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    NVIDIA Kills the GTX 780 Ti, GTX 780, GTX 770, Cuts GTX 760 Pricing

    Msrp should be around 260-280 us dollar after converted from chinese currency from some leak i've heard but you should really wait till october for it's performance review since no one knows it's exact performance right now.
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 and GTX 970 Pricing Revealed

    980 at the price of 780 Ti; 970 at the price of 780; probably 960 at the price of 770? and maybe a future 980 Ti will set a new pricing mileage? And not to mention the Titans... Performance aside, i can see a continuous trend of price increase with each new generation.
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    Radeon R9 290X Sees Price Cuts

    I thought when someone talks about profit margin there's one word to rule them all - nVidia.
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    AMD Announces Three New FX-8000 Series Eight-core Processors, New Pricing

    prices are tempting. but reviews from other sites show E-series processors although are slightly more energy efficient than their non-E brothers, is still no where close to Haswell's. Power consumption is still way too high. Looking forward to your new architecture in 15/16, AMD. Best wishes.
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    AMD Readies Two New Performance-segment FX Processors

    There's another 8320E coming too. And also a new budget AM3+ chipset, according to CPU-World.
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    AMD Reports 2014 Second Quarter Results

    Broadwell is supposed to launch in mid-2014 to replace Haswell. Instead, it get delayed and Haswell-Refresh takes it's place. In the end, desktop Broadwell get delayed so much that it will coincide with mid-2015 Skylake launch schedule (quote from multiple sources such as VR-Zone and wccftech...
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    AMD Reports 2014 Second Quarter Results

    GCN 3 arrives early 2015 if the Carizzo slide leaked earlier in VR-Zone is to be trusted. Intel delayed Broadwell again and again and again due to production issue. Period.
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    Palit Releases the Silent GeForce GTX 750Ti/GTX 750 KalmX Series Cards

    Here comes Aardwolfe the cocksucker?:rolleyes:
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    Meet Tango PC, The Desktop Computer That Can Fit in Your Pocket

    Mini PC is an interesting concept but it's not worth investing for the moment due to overheating issue. Wait for something like skylake that should use significantly less power thus reducing the thermal throttling issue faced in all mini pcs nowaday be it intel nuc, gigabyte brix, asus vivo etc...
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    VIA Readying New 64-bit x86 Processor to Take on Intel Bay Trail and AMD Kabini

    The comparison isn't quite fair tbh. AM1 5350 is a desktop CPU (25W TDP). Z3770 is a mobile SoC CPU which is only a few watts TDP or SDP. They should put in Bay Trail D (Desktop) J2900 (10W TDP) SoC into the comparison. Now i'm not sure if Isaiah II is a desktop or a mobile chip and god knows...
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    AMD Unveils A10-7800 Quad-core Socket FM2+ APU

    And a GTX 760 has 170W TDP "all on its own". And a R9 270X has 180W TDP "all on its own". Yeah so much more efficient than a R7 265.:rolleyes:
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    AMD Unveils A10-7800 Quad-core Socket FM2+ APU

    750K combo with R7 250 has same performance in graphics but lower performance in CPU compared to a 7850K. WIth the asking price of the former at $160 and the later at $170 i'll say they are both good in value. But without doubt, 7850K is the best value option if you do not want to use a discrete...
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    Intel Desktop CPU Roadmap Updated

    Your statement is the real nonsense. Did i even mention enthusiast CPU you idiot? Please read before you post else it makes you look real stupid.
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    ASUS Enables Overclocking on H97, H87, B85 and H81 Series Motherboards

    Is that so? Every AsRock mobo out there can overclock K-series CPU since last year. This non-Z OC is nothing new.
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    Intel Desktop CPU Roadmap Updated

    Then i see there's no point to buy a desktop Broadwell. Must why wait for half a year more to get a Skylake.
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    ASRock Launches First Socket AM3+ Motherboard with M.2 Slot

    I thought 990FX Fatal1ty Killer is the world's first motherboard with M.2 socket when it was launched a few months ago? What now they relaunch the same board again?