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  1. Undead46

    Intel Appeals Against $1.3 Billion Fine by EU, from 2009

    You guys are crazy... If AMD dropped their case, then the EU has to present new evidence stating they broke the law. AMD cannot contribute to the case since they settled; the EU cannot obtain said evidence. EU can't prove they broke the law, because common sense doesn't work in the legal system...
  2. Undead46

    Icy Dock Announces MB080U3S-1SB Blizzard Tool-Less HDD Enclosure

    Is this really necessary? Maybe it's just me, but I don't see the purpose of putting a HDD in an External Enclosure that has a Fan. :/
  3. Undead46

    Enermax Display Pair of New ATX Mid-Tower Cases

    Lighting and material looks terrible... :/ I'll stick with my HAF 942 :D
  4. Undead46

    Looking to buy my first SSD, how do I install games on my HDD if I have Steam on SSD?

    You can't. AFAIK, Steam has to be installed in the same drive you're going to store your game files.
  5. Undead46

    Unallocated Space on my SSD

    I tried using that, but they don't allow you to merge more than 100MB in the trial version, but EaseUS Partition Master worked great for me.
  6. Undead46

    Unallocated Space on my SSD

    See, I don't know what's going on or why it won't let me merge... :/ I've tried it as Free Space and Unallocated Space, and I'm on a laptop so it's not like I have a secondary drive or partition that's interfering... Right now I'm trying EaseUS Partition Master, so I hope it works.
  7. Undead46

    Unallocated Space on my SSD

    That option is grey'ed out for me. :/ Wonder if I'm going to have to take the SSD out and boot it on my desktop and then try to merge the space.. -.-
  8. Undead46

    Unallocated Space on my SSD

    Okay, whenever I cloned over my HDD to my SSD, it created a 25GB Partition that I was able to remove via Disk Management, but now I have 25GB of unallocated disk space, how do I add that to my C:/ drive?
  9. Undead46

    Microsoft Announces Availability of Windows Upgrade Offer

    Lame... Bought a new laptop a week ago, so it looks like I'm ineligible! :banghead: Doubt AutoCAD would work properly on Win8 right off the bat anyways. :p
  10. Undead46

    SSD - Samsung 830 vs Corsair Force GT

    I guess that's an option too, thoughts on the SanDisk Extreme?
  11. Undead46

    SSD - Samsung 830 vs Corsair Force GT

    Nope, but the site seems to be working now. Although the site states HM65 Express Chipset, it's HM67 because it's the higher level U46E that has a 2640M CPU.
  12. Undead46

    SSD - Samsung 830 vs Corsair Force GT

    I'm assuming it does, just bought it a few days ago. I have the ASUS U46E-BAL7. HM67 chipset
  13. Undead46

    SSD - Samsung 830 vs Corsair Force GT

    Well, I was planning on using it in a laptop so maybe that less power usage from the Samsung would be more beneficial.
  14. Undead46

    SSD - Samsung 830 vs Corsair Force GT

    SSD - Samsung 830 vs Corsair Force GT va SanDisk Extreme So I've narrowed my choices down to a few SSD's to choose from, question is, which 1 to get? Samsung 830 256GB - $269.99 Corsair Force Series GT 240GB - $259.99 SanDisk Extreme 240GB - $214.99 I'm leaner more toward the Samsung, since...
  15. Undead46

    Laptop Advice

    Well, now that I'll be starting my major at A&M University, I need to invest in a laptop for my studies and course work. I'm majoring in Construction Science, so I'll be using programs like AutoCAD and the familiar. I would appreciate any advice on which laptop(s) I should be looking at for...
  16. Undead46

    Compal's AMD Trinity Reference-Design Notebook Pictured

    Wow, that's pretty impressive for that price range.
  17. Undead46

    Western Digital Previews Thunderbolt Dual-Drive Storage System at Macworld/iWorld

    Negative, just USB 2.0. More info on the Dual-Drive: http://www.slashgear.com/wd-my-book-thunderbolt-duo-drive-revealed-mac-compatible-26210907/ And based on that article, they're only using HDD so they're limited to 2Gbps. :laugh:
  18. Undead46

    A Faster Internet, By Google

    This is awesome, but lets look at the downers: - Faster & More Powerful DDoS' - Faster Timeouts :(
  19. Undead46

    SOPA/PIPA Internet Protests Go Viral, Hit Home

    And you're under the assumption that you're no longer going to have freedom if this passes. That's called fascism. I don't even know why you're arguing with me. You're allowed to your opinions and views and I'm allowed to mine.
  20. Undead46

    SOPA/PIPA Internet Protests Go Viral, Hit Home

    Dude, that's a fail analogy because the Berlin Wall was torn down from an uprising, and unless you physically participated in tearing it down, just being a citizen doesn't make you apart of the cause. And I admit that I was being an extremist when I said voting is participating, but 99% of the...
  21. Undead46

    SOPA/PIPA Internet Protests Go Viral, Hit Home

    Just because you're clicking a button doesn't mean you're getting involved with the government. When was the last time you actually voted for something in your state? November 8th, Texas Amendments here. That's participating... And you claim I had no idea the government already monitors my...
  22. Undead46

    Intel Introduces CPU Replacement Plan Targeting Overclockers

    I'd rather pay a $50 replacement fee, after burning the chip.
  23. Undead46

    SOPA/PIPA Internet Protests Go Viral, Hit Home

    You're over-exaggerating if you think those sites will disappear if this bill is passed. Not to mention Facebook serves as valuable personal information for the government. Their target is illegal content/torrents, not social networks. But like I said, it really doesn't matter what my opinion...
  24. Undead46

    SOPA/PIPA Internet Protests Go Viral, Hit Home

    1) It does not personally benefit me, so I do not support it. 2) This does not invade my privacy no more than what's already going on, so I could care less. Not to mention I don't care about privacy unless it's information released to the public. There is definitely such thing as neutral. ;)
  25. Undead46

    SOPA/PIPA Internet Protests Go Viral, Hit Home

    John Cornyn already announced he's backed away from supporting the bill, so I'll be the smarter person and decide not to participate in spamming my senators. I do not support nor oppose this bill, in case you were wondering.