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    P8Z77-V pro BSOD when installing 2nd 8gb stick

    Got both sticks to work. I just swapped B1 into A1 and A1 into B1. Hasn't crashed yet lol. Thanks
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    P8Z77-V pro BSOD when installing 2nd 8gb stick

    No, I'm using the 1600 kit, it was on sale at the time lol. But I'll try those and get back, Thanks
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    P8Z77-V pro BSOD when installing 2nd 8gb stick

    I apologize for some miscommunication. The problem I'm have is for a new computer I'm building. i7 3770K, p8Z77V-pro, patriot viper 2x8gb pn a Win7 64 install
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    P8Z77-V pro BSOD when installing 2nd 8gb stick

    As the title mentions, I got when I install the 2nd stick of my 16gb kit (patriot viper mamba black) the system becomes quite unstable. Prior to installing windows, it wouldn't pass the initial BIOS screen and after completing Windows install (with only 1 stick) I put the 2nd in and it would...
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    To SSD or not?

    I'm building a new computer for my dad who is going to use it for his CAD programs. So far I've sourced: i7-3770K Patriot Viper 3 Venom Red 16GB (2x8GB) DDR3 2133MHz Asus P8Z77-V PRO He suggested that he wants to use an SSD to store the OS and all his CAD programs and write to a HDD. Is...
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    What to do with a "broken" 8800 Ultra

    I have an XFX 8800 Ultra that artifacts any time I put any type of load on it ie playing games. I baked it and the problems went away, but reappeared about a month later. So I bought a gtx 460 to replace it and now I have this card that may or may not be good for anything. What can I do with it...
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    WTF is happening to my Windows 7

    I tried to format my computer this week and I followed all of the instructions to format and reinstall. Booted of the DVD, format C:, and install. Got all of that done then I installed SC2. Restart the computer without the Win 7 disc in and the F'ing computer booted back to the orignal version...
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    Printer wont install XP

    Hp photosmart 1215, and it did work on another computer. I got the driver from the the hp site
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    Printer wont install XP

    I run 7, the computer in question is my dads work computer, he doesnt want 7 because of the bad taste Vista left.
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    Printer wont install XP

    So Im trying to install an HP printer on a new computer with XP and the driver software is not recognizing it. XP does when using the add hardware way, but it has the yellow ? beside it. When I click on it, it says it is working properly although when I check in the printers menu, it doesnt show...
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    Windows 7 ethernet drivers

    Got it working, I used older Vista drivers. Thanks for the help.
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    Windows 7 ethernet drivers

    I just went from Windows 7 RC to the release and now my ethernet controller is not working. It did when I was using RC. I try and install the drivers through the troubleshooter and it doesnt find any driver eventhough I know they are there. I also have an seperate ethernet card and it doesnt...
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    Fallout 3 graphics probems

    I used gpu-z to see the temps during game play and it maxed out at 70 degrees. When I play other games such as Rainbow six V2 and crysis they run fine.
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    Fallout 3 graphics probems

    Nope, I have a slight OC on my processor but thats it.
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    Fallout 3 graphics probems

    As you can see fallout does not like my computer. Newest nvidia drivers(8800 ultra), with patch 1.7. I can't play the game for anymore than an hour if im lucky, sometimes (like today) 5 minutes... the below happened. I'm thinking that my video may just be running too hot, but if anyone knows how...
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    [FT] PCP&C 750 Quad Red SLI & Crossfire certified, looking for modular PSU

    How did you get the snazzy box???? Mine came in a piece of crap plain white box :( :laugh:
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    [WTB] 2-8800 Ultras (preferably XFX)

    I got a "new" mobo through a trade, and now have a board capable of running triple SLi. I have one XFX and its getting lonely. Anybody have one for sale? Also I need a 3 way Sli bridge as well
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    Who's toughest boss you've ever fought?

    Ares from GOW on god mode. re-dic-u-lous...
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    [FF] free jact.com invites

    Im up for a pass
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    FEAR 1 graphics issue

    I rencently bought a 8800 ultra from a friend and everything except fear runs flawlessly. I play it for maybe 15-20 min at 60+ fps, then something s***s itself and the frame rate plummets to maybe 10-20 fps (not sure exactly, but enough to notice frame stuttering). I installed 2 different sets...
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    8800 Ultra video crashes

    I bought a used 8800ultra from a friend and upon installing it has not been a pleasant experience. I started out with a 3870 for starters, but when I put on the ultra, I dl the 181.22 drivers and when I would play a game the video would cut out and I was still playing the game(sound, buttons...
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    Test Drive Unlimited

    i like the game, but nobody plays online anymore, so I stopped. If you are up for a race, holla back!!!
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    formatting vista C:

    I sorta know hwat I am doing, but have run into a slight issue. I boot up my computer with the Vista disk, starts up, says "loading files....", Visat splash screen shows up, then nothing. I can move the mouse around, but the system hangs there. At this point the DVD its not reading and the...
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    Maximus Formula, Det Dram hangs, PC8500 ram, NB voltage and YOU!

    Does anybody know how to fix a dram hang when the computer doesnt boot at all?
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    Who'll be the better president?

    You guys are forgetting the cardinal rules of being rich. HIDE YOUR INCOME!!!!!!!! Most of the rich people in USA (maybe the world), are able to hide income and dodge taxes becUse they are either self employed or have other ways of less "trackable" sources of income. Increased taxes on the rich...