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  1. Velvet Wafer

    Hey Stiven...Long Time no see. I hope you are well! :)

    Hey Stiven...Long Time no see. I hope you are well! :)
  2. Velvet Wafer

    Intel Cracks Down on Motherboard Vendors Offering Overclocking on non-Z Chipset

    Its amazing, how business moves tell you, how greedy the people are, that have control over these companies.
  3. Velvet Wafer

    My failed 7870 XT Mod

    using MX-2 instead of a pad yielded better results, in these kind of cases ;)
  4. Velvet Wafer

    DDC 3.3 damaged pcb replacement

    So, unfortunately, after one too many time beeing set under water, my Laing DDC 3.3 shed its life...coils are in perfect shape, but a small burn mark, and a place where the laquer got stripped away from the circuit trace, both in places where one side of the pcb connects to the other (those...
  5. Velvet Wafer

    Timing rules

    From what i was able to gather, most professional overclockers that know the secrets of ram, tend not to tell their tricks regarding that, because it seems to be one of the hardest things to get right ;)
  6. Velvet Wafer

    Timing rules

    Changing the Refresh rate from 7.8 to 3.9 can be VERY important, dependant on the module... the 2400 Transcend 10-13-11 i have, require that, my Gskill 2000 9-9-9 do not, to reach good speeds and timings...tREF does matter too, but it was negligible compared to the first one...having a low TRC...
  7. Velvet Wafer

    Rambus and SK Hynix Sign Patent License Agreement

    wont help them... everyone hates them for their senseless greed, and i hope that that will be their downfall...you must be mildly retarted or a mediocre narcissist, to be able to lead such a corporation, without feeling yourself obsolete or overtasked :D infringing over every patent possible...
  8. Velvet Wafer

    AMD Unleashes First-Ever 5 GHz Processor

    last week i tested a Powercolor 7950 V2 vs which was built in Calendar week 5 of 2010! (my old 6970 was built in calendar week 15 of 2010!!) It only had 58% Asic Quality, lowest i have ever found but if they had functional 28nm, even in GPU segment, over 3 years ago...in V2! they are years in...
  9. Velvet Wafer

    GeForce + Triple Buffering + Windows 8 = impossible?

    Nvidia Inspector? :wtf:
  10. Velvet Wafer

    GeForce GTX 680 Can Be Flashed to GTX 770?

    According to Anatolymik (who did exactly what you described quite a while ago) his present SLI hack is very difficult to counter, due to the way it is written (pretty low-level and early in boot if i remember) Before that was possible,Nvidia even had entered some malicious code into their...
  11. Velvet Wafer

    What is the safe Max voltage for GDDR5?

    didnt knew there was a way to influence the memory voltage on a reference 6970 (volterra reg)...i would be happy if someone could show me how to do that, im upgrading to a 7950 anyway in a week :)
  12. Velvet Wafer

    Radeon HD7990 vs GTX Titan

    I wonder, why NV and ATI both fail at delivering a proper dual gpu driver solution, which makes dual/triple/quad gpus indistinguishable from a single gpu, besides maximizing fps dependant on resolution etc...especially in dual gpu cards where the pcie overhead is possibly nonexistent,compared to...
  13. Velvet Wafer

    Corsair Vengeance Extreme 3000

    its a dice/Ln2 cooler ;)
  14. Velvet Wafer

    GIGABYTE Shows Off G-Power Accessory for GeForce GTX TITAN

    i feel sorry for the poor guys that have to solder those gigantic wires to some small, finicky contact points! :laugh:
  15. Velvet Wafer

    i5 Delid not what I was expecting

    meh....pure die is the way to go if possible:p
  16. Velvet Wafer

    i5 Delid not what I was expecting

    drop the IHS completely and use some decent ceramic type tim, MX-2 regarding price performance.
  17. Velvet Wafer

    advice on cheap but good fans

    Arctic F12.... nuff said. cheap, silent, durable... and still reasonably powerful ;)
  18. Velvet Wafer

    I give up.I need help.

    most definetly a dead board... i have rarely seen a healthy board giving no beeps, rather a lot of dead boards, that gave none at all anymore... in fact it was always my rule of thumb, to see if a board is dead...no ram for example produces a LOT of noise ;)
  19. Velvet Wafer

    The physical failure thread

    oh yeah, that PCB went to hell and back, never seen something alike! :D
  20. Velvet Wafer

    OFFICIAL Natural Selection 2 (Discussion)

    still no test weekend... if they want to stay alive, they rather make one...intesting game but pretty unfriendly regarding newcomers
  21. Velvet Wafer

    ADATA XPG DRAM Modules Receive a Facelift

    ram manufacturers should really stop to rely on the stupidity and bad taste of some users, that seems to be the morons that they think are great
  22. Velvet Wafer

    Lite-On Develops Strange New mSATA SSD Design for Acer

    phew, thats quite a worthful piece of small form factor tech ;)
  23. Velvet Wafer

    KFA2 All-White GeForce GTX 680 LTD OC V4 Pictured

    i heard, white is the new black and red? :D
  24. Velvet Wafer

    The AMD Phenom II OC'ers Club

    finally an x6, with a slightly bugged board, and a 960t, that has 1 slightly damaged and one more damaged core, on nearly stock volts, and with not much tweaking, as it takes aeons to find real stability: