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    Presenting the All New TechPowerUp

    Same here, I find it a lot harder to read compared to the old design. Font too small, Background too bright and just generally hurts my eyes. Everything else looks nice and fresh though. New homepage hunting for me :(
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    So sad and at a loss

    Take everything out of the case and put the MOBO on a table or the box it came in. Connect only the PSU and the POWER switch from the front of the case (Make sure you connect this to the right terminals.) to the mobo. Check your PSU lead is working (I know you changed PSU but did you change...
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    Grid 2

    From what I was told on another forum it wasn't their fault the servers got shut down. I was gutted when they went too :(
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    Truly Ergonomic 209 En-QWERTY Keyboard Launched

    It depicts your arms are by your side with just your forearms raised, not shrunk ;) Either way this keyboard would do nothing for my pain in my wrists/forearms, I have RSI due to keystrokes and mouse clicking. They need to fix that too!
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    Crysis 3 Alpha 5000 keys giveaway

    yeah i wondered what all the fuss was about and was pleased it selected mine as very high but when i actually got in game i was horrified lol, setting to medium solves it all and it plays great. 1 major bad point so far is the zoomed mouse speed, it's way to fast and I can't aim at all as I...
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    Crysis 3 Alpha 5000 keys giveaway

    Any chance I can get that? be most grateful!
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    Windows 8 Out for Consumers in October, Enterprises and Partners in August

    I used it and hate it, too kit back off and put W7 back on....it has too many problems for me :D
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    hdmi issues

    working fine now i have W8 running, guess there was a conflict somewhere and a reinstall solved it, not sure if i like W8 yet
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    hdmi issues

    tried that too, no picture at all. just d/l windows 8 so giving that a go tomorrow.
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    hdmi issues

    will give it a go tomorrow, failing that a windows reinstall. brother just brought his 5850 up to try that and its the same result.
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    hdmi issues

    it was working fine on the 12.4 drivers until today so i did a full uninstall and installed the 12.6 drivers and the problem remains. i was hoping it was just a simple primary display detection error and when i hit detect displays its defaulting to the tv which is using an incorrect...
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    hdmi issues

    was working on the pc just a few days ago and today right before i hit the detect displays button in CCC, now it refuses to work
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    hdmi issues

    cables fine, tested it on another device to the same tv and the cable worked ok on the pc before too
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    hdmi issues

    i've had my tv working for ages over hdmi to watch movies etc but today i turned it on and started watching a movie and had to stop it so i could get DTS working in MPC. after trying i found that the sound control panel said that the realtek HDMI output was not connected although it was as i...
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    would you make one without them? just took a look at google docs and its no different to what i have on my pc already. i could provide some random numbers to make you feel like you recieved something in return :laugh:
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    cheers i will take a look, yes i need one making btw :D
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    i'm just wondering if anyone can make spreadsheets? last time i did one was at school and that was 18 years ago :O
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    ZOTAC Signs Distribution Deal with Entatech UK

    Even better for my area as they are based in my town :D
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    5850 display flickering - 2 or more screens

    i get that with afterburner, just set your clocks and close it, dont let it run in the taskbar
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    Google Android users clubhouse

    thanks a lot :)
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    Google Android users clubhouse

    sorry, i was a bit vague :P speed is important, WP7 is awfully slow. working features is a must, no bluetooth on WP7 is a killer. the latest most stable version would be great, i'm still on the pre NODO update for WP7 due to broken stuff, and no sense, i do not like the little arc...
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    Google Android users clubhouse

    anyone have a HD2 running android? i just want to know what the best/stable rom is, i'd ask over at XDA but they are so anal over simple questions like this lol
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    The DiRT 3 Clubhouse!

    was that the linked attachment? if thats suppose to be higher graphic settings than ultra then why do i get more fps using that config?
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    Xigmatek Introduces Elysium Big-Tower in ''9XL'' Format

    same here, i love my cmstacker and has lasted me about 6 years now i reckon, still looks nearly new even with a lot of abuse over the years :D you would be suprised how much easier a case with spare room is to work in, i hated small cases then i got mine and fit everything in with...
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    Random FPS drops and GPU usage

    whats your max temp the card is hitting? pretty sure your graph say 84c, i had this exact same issue with my brothers 5850's just yesterday and the cards were throttling around the same temps, your after burner graph looks identicle to his. try putting fans to 100% and leaving the side...