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    BF3 Cheaters Enjoy A Bantastic Time!

    Quite Honestly Almost three weeks and not even a single patch to update their buggy and glitchy game...They are getting glitches and bugs thrown at their faces and they are still waiting to release a patch...
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    AMD Extends Graphics Performance Lead, Launches World's Fastest Graphics Card… Again!

    Far out, i swear why did i buy two 5870's mid last year for.. $500 each. This generation seems to be much cheaper, when the 5970 came out was worth at least $900. Feel like cutting myself if this video card is at $800.
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    Radeon HD 6990 ''Antilles'' Graphics Card Pictured

    At first we were like 0_0" then we lol'd
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    Sparkle Announces Calibre X580 Graphics Card

    definitely the cooler choice for a 580, unless that sickass zalman get an upgrade for PCB compaitablity
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    [Case Gallery] CyborgX

    I like the red and black theme, but a suggestion out of context. Whats with the 750watts?? unless you are looking for SLI!!
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    AeroCool Intros XPredator ATX Full-Tower Case

    All Aerocool cases are horrible in all aspects. Each "top end" case features a ridicously functionality that is absoulutely useless most notably a while back, AeroEngine. Palm on face. I guess people continue to buy them because they "seem" to be good for their low price. Maybe they have...
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    Zotac Designs GeForce GTX 460 X2 Graphics Card

    Hey Nah man, the price is not only because of what type of GPU it uses but the fact that ANY motherboard (nowdays usually have 2-3 lanes) can now get x16 and x16 quad sli that could easily smash 5870 2way crossfire and 6870 2way crossfire in performance and yet still be cheaper. If you...
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    [Case Gallery] CM RC430 ELITE

    I ain't saying the pc or monitor can't run the game, it sure can, although it will be less fun. TBH, you current monitor is better considering lower resolutions meaning you can play the game at higher settings with less lag, however if you planning on upgrading to a 20inch, the native resolution...
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    [Case Gallery] CM RC430 ELITE

    Black Ops You def wont be able to enjoy black ops with that pc and monitor
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    [Case Gallery] PimP my Antec 300

    At least i modified my case.
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    [Case Gallery] PimP my Antec 300

    To view this case mod, go here. Specs: i7 920 OC @ 3.6ghz with Noctua NH-U12P SE2 Asus P6T Corsair CM3X2G1600C8D Sapphire 5870 Vapor X OC Coolermaster M850 Silent 2x300gb WD in raid 1tb WD Random Fans Scythe and zalman fan controllers Antec 300 Mods: Side Window Panel Top Panel...
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    [Case Gallery] X58 Rev. 1

    6/10, its not modded. Still love the cable management, probably coz its completely blocked by your trio-beasts.