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    looking for a budget gaming monitor

    hey guys im looking for a budget monitor im thinking something with a 1080 res, my screen now is 26" and its just a a little more then i really care for when gaming and its a low quality so im thinking of using it as a second monitor for desktop apps while gaming 2 screen setup but would like a...
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    re-configuring for gaming

    so i am no longer focused on the video editing aspect, i would like to re configure my setup to compliment gaming i have a pretty decent system but im thinking of changing the motherboard and chipset, the mobo i have now with the cooler i have no is really obstructive and i literally cannot fit...
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    reset cmos now no sound

    i had this issue a while back when i first built my p.c when i plugged in my turtle beach x12 headset i couldnt get it to work, i had to reset my CMOS today and now for the life of me cannot get sound to play back. im using onboard sound and in the bios i have it set to SPDIF out, ive tried...
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    [FS] XFX HD 7970 core edition

    the card is in working condition, i have the original CD and books that came with it i do not have any cords or adapters. the card will come with 1 crossfire bridge. and the original box. The card runs great at stock speeds, it does run a little warm (as did most 7970s) so ive always had an...
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    new GTX 970 no montiot signal

    ok so im switching from my HD 7970 to the GTX 970, i know it gets messy sometimes during the driver install uninstall. before i go trying to reformat my harddrive or RMA the card im just wondering if there is any steps i missed. the tricky part here is that i have multiple hard drives and i had...
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    using laptop as second monitor?

    looking for either a mouse/keyboard share program or some way to use my laptop as a second monitor when i am at home. The laptop is windows 8 the desktop windows 7. i tried to download a program called Synergy but it led me to some weird 3rd party download host where they want you to download...
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    public network firewalls

    looking for solutions to bypass a public wifi firewall, i obviously do not have access to the router or firewall configurations. i use this wifi connection quite a bit and i do online stock trading but my broker software connects via a firewall port and when im on this specific connection i...
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    looking for new laptop

    hey guys im in the market for a new laptop for work, looking for popular brands or maybe brands to avoid etc i mostly will be doing web based applications, email, websites, spread sheets, running multiple windows at a time. I'd like to keep this budget as affordable as possible as this will be...
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    looking for another ssd

    so last year i put my OS and a few programs on my SSD and now im in love and i need more space im looking to purchase a 240gb SSD for gaming. if you guys know of any other good deals going on ill up for any ideas need MOAR SPEED!:toast: im looking at ocz agility 3 Refurbished: OCZ Agility...
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    7970 max oc artifacts

    i cant max my sliders on the 7970 it will start artifacting in games and will randomly drop performance stable clock is quite a bit less 1055/1450, is it effecting my performance by much not being able to reach max oc? i wouldnt think so just want some other opinions
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    i7 3820 24/7 clock

    just got some voltage tweaking to do, chip clocked super easily im sure it will go a lot higher if i want to push it but no need really
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    [FS] i7 920 part out

    ALL SOLD TY TPU heatware i7-920 D0 Stepping cpu never been pushed to its full capabilites have had it 3.7 3.8 and 3.9 with air cooling 3.7 was my 24/7 clock comes with original box and stock fan (if wanted) $110 x58 foxconn flaming blade GTI mobo great reliable board overclocked well its...
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    assembling the 3820 rig

    so i finally got all my parts here for the i7 3820. which include asus p9x79 mobo 8gb of rip jaw ram and the silver arrow cooler. however since the silver arrow cooler is GIGANTIC it hits one of the 4 ram sticks in the first dimm. the motherboard has 8 dimms for ram im only using 4. pairing all...
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    [FS/FT] 2 hd 4890s

    both sold thanks SAPPHIRE 100269HDMI Radeon HD 4890 1GB 256-bit GDD... I have one sapphire hd 4890s in working condition! they were previously in 2 separate rigs then i cross fired them for about a year and now i have upgraded to a 7970 and no longer have a use for them. i have had no issues...
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    motherboard + ram + heatsink

    since my other thread got prematurely locked ill relabel and reword this post so it is more straight to the point im upgrading my cpu my mobo my ram and my heatsink (new plan) this is a gaming pc that also does video recording streaming/encoding etc. i will oc on air to my best capablities...
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    upgrading to sb

    So I've decided once the ib processors are on the market I'm going to purchase a sb processor (as of now the in doesn't seem to have the $ per performance sandy has). Now with the choices out there the 2500 and 2700 seem to be the best choices as the 3xxx(whatever) chip is quite a higher price...
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    sandy bridge upgrade

    Once the ivy bridges go up for sell I'm thinking about buying a sb to upgrade from my 920. I'm thinking a 2600 or 2700. I use my pc mostly for gaming but I do run fraps so video encoding is also priority. How much of an upgrade is this, depending on future prices is it worth it?
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    7970 power control slider

    so i just got my 7970 and maxed the sliders no problem max temp during benchmark was 62, i didnt touch the power control slider, what exactly does this do? didnt seem to do anything when turned from 0 to 20% performance wise at max settings
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    new monitor

    just ordered a xfx 7970, i would like to play in 1080p, i dont know that much about screen slection, what things do i need to determine before deciding what to buy, i know we have resfresh rates resolutions etc etc. how do i know what to choose from all the options. id like to stay in the 1920...
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    680 or 7950 or 7870

    tldr at the bottom lol so i posted a thread in the ati forums a few weeks ago debating wether to get a 7870 or keep my current cards and wait for something better, i ran a benchmark and my current cards seem to compete with a single 580 so im thinking i need to go above the 580. the current...
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    time to upgrade the old gpu??

    i asked this a while ago and was told to wait for these 7xxx cards to be released and they finally have and i believe right now what is affordable to me would be GIGABYTE GV-R787OC-2GD Radeon HD 7870 GHz Edition ... or crossfire again x2 HIS H687FN1GD Radeon HD 6870 1GB 256-bit GDDR5 PCI... i...
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    in market or keyboard

    sooo as yo can see my keyboard wont type some letters anymore:banghead: i cleaned it with alcohol and let it dry still no lck. so im looking or a new keyboard lol. i crrently have the g15 and i like it bt the only thing i really se on it is the LCD and i think i cold do withot it. i like the...
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    recording just game sound with fraps?

    is it possible to record only game sound with fraps, i run vent in the background and i would rather not have it record the ventrilo key binds and phonetics or even the other people talking some times. any way to do this??
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    fresh windows install now gpu memory issue?

    trying to play bf3 which is loaded on my ssd as soon as the game launches i get a direct x memory error. this is a new error since my new ssd, im running my cat drivers off of a different drive then my system install is that an issue at all?
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    windows won't boot from ssd

    I installed windows successfully onto my 64gb sata 2 ssd and then rebooted after turning off system restore points etc. when it reboots it goes to black screen saying ahci boot cd-rom insert disk. I've unplugged my other 2 hdds and still no luck. I also noticed when configuring windows my 1tb...