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  1. GLD

    Windows 10 gremlins.

    I have the free upgrade from Windows 7 now on both my PC's. The are both Win 10 home. I am generally happy with 10 but the stinking gremlins in it is driving me nuts! I disable system restore and check back after awhile and it is re-enabled. Same thing with the windows driver dl option. I set...
  2. GLD

    Can't turn off Windows 7 update.

    IE 11 has been running like crap, almost unusable in my AM1 Windows 7 rig. So I went in to IE advanced options and reset the browser. Rebooted and opened up IE 11 and it popped up a tab that downloaded and installed about 8 things, while there was a little Windows 10 icon sitting in the quick...
  3. GLD

    Steam Hacked, Christmas 2015!

    411, Stay away from Steam, and possible Origin for the time being. I was on Steam and it went Chinese or something like that, and it had an install Steam tab at the top. YIKES! I hope my accounts are still good! I have 2 on 2 different PC's that were both online.
  4. GLD


    AMD is having their first ever virtual LAN on Saturday March 28, 2015. 12 hours of virtual LAN goodness! I am wondering if there will be any TPU members taking part?
  5. GLD

    Metal Gear Solid for PC.

    I am happy I just got MGS1 for the PC. I got it NIB in the 3 game Action Pack from back in the day. All I wanted was MGS, and got tired of bidding and loosing and then this popped up for under $40 shipped, and buy it now, Sweet! I now have all the available MG games for PC. Just waiting on MGS5...
  6. GLD

    AMD AM1, use XP sp3 build for an XP install.

    ^ (1-5-15) Thread title has been changed by me, after finding out I just needed to be more technologically advanced. :slap: Well I found out the hard way, after buying the parts, that the AM1 platform doesn't have video drivers for Windows XP. I saw the AM1 boards list support for XP and the...
  7. GLD

    Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes

    MGS5:GZ will be unlocking on Steam in approx. 1 hour! No price yet, but I know I want it!
  8. GLD

    MSI 970 Gaming board.

    I see the MSI 970 Gaming board now on the Egg. It looks pretty good with it's black and red color scheme, complimenting the GSkill Trident X ram. The boards overview list audio as Creative Sound Blaster Cinema 2, yet the board specs. say Realtek ALC1150. What is up with this? It has the Killer...
  9. GLD

    I cant get XP on my AM3+ 970 rig?

    I am going nuts here. Ever since I changed over from my 790/X4 965/ddr2 board I can not get XP to work on my new rig (in user specs). It worked great before with 2 hdd's and a selector switch. Win 7 loaded right up after the board swap, and looked fine even before the AMD driver refresh. XP...
  10. GLD

    Kaveri or FX for a new AMD build?

    I have read all I can find on the Kaveri at this time, but the reviews aren't answering my question. I would like to see a FM2+/Phenom II comparison. At this time what would be the better choice for a casual gamer wanting a new AMD build, FX or FM2+? I know the FX line is dead in the water, but...
  11. GLD

    Call Of Juarez.

    I picked up Call Of Juarez Gunslinger on sale at the last Steam sale. This game is Awesome! I bought the 1st COJ as an import back at the launch of the DX11 days. And COJ BIB at its launch, and all three have not disappointed. Every time I see the water in the COJ games, I swear these guys have...
  12. GLD

    XFX R9's get FREE BF4!

    Hurry up XFX R9 owners! I just saw that you can get BF4 download for free, and the 270/270x owners can get BF4 even if you bought your card before Nov. 12, 2013. :toast: http://xfxforce.com/en-us/features/battlefield-4-r9-launch.aspx I am a Sapphire gpu only guy, but am happy for you...
  13. GLD

    Free games and such.

    I have some codes I don't need that I would like to give away to TPU members if someone wants them. First come first served. 1 code request per member please. Must already be a TPU member with some post count. Post in the thread what you want, so others can see if it's been spoken for, and send...
  14. GLD

    1yr down. Is BF4 alone worth the jump to Win 8?

    BF4 is near. Win 8 has been out for about a year. Is BF4 a good enough reason by it's self to make the move to Win 8? I played the BF4 beta on my 7850/Win 7 rig and it looked/ran stealer. I am thinking a R9 gpu or a maybe a 79xx would be money better spent for current Win 7 users...
  15. GLD

    Why no game bundle for new AMD R series?

    I see the new R series AMD cards are available to purchase now, but I don't see any Never Settle game bundle being included with them. I am thinking a new Sapphire R270X would be a good upgrade for my trusty 7850 2G vanilla. Any insider info if the R series will be included in the Never Settle...
  16. GLD

    [FS] 3DMark & Orcs Must Die.

    I have for free, TWO remaining codes for 5000 Crowns in Wizzard 101 or Pirate 101, cards say a $10 value. 1 code per TPU member that asks. 1st come first served. GLD
  17. GLD

    [FF] Metro 2033 code.

    I have a spare FB giveaway Metro 2033 code. If you don't already have Metro 2033 and would like it then send me a pm. Two things: 1) Post here that you have pm'd me. 1st come, first served. 2) This can not be your first post on TPU. Thank's.
  18. GLD

    [FS][US] GPU Cooler, NIB.

    I have a Coolink GFXChilla that I never used. It is new in the box, unused, from a clean smoke free house. It has two 10x80mm fans, but it also can take two 80mm fans of your choice, that is why I bought it. I have been happy with the cooling on my Sapphire cards and so I have not used it. I...
  19. GLD

    [FF] Win 8 Promo codes.

    I am happy with and sticking with Windows 7, so I won't be using these codes before they expire. I have a few of the Windows 8 promo codes, (4 I think) and a few, (3, maybe 4 I think) of the free media center codes from the $15 launch/upgrade deal. They are only good UNTILL Jan. 31, 2013. If you...
  20. GLD

    How do you fully get rid of deleted files?

    I recently found the program Recuva from Piriform. I ran the scan for pictures and was surprised at the "deleted" pics in found on my computer. Pics I never downloaded. Pics that must have been in the background of web pages I have visited, image searches etc. I see in the progy I can overwright...
  21. GLD

    [FF][US] Avg 2012

    I have 2 copies of AVG anti-virus 2012 I got as freebies from the Egg. They are good for 1 pc for 1 year. I do not need these. I see AVG now has 2013 version on their site. If you can use these I will drop these in the mail to 2 different TPU members in the USA. I do not want to waste my stamps...
  22. GLD

    [FS/FT] AVG anti-virus.

    Changed to give away in new thread.
  23. GLD

    Keep my set up a little longer?

    Next month my rig will be 2 years old. The AM3+ and FM1 platforms make me think I should just get a X6 1100T and a 7xxx card and get another year, or maybe two out of it. I don't want to go Intel. Should I just forget about the X6 1100T altogether?
  24. GLD

    [FS][US] NIB XBOX 360 LOTR War In The North.

    1/3/12 - sold.
  25. GLD

    [FF] BF3 Back To Karkand Origin code.

    Code gone! 12/22/11 CODE GIVEN AWAY, thanks for looking.