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  1. Animalpak

    The rise of game themed graphics card

    I think it will be the new trend, starting with Asus now proposing a custom graphics card on Assassins Creed Origins. Today I've seen that Nvidia has also put her up for a Titan XP inspired by star wars with a totally new and custom cooler. See the link : I KNOW IS NOT A NEW THING. But all...
  2. Animalpak

    Yesterday halloween i noticed something strange.

    Hey guys i recently purchased a new mouse from Razer and the led lights at certain hour become orange like the pumpking orange from halloween. The lights stayed orange for 30 minutes then they back to green. Is possible that Razer did that thing for celebrating Halloween ? Or is something that...
  3. Animalpak

    Mouse deterioration

    After 4 years of intense use with alot of Multiplayer games. I noticed my mouse start to show some age not only aesthetically but also functionally. Mouse no longer precise, buttons no longer responsive very bad aiming on games. I love the Deathadder from Razer so i decided to buy another one...
  4. Animalpak

    M.2 Nvme 960 Pro not fully compatible with z97 bios better upgrade ?

    Hello guys . I have issues with my Samsung 960 pro Nvme SSD, i managed to make it work on my z97 Maximus VII Impact but with a lot of struggle and problems. I do not get BSOD but the system occasionally goes in spurts, in most importantly do not fully exploit the speed of the SSD. Windows 10...
  5. Animalpak

    [WTB][EU] Asus Maximus VII Gene z97

    Hello guys im searching this motherboard, better with all accessories and box. Even better if new and unused !! If you see something on ebay or any other seller please send me a message ! I pay via Mastercard and the international shipping method. Thank you in advance !
  6. Animalpak

    Waterblock materials

    Hello everyone ! I have Always used all copper waterblocks both CPU and GPU. I have now a Heatkiller IV waterblock but is nickel plated basically is not copper brown but is silver. Now my Waterblock for the GPU is copper brown and the radiator is full copper. I want to know if there is a...
  7. Animalpak

    Questions about XMP ready RAM

    Hello guys I have two sticks of 4GB DDR4 ADATA XPG 1600 mhz XMP ready memory. Now i let stock my CPU ( Turbo boost 4.4 Ghz ) with 1.26 Volt so no OC at atll. But when i enable XMP from the UEFI bios my VRM gets really hot and need a fan that blow fresh air or becomes hot that you cant let...
  8. Animalpak

    Gaming like Youtube 60fps playback videos

    Hey guys i wonder even with G-Sync and 144hz refresh rate my 1080p monitor and 780 ti, while i gaming i dont see that incredible smoothness like the 60 fps videos recorded on youtube. Yes it is way better than 60 hz monitors and no G-Sync no doubt but... Youtube videos are another Whole level...
  9. Animalpak

    Asus Maximus VII Impact very hot VRM

    Hello guys. I have as a motherboard the new Asus Maximus VII Impact Z97, and i notice that VRM section of the motherboard is very hot both idle and when i play games. My 4790K is running stock 4.4 ghz with voltages that goes from 1.26 volts to maximum 1.28 volts. I know voltages are...
  10. Animalpak

    Build for render/photographer

    Hello guys a friend of mine Has start the hobby of photographer and he need a complete upgrade. Poor guy he still uses 775 socket :laugh: He will use the PC for Photoshop and render high pixels pics. Can you help me to give him a PC That Fits? Maximum budget around 1500-1800 dollars. I...
  11. Animalpak

    I see alot of tearing in 1440p Youtube videos

    Hey guys i wonder why i see terrible tearing in youtube videos especially when i set the 1440p quality. In this video for example: Is concern about my setup ? Or monitor ?
  12. Animalpak

    AOC G2460PG G-Sync a nice alternative to ROG SWIFT

    Im really looking forward to this monitor. '] '] Good things : +image quality is high +G-Sync 144 hz refresh rate 1ms for half the price of the ROG swift +looking really good nice design simple and effective +Does everything ROG Swift do pivot,tilt ecc... +Price is good at (...
  13. Animalpak

    The GTX Titan Black uses same PCB as 780 ti ?

    Hello guys Im speaking about reference design PCB's. With the OEM original Nvidia Heatsink/Cooler. They are the same right ? Thanks for any help.
  14. Animalpak

    Custom watercooling loop without reservoir

    Hello guys. Observing the radiators from Phobya G-Changer 2.0 series serier that have multiple options for connecting the tubes. I noticed that if I used one of these, I could fill the system without the need for a reservoir. Especially with the radiator mounted horizontally it might...
  15. Animalpak

    PSU Recommendation - no coil whine?

    Hello guys. Recently my PSU started to coil whine badly and i want to RMA it. Since they can only send me the exact same product to replace it, i want to sell it then and get rid off. Because i want to get another high end PSU that is Platinum or Gold efficency and most of all without any...
  16. Animalpak

    Why CPU Waterblocks for custom loops are stalling

    Theres only left Alphacool. EK waterblocks, Swiftech, Ybris Cooling, Koolance and few others. Zalman, Danger Den, D-Tek, Enzotech and many Others left the markets or they slowly end production. I do not see innovations in new CPU waterblocks developments and new systems they are simply...
  17. Animalpak

    ASUS GeForce GTX 760 ROG Striker Platinum

    I see this ... Source : http://www.guru3d.com/news_story/asus_geforce_gtx_760_rog_striker_platinum_caught_on_camera.html what do you guys think ?
  18. Animalpak

    NFS Most Wanted 2012 Criterion issue [SOLVED]

    Hello guys I recently bought this game via Origin with all the DLC included. I have a problem that I've seen posting in various forums but no one has really solved my problem. That persists to this day. Installed the game, start normally but the introduction is without sound, and then a...
  19. Animalpak

    Have you ever seen... This !

    A local manufacturer from swtizerland. Nice design btw price are... unacceptable you can buy a nice car for that price... Demavo http://www.demavo.ch/store/ '] '] '] ']
  20. Animalpak

    Gigabyte 780 Ghz edition or Asus 780 DC 2 OC ?

    Hello guys im about to go back single GPU setup. I cant afford the 780 ti and i do not want it with reference cooler because i like quiet pc when gaming. And waiting for custom design coolers to be released for the 780 ti and the premium price is too much for me. ( too much time to wait )...
  21. Animalpak

    Gtx 690

    Hello guys ` I have a problem with my GTX 690 that I can not solve. Especially when I play battlefield 3 online i use as EVGA Precision software to monitor the fan and temperature. In a nutshell after 30 minutes of play, the two GPUs drop their workload and fall up to 40% instead of...
  22. Animalpak

    Watercooling radiators question

    Any benefits when adding 120mm radiator after CPU waterblock then go to GPU waterblock ? In theory you should cool the water after the CPU to have a more fresh water input to the GPU right? Pics are for examples.
  23. Animalpak

    Bigger monitor suggestion

    Hello guys I already have an incredible, high-quality monitor for gaming, but the size have become small for my current needs. I'm thinking of switch to the Benq XL2720T as my own model. The price is very high, but I noticed that in the same price range there's this. ASUS MX299Q...
  24. Animalpak

    Razer Tiamat 7.1

    Hello guys and good morning ! :laugh: I found these brandnew conditions headphones at a very attractive price from privat seller. I was wondering if the virtual sound card that Supreme X-FI built into my Maximus VI gene is enough to fully exploit the potential of these headphones? In...
  25. Animalpak

    I have some doubts about my PSU

    About my Corsair AX760... I bought this new PSU for its high end features and also to save money ( platinum ), but i was not planning to buy a dual GPU graphics card. Now i have a GTX 690 ( I made a big deal and i bought it ). I want to overclock my CPU at 4.2 GHz and in the future also...