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    [Case Gallery] Sate200 rig

    Puta PC feio da porra, parece a casa da luz vermelha onde mora as putas, deve ser coisa de mineiro isso! certeza que faz queijo dentro dele kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk 10/10
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    WD Launches Newest VelociRaptor, The Fastest SATA Hard Drive With Twice the Capacity

    I wana!!! LOL imagine 3 off then in RAID-0 O.O
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    [Case Gallery] Quadfire

    Need more pics, a rig like this could be better in Cable management, The OC is Ok but need more pics with more details
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    [Case Gallery] The RELiC™ Project

    Great Cable Management 8/10
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    [Case Gallery] Antec P182 Urban Camo

    Lets give Notes Cable Management: 10 Build: 10 Creativity: 10 HW: 10 WC build: 10 Camo Paint and white: 10 Great!
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    [Case Gallery] OVRKIL

    great Job!
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    [Case Gallery] CM-690 Yuki

    tks for coments Stellkane XD
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    [Case Gallery] CM-690 Yuki

    Tks for coments and votes guys, I'd like to paint the interior in black but this rig is not mine its a friend ho bought the hardware with me and i construct the case for him and he dont wana paint the interior =[ I use plastic rivets tha comes with the original side panel, i only...
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    [Case Gallery] CM-690 Yuki

    To view this case mod, go here. Specs: i7-920 with N620 Cooler, R2E, Viper DDR3 - 3x2GB 1600-8-8-8-24, Powercolor HD5870 1GB ,Zogis 9600GT 512MB PHYS-X, Seagate 500GB 7200.12, DVD-RW LG, XFX 750Watts Modular, UV sata Cables and Sleeving Kit Mods: Cut Top Grill Metal Chassis...
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    [Case Gallery] Obsidian - Faster

    10/10 , clean , fast, awesome and 10 again
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    [Case Gallery] Project [RED Brezel]

    8/10 Nice an clean, i love the colors, u really do a great job in paint and in combination of the HW, if u can put a pic of cable management ( the other side of case ) would be great.
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    [Case Gallery] R810 ->Upgrade

    The Cpu stays in 40C degrees in full Load and in Idle stay near 35C degrees, but the room temp its to High and Brasil-São Paulo is a hot place to live too temps outside could be near 32C degress at day and 23 at night
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    [Case Gallery] Full Metal PC (FMPC)

    8/10 for originality, Now i can see the work and u use a dremel to cut it off the "case" u do a great job very nice.
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    [Case Gallery] Full Metal PC (FMPC)

    Need pics os interior
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    [Case Gallery] R810 ->Upgrade

    Hey guys tks for the votes
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    [Case Gallery] R810 ->Upgrade

    To view this case mod, go here. Specs: 3Rsys R810 FulltTower Case » I7-920 » Rampage II Extreme » 3x2GB DDR3 1600MHZ Viper LLK 8-8-8-24 » XFX HD 5870 1GB DDR5 » PSU UltraX3 100Watts Modular » LG GGC-H20L Blue Ray/DVD-RW » 1x Western Digital Raptor 150GB » 40" Samsung FullHD »...
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    [Case Gallery] Simplicity II Extreme Rev.1 (discontinued)

    7/10 could be better, the looping are big for this pump it´s funcional but not perfect, try to reduce the number of conexions used for plug the tubes. In other possiblity change them for others
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    [Case Gallery] R810

    Sorry for reply too late, the rad are secured, dont need to be fix in the chassis because i use a special rubber with grip it´s too remote to pull down the rad, and the easy conectors sustain the rad in same place in others words it´s locked and i dont have problem´s with leaking or something...
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    [Case Gallery] R810

    Temps in celcius 22 idle 30 full :)
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    [Case Gallery] R810

    To view this case mod, go here. Specs: QX6850 @ 3.2 FSB1600 » Powercolor HD4870 512MB DDR5 » Maximus Formula » 4x1gb Kingston HyperX 1150MHz @ 1200MHz 5-5-5-15-2T » PSU UltraX3 100Watts Modular » LG GGC-H20L Blue Ray/DVD-RW » 1x Western Digital Raptor 150GB » 42" Scarlet LG...
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    [Case Gallery] Oil Submerged HTPC

    10/10 Fully insane, very very good, u use u mind a lot to build this tank and the care if u have with the tank is awesome. Congrats
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    AMD Releases ATI Catalyst 8.7 Graphics Driver Package

    LOL tks a lot Erocker, but im really disapointed sorry for the past words but its the true, i will only see this thing better when i saw results of it, Try to understand me i pay a lot for a PEGCARD i test it i make all the things possible to use it at the maximum and i dont have any kind of...
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    AMD Releases ATI Catalyst 8.7 Graphics Driver Package

    sorry for my english im a Brazilian who need more english classes What are you all about? These drivers work great. And I don't know of anyone getting a blue-screen because of the HD4850's fan RPM. Temps are within spec, the card operates fine at those temps, user's just complain because we are...
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    AMD Releases ATI Catalyst 8.7 Graphics Driver Package

    Same History again ATI launches a new PEG card and a Driver who dont suport it and whe test , test again , test test test it and whe only see the power of it when CCC goes to 9.0 or superior drivers come, its the same FuK shit all times, the same fuck drivers who dont make u work fine why they...
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    [Case Gallery] Brasileirão

    Cara aqui a coisa é foda mano pra competir precisar fazer muita força senao já era me add no msn denisvitiello@hotmail.com abraços