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    Production of AMD "Piledriver" FX Processors Begin Q3 2012

    I will be upgrading to this for sure.
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 Kepler 2 GB

    New card looks great. Might be time for me to go Nvidia. As of now, price performance, this card kills the 7970.
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    Will you wait for NVIDIA's next-generation Kepler GPU?

    My crossfire 5850's still hold up pretty well.
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    AMD Bulldozer A Surprisingly Sell-Out Sales Success. Victims: Phenom II & Athlon II

    Just like all the people that bought the Pentium chips even though they performed like crap compared to AMD's chips.
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    AMD To Give Up Competing With Intel On x86? CPU Prices Already Shooting Up

    Unfortunately AMD's fight left them when Jerry Sanders left. :mad:
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    best AMD 990FX motherboard for Bulldozer?

    I would try to count the pins, but I would go cross eyed trying. :twitch:
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    best AMD 990FX motherboard for Bulldozer?

    No second rig, just seeing if there was any difference with my old 890FX board vs the 990. The MSI board is a white socket. Not much difference other than the temps read lower then the 990. Maybe the extra pin was for better temp sensor?
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    best AMD 990FX motherboard for Bulldozer?

    I am using it right now, Check cpu support list here. http://www.msi.com/product/mb/890FXA-GD65.html#/?div=BIOS
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    best AMD 990FX motherboard for Bulldozer?

    FX8120 works fine on a MSI 890FXA-GD65.
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    AMD Bulldozer Registry Fix Coming - 40% Performance Boost

    Pretty sure he is fake. Trolling for page hits, he has been claiming the last couple days he has a registry fix but hasn't posted a download for it. Bigfoot sighting on his page.:eek:
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    AMD Build

    Mine idles around 35c at 4.8Ghz, Temps shoot up fast though under full load.
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    POLL: Following the Bulldozer release are you still going to buy one?

    I vote yes because mine was delivered to me today. Part of the fun of this chip is overclocking and finding different tricks to see if it can be cured. :)
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    AMD Piledriver is called "FX NEXT"

    FX extreme. :rockout:
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    Steve Jobs No More

    Good bye Mr Jobs. One of the true pioneers in the tech industry. :respect:
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    AMD Announces Executive Changes

    Bring back Jerry Sanders. :respect:
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    AMD FX Processor Prices Lower Than Expected

    I'm 100% sure they are made up considering the original source.
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    New System Build (AMD)

    The contest drawing for the FX processors is sept 9. Not sure when the winner will actually receive the prize though. http://sites.amd.com/us/promo/processors/Pages/fx-entry.aspx
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    Need advices upgrading my rig

    I would just get a 6950 and overclock it.
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    Llano officially for sale on tigerdirect

    Newegg got them in now. Computer Hardware, CPUs / Processors, Processors ...
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    Llano K12

    SuperBiiz has the 3650 and 3850 processors in stock. http://www.superbiiz.com/query.php?categry=0&s=fm1&x=0&y=0
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    Llano K12

    Nice performance for an IGP only using 2 cpu cores.
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    2 mobo amd am3+

    I just got the GA-990XA-UD3 and i like it, however i would have gotten the GA-990FXA-UD3 for 10 bucks more had it been up on newegg sooner. GIGABYTE GA-990FXA-UD3 AM3+ AMD 990FX SATA 6Gb/s U...
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    ASUS M5A97-Evo AM3+

    In stock at SuperBiiz. http://www.superbiiz.com/detail.php?name=MB-M5A97EV&title=Asus-M5A97-EVO-Socket-AM3-AMD-970-Quad-CrossFireX-SATA3-USB3-0-A-GbE-ATX-Motherboard
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    How many watch tekzilla?

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    Choosing mobo and processor?

    Little over $400 but 50 off with rebates.