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    Raijintek Triton

    I feel privileged to be one of 1% who bought AIO cooler(h105), upgraded fans to noctua nh-f12, and want to find out how this cooler with larger pump would fare compare to what I have. Bow before me you peasants. Why review aftermarket coolers anyway? 99% of users use stock cooler, no?
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    Intel Core i7-5820K/5930K/5960X

    hmmm... wish there were work application benchmarks, like 3ds max rendering, adobe photoshop, premiere etc.
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    ASUS STRIX GTX 980 OC 4096 MB

    I use Asus r9 280x, and I get artifacts on screen frequently because factory overclocked memory does not have proper cooling. Other than that I'm very satisfied with my card(no coil noise, thanks Asus). Do you guys think this card will have similar problem?
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    Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth Supports AMD Mantle

    So... have AMD applied Mantle support for legacy 7900 cards? I upgraded from 5850 to r9 280x hoping for performance boost from Mantle, yet was very disappointed by it wouldn't get much performance boost till later. Have I missed the news? Does Mantle works for 280x?
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    AMD Passes On Catalyst 14.1 beta to the Press, Public Release Shortly

    I really wish Arma 3 adopt Mantle as it is the most cpu limited game I've played.
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    SAPPHIRE Bundles Battlefield 4 Across R-Series Graphics Cards

    Haha, great news! I already bought r9 280x and BF4! Thanks AMD for reminding me it's stupid to be an early adopter!
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    MSI 280x gaming 3G

    I bought msi r9 280x but refunded it due to nasty coil whine. Got myself Asus and no coil whine unless fps goes above 2000+.
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    Does my card run too hot?

    max temp after playing bf4 for 2 hours is 85. I know it doesn't harm the card or anything but the fan gets louder so I wanted to lower that.
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    Does my card run too hot?

    I just bought Asus r9 280x dc2, idle at 37 degree. I thought the temp was somewhat high, suspecting poor thermal paste apply from factory, I applied aftermarket paste(xigmatek pti-g4512) on the core. Idle temp jumped up to 41 degree. I changed applying method from center dot and cross, spread...
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    Will G-Sync feature be... hackable?

    I've got no knowledge of tech or coding, so I just want to hear others opinion. Do you think it's possible G-Sync to be somehow emulated in amd cards? It just doesn't sound like it requires hardware level support on the card's side like Physx.
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    Just received my msi r9 280x card and here is my impression.

    holy f'king shit r9 290x is just $549?????? ummmmmmk maybe I should just refund 280x and get 290x!!!!!!!
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    Just received my msi r9 280x card and here is my impression.

    Thanks for your interest, so here is an update I've RMA'ed the card. lol. After a week of usage the coil whine got even more troublesome. It started to happen when fps count go over 100 fps(usually ingame menu), so I turned v-sync on and the whine stopped for a while. However the whine...
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    Just received my msi r9 280x card and here is my impression.

    I wanted to buy Asus but they were out of stock in newegg like, 4 hours after they got in, so I chose MSI which was my second choice. I read review of this card in techpowerup as well as other tech forum and it seemed good enough. The card looked very nice and sturdy, and installation was...