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  1. Hitman.1stGame

    Sapphire Readies Radeon HD 5450 Low-Profile Accelerator

    ^^ 1 GB of DDR2 memory across a 64-bit wide memory interface it's not for gaming in HD , but it will be superior to HTPC.. many people will love it
  2. Hitman.1stGame

    Larrabee Failed

    CPU vs GPU I think Intel will Never have powerful GPU if they still depending on Larrabee architecture . simply because Larrabee are just toomany small cores of weak X86 processors OK and if we compare CPU run at 3GHz Like E8400 against any modern GPU what score will have on chart 1:100 or...
  3. Hitman.1stGame

    Larrabee Failed

    Source :nutkick:
  4. Hitman.1stGame

    What will be your next ATI graphics card?

    low-end HD 5000 OR ANY DX11 card closer to my HD4830
  5. Hitman.1stGame

    New Force 3D HD 4890 Accelerator Needs Only One Power Connector

    ^^ you remind me ...old Video cards Price Like Geforce FX 5800 Ultra:D
  6. Hitman.1stGame

    Radeon HD 5870 Eyefinity Edition Spotted

    I'll wait to mainstream or mid/range R800 cards
  7. Hitman.1stGame

    AMD Cypress ''Radeon HD 5870'' Stripped

    HD 5870 X2 will kill GT300 before it launch
  8. Hitman.1stGame

    Physics with ATi.

    Carmack: Hardware Physics A Bad Idea :D could computer shader replace all physics engine here ..but no one confirmed that CS has Physics Engine...CS=GPGPU not a Physics Engine . as known MS not have any Physics Engine yet . but some games has it own Physics Engine Like Crysis ..so the...
  9. Hitman.1stGame

    AMD future

  10. Hitman.1stGame

    could we have real Physics Like this in games

    watch Havok/euphoria physics engine for Star Wars :rockout:
  11. Hitman.1stGame

    can cpu be dead? / what is symtom for dead cpu?

    ^^ normelly very will .. UR CPU healthy and kicking :nutkick:
  12. Hitman.1stGame

    what cpu do you have? *NEW 2009*

    Phenom II X3 710 @1GHz & 2.6GHz &3.250GHZ (when do some Benchmark .
  13. Hitman.1stGame

    can cpu be dead? / what is symtom for dead cpu?

    if it still work that's means it's not dead .. do some benchmark to make sure
  14. Hitman.1stGame

    AMD future

    ^^ fix it . sorry :laugh: AMD Phenom X3 II 740 in September www.hardware-infos.com AMD Readies “Thuban” Six-Core Desktop Processor
  15. Hitman.1stGame

    What CPU do you have? Vote!

    this Vote too old since 01-01-2006.. their is toomany processor comes after that date .. it was processor revlution Core2 Duo/Quad Phenom&Phenom II Nehalem ..Cori5 Magny cours soon . and in the top IBM Power7 could some one in the forum has it who knows . .................. any way i have...
  16. Hitman.1stGame

    AMD Evergreen Awaits Gala Unveiling Aboard USS Hornet

    it's should be something like this :D
  17. Hitman.1stGame

    AMD ''Juniper'' Accelerator Pictured

    It's 4mem chip in back and 4 in front = 256 bit .. and the die size looks like HD4770 ..every one have to know AMD not put everything in RV740 it was just test for 40nm die shrink so it's could be smaller . junipe VS RV740
  18. Hitman.1stGame

    Upgrade From 2400 Hd Agp To 7800 Gs Agp Slower Framerates

    try Driver Sweeper (in safe mode only) and delete any nV ATI Driver from ur system .
  19. Hitman.1stGame

    GPU Under 9 inches

    Hd 4770
  20. Hitman.1stGame

    AMD future

    this is great article about AMD future Globalfoundries Starts on 22nm Fab .
  21. Hitman.1stGame

    Any one know about larrabee

    Any way wait and see ...And i don't believe any number Intel show up until the real performance in real application come out .
  22. Hitman.1stGame

    Any one know about larrabee

    any way i know Intel had Legal Problem with larrabee here thats make me Know that Intel GPU article are based on nVIDIA Technology so can nVIDIA let Intel Made it
  23. Hitman.1stGame

    Any one know about larrabee

    i had do small search on it and best thing o found it's will be Powerful Like GTX285 in 3D application (Games) and more Superb in GPGPU application with it X86 cores (and exclusive game ) is larrabee has any chance against Next DX11 GPUs this is Links i found...
  24. Hitman.1stGame

    Sempron X1 140 (2.7GHz, 2MB L2 cache, AM2+/AM3)

    it's budget CPU so need budget MOBO with it not that with SB750 .. U can make amazing deal with 45$ MOBO ASRock N68-S (that support this CPU) http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813157158