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    Can my rig stream LoL {helpp!}

    Yep Evovled is right, I'm another long time LoL player(over 1200 games under my belt) and have watched a considerable number of streams as well as spoken to people who stream LoL specifically. I know just from speaking with them how taxing even on a good system to stream at anything above 480p...
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    Anyone playing League of Legends?

    Sup Everyone, lvl30 here, my IGN is ElWapo973. Looking for some friendly people to play with, tired of all the raging trolls in solo que.
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    [WTB][US] Company of Heroes GOLD

    Just an FYI, the third expansion: Tales of Valor, just came out earlier this month. More than likely a Platinum Edition or similar will be coming out very soon that contains the main game and both expansions.
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    Projector For Screen?

    You have to be extremely wary of stuff you find on Ebay. Not by any means saying that you can't find good deals every now and then but it's always a good idea to know all the details about what your interested in buying before checking out whats available on Ebay. A good source for reviews...
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    Intel Ships New Tools that Boost Game Performance

    Too bad the topic of the thread is about improving game performance, not media capabilities or feature set. :p Also keep in mind that the x1200 is much much older hence the lack of certain newer features. In the end the point most of us are trying to make is regardless of what is done...
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    Help me choose PSU for Intel Atom330

    well here are a couple links PSU Purchase Guide and www.jonnyguru.com/ there are probably more threads and links but I'm on my way out. Good luck in your search I hope you find something the fits the bill.
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    Help me choose PSU for Intel Atom330

    as for the topic, as far as wattage ratings go whatever is stated for a specific PSU is just it's maximum rating in other words if your setup doesn't require more than 100watts it won't draw more than that wether the PSU you are using is rated at 100 or 1000watts. The benifit of running a...
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    Help me choose PSU for Intel Atom330

    no, its spam, already reported him.
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    8800 GT memory at 1000Mhz+

    Well from your photo it shows the model number of the GDDR3 chip to be a QMonda HYB18H512321BF-10. A quick search on Google gave me this result direct from the QMonda website: http://www.qimonda.com/graphics-ram/gddr3/index.html?wsref=Graphics%20DRAM%2FGraphics%20DRAM%20GDDR3%3A1 According to...
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    Need testing of new GPU-Z feature: Monitor Info

    Well here ya go: Very nice. I'm off to get my new rig ready for some benchies. :toast:
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    Thermaltake Showcases BigTyp14 Pro on YouTube

    Definitely a very nice design. But these big boys(Thermalright as well) nead to start getting with the times. Xigmatek and OCZ are matching and surpassing the cooling performance of the Gigantasaurus Rex sized coolers from the other major brands with smaller designs due to the use of HDT...
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    HP Brings TouchSmart PC Within Reach for the Masses

    ^^ Hmm that sounds strange. According to this LINK both models come with a 64-bit OS. Maybe the mobo/bios that it's equipped with doesn't(yet) support 4GBs of RAM. :confused::ohwell:
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    Thank you to everyone on TPU

    +1 Heck, I lurked for around 6 months before ever registering(a great deal in the B/S/T forums finally did me in). Even now I usually don't post too often unless I feel I have something helpful/interesting/funny to contribute to the threads. :toast:
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    OMG Can it be true?!?! Transcend aXeRAM 1200s are back in stock at the Egg!!!

    The title says it all folks. Here is the LINK. Supposedly the last news on these, about 2 months ago, were that Transcend had discontinued this model. It has been at least that long since they've been deactivated on NewEgg. I've had the page bookmarked all this time. Unsuspectingly this...
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    anybody running a set of this ram

    My best friend has had that same exact set running in his rig for the past 7 months with no issues. He's never run them past what they're rated for though so I can't provide any additional info other than that. I've personally been looking to pick up a pair of these G.Skills once they are...
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    HD 4870 Bios Issues.

    ^^ In other words simmer down until the Wizz has had his 5 minutes alone with this card. If he breaks it then the sky is definitely falling! :p:laugh::eek:
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    What resolution do you game at?

    No love for 2048x1536. :(
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    NVIDIA Gently Intros GeForce 9800 GTX+

    Everything about this card sounds good except for one thing. Why lower the memory speed on this card? It's not like the original 9800GTX had too much bandwidth to begin with(or any G92 based card for that matter). :ohwell: If any thing they should be throwing in the higher rated GDDR3 chips...
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    what do you guys think of this purchase 3870x2 come with two games 284.99

    ^ +1. Seriously all the rampant speculation/drama that's been going on in these and many other forums for the past month really needs to stop. I honestly won't be taking any of the premature praise or bashing of the upcoming cards even remotely seriously until they've been out a few weeks. By...
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    Antec Twelve Hundred Case at Microcenter

    Wow. :eek: Nice find! That's the cheapest I've seen it anywhere so far(by 10 bucks). Microcenter has good deals like these popping up from time to time. I know what I'll be picking up tommorrow. :rockout:
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    Some websites you may want to check out are Bestbuy.com, CircuitCity.com, and Amazon.com. They have a bunch between $8-15. Theres a few good picks amongst them. Also on Amazon most of the time they have free shipping. They also give you a price alert(if there was an decrease/increase) on any...
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    Frys Deal!

    OMG :eek: :banghead: :cry: Must resist the urge...... 'faints'
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    Another hot deal, from Bestbuy HD3870 $130

    :eek: Great find. Wow this is a really really good deal. :respect: Just for a few laughs, Newegg sells the stock(non-OC) version of this card for $193! LINK If you try looking for something that might be cheaper with rebates(if you like waiting for weeks/months) the cheapest HD3870(GDDR4) on...
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    [FS] 40Gb PS3 (With Extras!)

    Here ya go: http://www.konami.com/Konami/ctl3810/cp20111/si3327390/cl1/metal_gear_solid_4_limited_edition_playstation3_bundle They're supposed to be limited quantity but they've been allowing preorders, on and off every other day since the 19th and still are as of today(strange). I preordered...
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    Intel Core 2 Duo E8400/E8500 and Xeon E3110 Moving to E-0 Stepping Next Month

    It's a good thing I have a Q6700 for a backup. Time to sell the E8500. I'm assuming the E8600 coming later in the summer will be E0 as well? That's the one I'm really looking forward to. :rockout: