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  1. BorgOvermind

    Onward to the Singularity: Google AI Develops Better Artificial Intelligences

    That Darwin dude was partially right, Humans are involving into monkeys. All AIs have to do is sit back and wait.
  2. BorgOvermind

    AMD Offers Prey, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus on RX Vega Purchases

    ID's engine optimized for AMD... dude, what do you smoke ? Share with us ! Good for them that they actually offer quality games.
  3. BorgOvermind

    AMD Expands EPYC Availability, Introduces ROCm 1.7 With Tensor Flow Support

    Quite unfortunate. Dell servers are of good quality at this moment.
  4. BorgOvermind

    Cryptojacking: Over 2,500 Websites Out There to Steal Your CPU Time

    Thank you, quite useful as preemptive defense.
  5. BorgOvermind

    WDC Announces Successful Repricing of $2.963 Billion of USD Term B Loans

    It's not English. It's wasteonomy terms.
  6. BorgOvermind

    Metacritic Spammed With Fake Positive Reviews of Assassin's Creed Origins

    Remember Failcry 2 that as fake-rated 9/10 while being worth at most 4 ? You know....the no AI no story no action buggy one with sucky sound enemies shooting backwards, useless road trips etc...
  7. BorgOvermind

    Microsoft to Roll-out Anti-cheating Tech with Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

    Gaming PCs will end-up with so much anti-cheating and DRM junk you won't be able to edit a text file anymore. There is no store, there's only steam :D
  8. BorgOvermind

    Where Art Thou, Denuvo? Shadow of War DRM Cracked in Two Days

    Totally agreed. There has been plenty of proof in the past that a good game will be brought in mass even if it has no protection whatsoever with the condition of it being of good quality. Here's a practical example: https://www.wired.com/2008/03/sins-of-a-solar-3/ While that, many games are of...
  9. BorgOvermind

    AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1900X Core Configuration Detailed

    Enable the other units we must. Just like in the old times. :D
  10. BorgOvermind

    Petya/NotPetya: The Ransomware That Wasn't Actually Looking to Ransom Anything

    You are totally clueless in regard to all the recent attacks.
  11. BorgOvermind

    Microsoft Issues Another Windows XP Patch, Despite Lack of Support

    You can't play DOS-era games on linux. :D
  12. BorgOvermind

    Toshiba Announces AL14SX Series 2.5-inch 15K RPM Hard Drives

    The 2.5" are used as system drives. For data storage, there are plenty of 3.5" SAS and SATA (like WD Gold/RE) options.
  13. BorgOvermind

    Metro: Exodus Announced at Microsoft's XBOX E3 Presentation

    I'd like a new S.T.A.L.K.E.R. too.
  14. BorgOvermind

    NVIDIA Deliberately Worsens SDR Monitor Image Settings to Showcase HDR

    Someone said HDR can be easily emulated via software. The same, most FX today can be done in DX 8.1 to a very large extent. That does not mean it happens. And what's all the new fuss about the HDR anyway ? Do you not remember the good old HL2 demo on that ?
  15. BorgOvermind

    AMD's Ryzen CPUs Shipping Date Surfaces; Mark Your Calendars for February 28th

    I still have a DFI and Abit-based stations alive and working. I did switch to a notebook, but my main ex-gaming now-storage system has ABIT with Radeon 5870 and good old RAIDed WD 2TB blacks. Still works flawlessly. I miss good quality MBs like DFI and ABIT. Now-days most are junk. Hate to say...
  16. BorgOvermind

    NVIDIA Makes it Tougher to Trade Bundled Games

    That GeForce Experience thing is a pathetic attempt at copying RAPTR. While RAPTR by itself only caused crashes sometimes when the video recording overlay was activated, in the case of GeForce Experience (which btw uses subliminals) there are so many issues you will not be able to keep it...
  17. BorgOvermind

    Western Digital Reports Arbitration Decision, will Challenge the Award

    That is incorrect. The direct transfer record for a 7200RPM is held by the 2WD 2TB black (previous model). Did you consider access time ? Also, the black is a lot more reliable.
  18. BorgOvermind

    Shot Down In Flames: Darling Of The Tech Industry, Rambus

    Guys, Rambus has now memory modules that are x16 and x32 the normal data rate compared to only x4 for GDDR5 for example. The problem is adoption (lack of it) and probably also price (that was the main problem last time).
  19. BorgOvermind

    Khronos Releases OpenCL 1.2 Specification

    The specs were made considering current hardware, so there should be no HW support problems.
  20. BorgOvermind

    TSMC 28 nm Technology in Volume Production

    How about performance per die size ? If you take the 5870 die and just make the chip it as big as the 580 just by adding more shaders you will beat a 580 by very far. But then, that's an engineering aberration and that's why it wasn't made that way. The very big die size is a recognized fail...
  21. BorgOvermind

    Battlefield 3: EA Allegedly Tried Filtering Reviewers

    C&C series were working very good, but everything else did have various performance problems. Anyway, EA is on the good path regarding the performance issues right now. Let's just hope they keep it up and don't do console copy-paste again.
  22. BorgOvermind

    TSMC 28 nm Technology in Volume Production

    Epic-lol: "lowest power vs. power efficiency vs. the most energy-efficient vs. ultra low power" So which one is the 'one' actually ? nV is probably last place of all 4 since their latest and greatest were actually the most power-inefficient GPUs since quite a while.
  23. BorgOvermind

    Battlefield 3: EA Allegedly Tried Filtering Reviewers

    BS reviews exist since ever. How in the world can editors give Failcry 2 9+ when the game barely hits a 5/10 and that with a lot of 'let's ignore some of the bad things' ? If anyone thinks is OK rating 9+ a game with practically no AI, no innovation, next to no action, full of bugs (practically...
  24. BorgOvermind

    Some Intel LGA1156, LGA775 Processors to be Discontinued

    I still use LGA775 and the 1st quad core from intel ever made. No reason to change to another quad. I'll go directly for an 8-core when the situation will require it. With an old Abit MB with main 6SATA on ICH9R and PCI-E 1.1 I have everything I need to run any HDDs and any video cards currently...