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  1. silapakorn

    Mining "Renting" Service Nicehash Hacked; $68M Routed From User Wallets

    So aside from creating shortages in GPU market, cryptocurrency also promotes greed, stealing and ransoming. I bet the creators didn't think of this.
  2. silapakorn

    The Division Update 1.8 Drops Tomorrow with Free Weekend & Free DLC Week

    No, Season Pass includes every DLC. I guess they only do the yearly pass thing on best selling games. However, The Division still has cosmetic items that you can buy/grind from the game.
  3. silapakorn

    Iiyama Reveals New G-Master GB2730QS and G3266HS Gaming Monitors

    75hz refresh rate shouldn't be classified as 'gaming' monitor.
  4. silapakorn

    Ubisoft Gives Away World in Conflict & Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag for Free

    Be prepared for "Uplay is currently unavailable" problem, which also happened when they gave Assassins' Creed 3 for free. If you still don't have a Uplay account yet, I suggest you sign up for one right now before the AC4 becomes free, since a lot of people will try to sign up to get it and the...
  5. silapakorn

    How many people still use sound cards?

    I always have a soundcard in my PC. Onboard sound is too weak to produce enough sound impact for me. I even sneaked one of my old soundcards into my office computer so that I can enjoy quality music via headphones while working. A good soundcard paired with good quality speakers and headphones...
  6. silapakorn

    Star Ocean: The Last Hope Remastered in Glorious 4K

    Just glad that this game finally comes to PC. I played it first time on xbox360 (that awful disc changing towards the end), and then played it again on PS3 (with 600p resolution in battles). Now I can finally play this game the way it meant to be played. 4K or not doesn't really bother me since...
  7. silapakorn

    Latest Need for Speed Payback Update Accelerates Progression System

    When you put too many microtransactions in your game that you can't remove them without breaking your game but now people are on to you so you have to make do with minor adjustments and hope for the best.
  8. silapakorn

    KFA2 and GALAX Announce SNPR GTX 1060 External Graphics

    It looks neat and all but why the retro design?
  9. silapakorn

    ADATA Releases the XPG STORM RGB M.2 2280 Active-Cooled Heatsink

    I'm starting to wonder that do we really need that high speed from M.2 SSD, especially when such speed comes with a catch like additional heat? I have gone through 2 SATA SSDs so far and the reason I bought a new one is mainly because the old one is too small, not because it's too slow. 500...
  10. silapakorn

    ASUS Also Intros ROG Strix XG32VQ 32-inch Curved Gaming Monitor

    This monitor's spec has nothing on Samsung CHG70 except for the flashy light and space-saving stand. Knowing Asus, it is likely to have an even more ridiculous price tag thanks to the ROG logo.
  11. silapakorn

    Microsoft: Demand for Xbox One X Defies Expectations

    Sorry MS but I think I'll go with PS4 alone this time. As I already own a gaming PC, Xbox One X seems redundant at this point. Last gen I bought both Xbox360 and PS3, and soon realized that I only play consoles for exclusives. Having fancier spec means nothing without good exclusives.
  12. silapakorn

    Thrustmaster's New GP XID PRO Gamepad Raises the Bar on Precision

    The triggers don't look very comfortable for games that need to press and hold for a long time (e.g. racing games). IMO the best design for triggers and bumpers are Xbox One controller gen2 and up, but the d-pad on it is horrid.
  13. silapakorn

    Zotac Announces World's Smallest GeForce GTX 1080 Ti - ArcticStorm Mini

    Not sure if these are pictures of the actual product or 3D rendered model.
  14. silapakorn

    Where Art Thou, Denuvo? Shadow of War DRM Cracked in Two Days

    This game has both microtransaction AND Denuvo? Someone is trying too hard.
  15. silapakorn

    Cougar Armor Gaming Chair

    I don't think that many gamers will concern themselves with animal cruelty issues.
  16. silapakorn

    IBM Research Achieves Breakthrough in Magnetic Storage: Enabling a 330TB Tape

    Finally a storage capable of storing my porn collection!
  17. silapakorn

    Do You Keep Your Hardware's Original Box?

    I don't exactly collect them, just never throw them away immediately. I put all the boxes in my case box, which is huge, and stack it on top of the closet to save space. I don't usually flatten the boxes though, since most of them has plastic/foam inside to keep the hardware in place. The main...
  18. silapakorn

    How Many of You Moving to Coffee Lake from Skylake?

    Probably because OP doesn't have an avatar, so the crawler pick the second picture in the thread. Back to the topic, I for one will definitely go for Coffee Lake. My 2600k is old enough and I need a new board & case anyway. 6 years is a good run for CPU and Mobo. It's time to sell and move up...
  19. silapakorn

    EVGA Announces SC17 1080 Gaming Laptop

    That moment when a laptop surpasses your gaming desktop PC.
  20. silapakorn

    Intel Coffee Lake CPUs Will Require New Motherboards

    Doesn't bug me at all since I'm planning to change my MB anyway.
  21. silapakorn

    Upgraded to a GTX 1080 Ti from a GTX 1080 and wow.

    I hesitate to go 4K since I'm afraid that tasks other than gaming will suck on it. I switched from 1080p to 1440p two years ago and discovered that besides games are more demanding on my current GPU, watching full HD movies or reading scanned documents at higher resolution feels lacking for some...
  22. silapakorn

    Acer Predator XB271HU bmiprz 144-165 Hz

    Acer probably has the poorest quality panel among all gaming brands. My XB270HU (the predecessor to this one) also has horrible bleeding and 4 dead pixels that show up after 1 year of use (which means it's non-returnable now).
  23. silapakorn

    Is 5.25" dead in 2017 ?

    Optical discs are still a thing in my country. I'm not ready to let go of the good old 5.25" optical drive.
  24. silapakorn

    LG Introduces the 43UD79-B Display - 43", 4K, IPS, 60 Hz, Freesync

    The order in which they arranged PIP options is somewhat disturbing.
  25. silapakorn

    Palit GeForce GTX 1080 Ti GameRock Premium 11 GB

    LOL their new fan design is a fail.