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  1. mikechinym

    TP-Link TL-WR1043ND Wireless Crash

    anyone can help me? plss i have draw up the network topology
  2. mikechinym

    TP-Link TL-WR1043ND Wireless Crash

    the wireless router is come with the latest firmware, den i suspect maybe an old version may help. i downgrade to the old one....still no luck. for channel, i did try as u recommend. same problem. the problem is quite weird, only wireless issue will cause the router to hang
  3. mikechinym

    TP-Link TL-WR1043ND Wireless Crash

    i connect both wireless router to the network switch via cable. i didnt use WDS since each wireless router is located at different floors any advice?
  4. mikechinym

    TP-Link TL-WR1043ND Wireless Crash

    Hi all, i own 2 new unit of TPLINK TL-WR1043ND. since i m out of IP address, i need these wireless router to expand my network IPs. My network environment, 1st unit of wireless router is setup as WAN : Static IP ( LAN : DHCP range from ( Wireless : ON (Channel...
  5. mikechinym

    Intel Displays LGA-1156 Mini-ITX Motherboard

    did anyone knows how much this baby cost??
  6. mikechinym

    Help I Think I Short Circuited My Mobo

    i think everything might be toooo late..
  7. mikechinym

    Getting a new PC tommorow...

    then tonight ur not going to sleep well...... awaiting a looooooong tomorrow
  8. mikechinym

    PSU 12 V is reading 1.74 ?????

    software reading are incorrect, mine can turn up to -40 celcius in temp. multimeter is more reliable.
  9. mikechinym

    What CPU do you have? Vote!

    almost to the muzium still in my old sempron 2800++ i wonder when does it will stop functioning
  10. mikechinym

    To all Those 'Gurus' Out there, any tips for me first OC GFX caRD?

    u need to let the atitool to run during on gaming after u set the oc speed on the card. if u dont want to use atitool during gaming,there is only one way to go..... get the max speed,downlaod the ati bios editor, edit the speed to the oc clock. flash the bios(the risk is on your own,a bad flash...
  11. mikechinym

    To all Those 'Gurus' Out there, any tips for me first OC GFX caRD?

    actually,we just use ati tool or atitray tool to find max on the gpu and memory. after the max had been find,simply reduce 10-15mhz from the max: max-(10--->15Mhz)=speed that we think stable on daily use. each card may perform different speed and all this may depends on ur luck that the card u...
  12. mikechinym

    To all Those 'Gurus' Out there, any tips for me first OC GFX caRD?

    u cannot increase ur fan speed,it is hardware control.cant be control through software.
  13. mikechinym

    To all Those 'Gurus' Out there, any tips for me first OC GFX caRD?

    mine one is gecube 9550GT edition. i able to clock for daily use at 470 for GPU and 235.xx(equal to 470Mhz) for RAM. i am still at stock cooling for gpu,and some self cut ram sink on the RAM. these cards are old.some games are just able to run at mid-low detail....crap
  14. mikechinym

    Plexeraser - destroy your DVD and CDs

    hold the cd with ur left hand and lighter at ur right hand.burn it!! simple way to destroy.
  15. mikechinym

    FPS instant drop in games

    me too.the pc i use for gaming didnt install any antivirus software inside:)
  16. mikechinym

    Windows XP Optimization Guide

    there is also some tuning by software right now i am using 2 tuning software. 1---->gamexp 2---->tunexp i think someone try already just for share:)
  17. mikechinym

    possible to recover?

    problem solve,i am getting 80% of my data back by the freezing technique. i put the hdd into freezer for a while then take it out and boom,i get the data recover. all my documents are recover,only some big image file not being recover. thanks for Polaris573 and W2hCYK. now i am going to send...
  18. mikechinym

    possible to recover?

    wow,i got so much professional ideas,i will try to freeze it coz if i send to warranty,they surely not going to backup my data. if there is still a chance to recover it,i wont let go. i will try the ideas ur given,thank you so much guys
  19. mikechinym

    New motherboard/cpu - no display

    try to clear the cmos then put ur monitor cable to the onboard display. see whether it got signal or not
  20. mikechinym

    Creative SoundBlaster 128PCI vs. Intel High Defintion Audio 7.1

    pci128 is too old at least u had a live card with 5.1 with ac3 decoder
  21. mikechinym

    possible to recover?

    hi, recently i bought a new 40gb harddisk ata from western digital after i use for half year,its just got some bad sector/cluster the main question is, now i cannot access the drive and i had important data in that drive it just CANNOT ACCESS through winxp or even win9x or even by recovery...
  22. mikechinym

    New Catalyst has advanced AA options for us all !!!

    looks like its very nice,i will update it and try first.
  23. mikechinym

    ATI Radeon 9550 Overclocking and BIOS modding FAQ Guide

    i also follow the guide to reach this high speed on ram follow this link http://forum.lowyat.net/index.php?showtopic=239273 be careful,i only follow the memory tuning only,NOT the voltmod. hope this can help u. this is quite dangerous for bios flushing(if u dont know how to flush and...
  24. mikechinym

    ATI Radeon 9550 Overclocking and BIOS modding FAQ Guide

    for your referrence, i found that the tuned in memory timing will give high bus speed. in 3d mark 2003,my card score 29xx without oc after oc, it give me 36xx.by the way, be careful of your gpu coz 9550 dont had a thermal sensor.majority said 9550 s not so hot...
  25. mikechinym

    ATI Radeon 9550 Overclocking and BIOS modding FAQ Guide

    check this site out man!! this guy had mod the gecube 9550gt in order to get 4xxx score http://forum.lowyat.net/index.php?showtopic=239273