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    x1950 Pro agp fan speeds.

    I know this card isnt supported yet but to knowledge if i change fan speed to 100% the fan stops, if i turn it back to 40% where it was it comes to live again. Thx for AtiTool and GL with the upcoming version.
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    x1950 pro agp experiences.

    My x800xl sadly gave up on me this week :( So i searched for a card to replace it with, and found that the x1950 pro agp would do. After i ordered it i began lookin closer into what i just ordered by scrolling around in the tpu forums and after awhile i found out that many have problems with...
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    Weird noise from psu...

    Hi I have a problem when I stress my computer ( both gfx and cpu ) example 3dmark I get a whineing noise from my psu. It has been that way all since I changed my gfx from a 9800 se to a x800 xl .... The psu is a 350W: single 12V rail @ 18A 3,3V @ 28A 5V @ 40A I heard it could have...
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    extend reset cmos

    I have a Abit kv8 pro 3rd-eye mobo. And the problem is that my reset cmos jumper is right under my Gfx :banghead: So I wonder... can I extend it? Or will bad things happen? I was thinking: maybe a switch on my case:confused:
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    Overclocking x800 xl

    Hi I have a sapphire X800 XL and I´d like to squeeze some more out of it. But.. it overclocks so crappy stock is 400/490 and it only gets to ~ 440/535 I have decent watercooling on it (on both mem and core) core never goes past 40 C ... Does anyone know something to do ?