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  1. tehehe

    Intel Officially Reveals What's Coming After Coffee Lake: The 10 nm Ice Lake

  2. tehehe

    François Piednoël Quits Intel

    Upper echelons of talent have so much money that it literally doesn't matter. What they are after is challenge and new experience. Seems like Intel stagnated for too long - this was probably fine business idea but it has its effects on top talent that is getting bored.
  3. tehehe

    AMD Talks Zen 3, "Raven Ridge," and More at Reddit AMA

    SMT can be disabled in bios, so any ryzen 7 can be 8c8t.
  4. tehehe

    Q3-2016 VGA Market - NVIDIA Gained Market Share While AMD's Declined: JPR

    High barriers to entry eg. patents.
  5. tehehe

    AMD's ZEN to Implement Advanced Security Features not found in Intel's solutions

    It could be used to implement very hard to crack DRM schemes as well...
  6. tehehe

    Intel Debuts the Skull Canyon Gaming NUC

    Except intel gpu drivers are utter shit.
  7. tehehe

    Valve-HTC VIVE Available for Pre-order

    That's basically difference in VAT. EU prices have VAT US prices don't.
  8. tehehe

    Synology Announces the DiskStation DS716+ NAS

    Encryption focused nas that can't do full disk encryption. Wow.
  9. tehehe

    SilverStone Unveils Raven RVZ02 Mini-ITX Gaming Chassis

    Placement of the GPU is perfect - if only it supported SLI with the same GPU orientation I would buy it.
  10. tehehe

    NVIDIA Back to Dirty Tricks with GTX 900M Series Overclocking

    I have the same problem but with sli 970. It's really annoying. I get driver has stopped responding all the time even when browsing in chrome :/
  11. tehehe

    95W TDP of "Skylake" Chips Explained by Intel's Big Graphics Push

    Biggest problem as far as Intel GPUs go is terrible driver support. Maybe DX12/Vulkan will change that assuming most games will be written with these apis.
  12. tehehe

    EIZO Unveils a 23.8-Inch 4K UHD Monitor

    It's pretty obvious really - high PPI makes for beautiful, super sharp, jaggies-free images even without AA. Very nice for gaming. I would want 24 inch 4k monitor but with at least 90Hz refresh rate and gsync/ulmb combo.
  13. tehehe

    Intel Lowers First-Quarter Revenue Outlook

    No point in buying new processor to see 5% gains. Intel is innovating too slowly. I would upgrade for 50% gains assuming price is ok.
  14. tehehe

    Razer Debuts Seiren Digital Microphone with Studio-Grade Recording Quality

    I honestly doubt this is Razer's product. More likely some other company did the product for them and they just stuck their branding there.
  15. tehehe

    Seagate Announces 6 TB NAS HDD

    Or just get HGST (Hitachi Global STorage) hard disks. Best reliability and performance.
  16. tehehe

    Corsair Carbide 330R Case Now Available in Titanium Edition

    And it has old corsair logo. Yaay!
  17. tehehe

    MSI GAMING to Feature New XSplit Gamecaster V2 Software

    OBS is free, Free and superior. Don't know why anyone bothers with anything else tbh.
  18. tehehe

    Philips 272G5DYEB 27-Inch G-SYNC Monitor Arriving This Month

    Nobody knows how much freesync adds to the price of the monitor so your enthusiasm is premature.
  19. tehehe

    Thecus Releases Patch to Resolve Bash Vulnerability

    Because linux is used everywhere. It is most widely used system on the planet.
  20. tehehe

    QNAP Releases High-Performance TS-x31 Home NAS Series

    I prefer Intel's stuff on my NAS. Much better supported open-source GPU drivers for their inhouse GPUs. With ARMs it is always closed source (usually no driver updates at all).
  21. tehehe

    What are your future GPU plans?

    Waiting for 8GB 970 or at least 6GB 980ti. Will possibly buy 980ti depending on how much faster than 970 it is.
  22. tehehe

    GIGABYTE Unveils the GeForce GTX 980 and GTX 970 G1 Gaming Graphics Cards

    Also I want to know in what way this card is different from competition - how hot vrms get (guru3d does excellent FLIR shots), how many power phases for gpu and memory it has, display output configuration etc
  23. tehehe

    QNAP TS-451

    Way too expensive for what you get...
  24. tehehe

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Reference Board Pictured

    Nice but performance is shit. Waiting for 980ti.