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    Budget laptop

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    Help picking out a card.

    First of all, don't buy from Bestbuy since everything is going to be insanely overpriced. But to answer your question, look for a used 8800/9800GT, or a new 9800GT or 9600GSO.
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    Do you use Crossfire / SLI ?

    I don't, since I already can't make complete use of the full power of a 4890 yet. Besides, if your games are maxed isn't that enough? :p
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    $700 Gtx295 on the egg

    WC is more of a hobby, not a performance thing. Ultimately you may get a FEW more fps, but I don't think it's worth all the money. Especially with DX11 along the corner (and ATI's selection already out).
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    Ultimate Home Theater Guide

    What a great guide. Thanks
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    What would you do??

    a cheap SSD as a boot drive. Mine along with my low end T3400 CFU on my laptop loads windows 7 in just 16 seconds :) (Including the BIOS part). You won't regret it.
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    Is an SSD/Velociraptor any use in such system?

    An SSD literally brings your whole computer to life. My Windows 7 Ultimate with my mediocore T3400 CPU loads in just 16 seconds, including BIOS. It is the MOST noticeable difference a typical user can notice. Sure you can enlarge one's e-peen with more Ghz and cores, but ultimately the user...
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    Sager laptops?

    Any gaming notebook- don't expect to bring it to class. It's more of a desktop replacement or something to bring with you on vacation where you have a power outlet. Don't expect to game more than an hour even with a 9 cell.
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    Is faster RAM worth it?

    Faster RAM doesn't really produce a real-world noticeable difference.
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    Upgrade or Not ???

    Upgrade the GPU. a 3ghz definitely will NOT bottleneck a 4850. You should be fine with a 4890 even.
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    Help with friends build

    The 5770 is like a DX11 4870 I believe. I don't think you should drop $50 for the puny FPS increase. Why don't you leave yourself open to DX11 so you don't end up selling your 4890 later on just for DX11?