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  1. Andrea87

    ASUS Releases the ESC4000 GPU Server

    just... scary.
  2. Andrea87

    Need good psu under 30-35$

    35$ is not a price for a psu, atleast not an one that will live enough. I'd start at 50-60$ ones from major brands. Considering your build, even with a gtx460, you can get any serious 500w psu's. even a 450w will do. My system is held up by a 525w psu and is holding pretty well, even consuming...
  3. Andrea87

    A Detailed Look Into PSUs

    Great reading. Thanks.
  4. Andrea87

    zotac gts 450 amp

    First pci slot will be taken with any pci-express card with a decent computing power. single slot cards with some power are not many. As for performance, is ok, not the best. 1600x1200 has only 8% less pixels than 1080P, so you should check that resolution as comparison for your gaming. Just...
  5. Andrea87

    PNY GeForce GTX 550 Ti Listed in Europe

    Want to see what comes out. a msrp of 159€ is a bad thing to begin, if you plan to set the card somewhat faster than a gts450, and sell it, it must be something better or it must be cheaper. Even after the market price, which is often under the msrp, 130-140€ are too much. Actually, I can buy a...
  6. Andrea87

    Gainward GeForce GTX 460 SE 1 GB

    Interesting card, as said will probably replace the GTX460 768m. Overclock margins looks insane as the other nv104 cards... waiting for cards with custom cooling too see how it goes :) Anyone interested... leave gainward where is. their warranty support is one of the worst... I had a 8800gt...
  7. Andrea87

    Sexy Hardware Close-Up Pic Clubhouse.

    I am building a pc for a friend, Happened to have an Cooler Master Hyper 212+ in my hands. My camera was near, and already mounted on its tripod, then... A macro lens was there too, then...
  8. Andrea87

    The AMD Phenom II OC'ers Club

    Subscribed. Updated my cpu today from an Athlon II x4 to a Phenom II x4 965BE, quickly overclocked it easily to a nice 4.2GHz. Having ~18°C in my room, with good ventilation and a cooler master hyper 212+ on it, I'm running under prime 95 at 52°C, maybe a little hot, but I'm at 1.52V :)...
  9. Andrea87

    N460GTX HAWK down clocks while testing

    nice indeed. Works here too, I'm not getting anymore fps issues in games :) For anyone having similar issues, I'll add some detailed guide to fix this: (cards stuck in 2d clocks, stuck in low power 3d clocks and such): - Open Nvidia Control Panel - On the left, navigate to 3d Options -> Manage...
  10. Andrea87

    N460GTX HAWK down clocks while testing

    This happens to me too. Searching a bit the web, I've found a possible answer. Go to the NVidia Control Panel, 3d settings, manage 3d settings. Under power management line, set "prefer maximum performance" or similar (default its set to adaptive). I'll restart my pc soon and check if this solves.
  11. Andrea87

    TPU's GTX460 Club

    The NV104 is indeed a well made chip. At what frequency are you keeping your main cards memory? How are the temps with the cards in a sandwich like that? :D I'd say you're running at about 80°C under furmark load, right?
  12. Andrea87

    Larger size limit for image host

    No need for > 2Mb limit. All my images saved off photoshop (photos included) never reach 1.5Mb, even if they are 3000x2000 highly detailed ones. Png are good for quality, but bad for bandwidth usage. As stated before, better use a jpeg compression like 8/10 or 9/10 getting a third of the png...
  13. Andrea87

    TPU's GTX460 Club

    Is Digital Alliance a local brand? if the pics are true, it looks exactly identical to a palit gtx460 768M card. Possible another submanufacturer of gainward?
  14. Andrea87

    TPU's GTX460 Club

    Tried to embed the a google spreadsheet version of our chart into the forums, with no good results. I'm updating the chart, will post here as I end it. edit: updated. +-----------------------+-----------------------------------------------+---------------+-------------------------------+ |...
  15. Andrea87

    TPU's GTX460 Club

    will update it today... might add some more things, or make it in google code, which sounds better imo.
  16. Andrea87

    TPU's GTX460 Club

    Having got the undercuts by nvidia upon the market introduction of the amd's 6xxx series, your card would not sell much. Supposing you paid it about 180€, actually being sold for ~140€, that is a big cut to start with. Taking off Vat you would go to about 116€ before usage, which should get it...
  17. Andrea87

    TPU's GTX460 Club

    I had a gainward 9800gt... Cooler was pretty similar to this one (http://www.tomshw.it/files/2010/07/immagini/26360/gainward-gtx460-09.jpg) no heatpipe ofc but similar fan system. Closed plastic plate with a single fan blowing on the heatsink. It was good for that card, but rather loud even in...
  18. Andrea87

    TPU's GTX460 Club

    There are some cards you can consider on the custom cooler side: Msi n460gtx cyclone 1gb: http://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/MSI/GeForce_GTX_460_Cyclone_OC_1_GB/ Gigabyte GV-N460OC http://www.tweaktown.com/reviews/3393/gigabyte_geforce_gtx_460_1gb_oc_video_card/index.html Asus DirectCU Gtx460...
  19. Andrea87

    TPU's GTX460 Club

    my card doesn't make any sound apart a nearly inaudible fan. There are no solid core inductor on these cards, then there should not be any problem with vibrations. Do you already have the accelero s1? I don't think its compatible with the 460, both due to its mounting plate and its power...
  20. Andrea87

    Your PC ATM

    Actual pc:
  21. Andrea87

    Graphics Card Upgrade

    I would even start on a single 460. Start overclocking it well, and check what results you get. After that, if the performances aren't enough, I'll go for a second card in sli. Many times a single 460 overclocked gets or even passes a 470 stock performance. Go for good quality non-reference...
  22. Andrea87

    price check on system PLEASE HELP

    350$ i would say.
  23. Andrea87

    TPU's GTX460 Club

    chassis cooling is FUNDAMENTAL. tooking the side panel off, and so stopping the intake fan, takes my temps up by 5°C. Thermal paste aids a bit, and only where the Δt between the air near the card and the cooler fins is large enough. The hotter the air near the card, lesser will be the...
  24. Andrea87

    TPU's GTX460 Club

    I will edit the chart soon, adding some other users I've found in the thread. as for the thermal paste, I'm running prolimatech pk-1 now. I've ordered it some days ago, after discovering I could not find anymore the large 20g tube of Mx-2 that is probably lost somewhere in the mess of my...
  25. Andrea87

    Sexy Hardware Close-Up Pic Clubhouse.

    Thanks for the reply, I've forgotten to add a macro of the thermal paste I had made. I'm using prolimatek pk-1 for now, might try some arctic mx-3 next week, I've got it coming aside some parts for a friend's pc.