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    GPU latency test

    Speaking of signal integrity, would the 75w power draw off the PICe slot pose an issue with the ribbon? I mean in theory; "made in China" may have other plans. I got thinking about a way to solve the latency issue: A 10 cm ribbon should add 0.67ns round trip plus any loss at the junctions...
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    GPU latency test

    Is there a way to test the latency of a GPU? I'm looking to add a PICe extender cable. Also would be neat to know the difference between the closest PCIe slot and the farthest.
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    European Commission Plans Criminal Case Against Microsoft

    I can think of mistakes where the perpetrator is still responsible for cleaning the mess: - I accidently hit your car, no intent... I am responsible for the repairs - My 3 yr old breaks your window... I, as the parent, am responsible for the repairs - City law says "get a permit before...
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    Steve Milligan Will Become CEO of WD On Retirement Of John Coyne in January 2013

    Incredible timing, what with WD on the brink of bankruptcy because the flood took out SO MUCH of their capacity ;) Oh wait, they sold near record units... how can you do that if you don't have inventory? Secondly, if you have insurance to cover the losses, wouldn't it be collusion (with...
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    AMD Appoints John Byrne Chief Sales Officer

    Since when did AMD get into the child molestation business? Look at that guy! "hey kid, come here... want a GPU?... ;) "
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    The Razer Ouroboros Puts Infinity in the Palm of Your Hand

    If Lamborghini was Apple, they'd probably sue Razor for copying their Reventon design.
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    AMD Selected by U.S. Government to Help Engineer and Shape the Future of HPC

    Republic vs Democracy? I thought the US was a Republic and not a Democracy? If that is the case, where on Earth did the US Gov't get the power to make any of these spending decisions? A Republic Gov't is not intended to spend any money except on defence (not offence like the US currently has)...
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    Plantiffs' Counsel Announces that Federal Jury Finds Toshiba Fixed LCD Prices

    Interesting how big they like to speak of themselves, and yet have a poor track record of doing what they say... "The case demonstrates once again the critical role our civil justice system plays in holding corporations, no matter how powerful or where they are based in the world...
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    Monster Intros Three New High-Performance Headphones

    Is every company a global leader?
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    Company of Heroes 2 Invades the Eastern Front

    Is there any game that illustrates the massive crimes of war the US has perpetrated in the middle east? Even a cell phone game? I'd be curious to see the point of view they take and if there is any spin.
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    Chinese Authorities Start Removing Apple iPad off Shelves Following Court Ruling

    And you've obviously never heard of PetroChina: same revenue as Exxon with 20 times the employees. And to put your words back on you: where do American's think their oil comes from? ;) Those evil people in the middle east that American's are having a hard time exterminating.
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    Apple Launches New Attack on Samsung Phones

    This is BS. You can patent voice recognition, but patent each and every function that can be done through voice??? Samsung should patent voice syllables. You can speak to your phone in anyway you want, as long as your commands don't use syllables... Samsung patented that ;)
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    New York Attorney General Agrees to Terminate Antitrust Lawsuit Against Intel

    Summary of Intel's Response to NYAG Intel's Response to the New York Attorney General's Complaint On November 3, 2009, the New York Attorney General ("NYAG") filed a complaint against Intel in Delaware alleging that Intel violated antitrust law. The NYAG alleges that Intel obtained...
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    New York Attorney General Agrees to Terminate Antitrust Lawsuit Against Intel

    I read the release by the Attorney General's Office. The $6.5MM only covers PART of the costs incurred. There is no reason given on how that amount was arrived at and the "loss" not covered by the $6.5 is not mentioned... so how much is the tax payer eating? If Intel is guilty of something...
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    New York Attorney General Agrees to Terminate Antitrust Lawsuit Against Intel

    6.5$MM over 27 months = $240,740/month. Monthly salary range of Dept Justice: $5,323 - $14,752. Average monthly salary = $10,037 http://www.payscale.com/research/US/Employer=U.S._Department_of_Justice/Salary So if I get this strait, the NY Attorney General's office has had 24 full time...
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    Hackers Held Symantec to Ransom Over pcAnywhere Source Code Leak

    If this is Anonymous, GIVE IT BACK!!! I am relying on you to be the voice of honesty and reason over the internet. DON'T stoop this low. If this is not Anonymous, can I suggest that Anonymous steal the software and hand it back to Symantec? This would be a HUGE pro publicity for the group...
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    Apple Faces Fines in China, Possible iPad Ban for Trademark Infringement

    Does intent mean nothing? Apple went out of their way to create a phoney company so they could essentially use the Chinese legal system to steal something. Their scheme didn't work but that changes nothing. Take those details and fill them into a personal relationship... would anyone care...
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    Next-Gen Xbox Features Blu-ray, Will Not Play Used Games

    Interesting (and accurate)... although the transaction proceeds in exactly the same way as a purchase. A licensing transaction would have an additional step where both parties are made abundantly aware of the way the license will be used. Does anyone think AMD walked into Intel and asked the...
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    Next-Gen Xbox Features Blu-ray, Will Not Play Used Games

    I'm having a hard time getting my mind around this... how can someone prevent you from selling what you own? I'm sure they've argued that users don't own the game, they've only purchased a license. Well, then I own that license. If there are terms, user rights, etc. a legal document, must be...
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    Sapphire Vapor-X 5870 OC flash nightmare!

    That looks correct. You are looking at the idle mem and core states. I don't know why it defaults to that clock state (even if you are not in idle state, it will display those clocks).
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    VIA Seeks US Ban of iPhone, iPad Over Patent Infringements

    Apple is going to come back with the argument that Samsung and VIA are colluding.
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    Bulldozer pricing? AMD hits another pop fly

    Is it safe to say Bulldozer will be poor (performance per core)? FX-8150, $266.28 (thanks Doug, TH). http://www.shopblt.com/cgi-bin/s.cgi?s_mfg=AMD&s_max=100&order_id=881372781 Either they are playing the same game they've always played; value for dollar, or they are aiming to take Intel...
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    Intel Readies SSD 710 Series for the Enterprise Market

    2,400 IOPS @ 4KB? 9.6MB Random... seems a little low.
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    Lian Li Announces 'The Hammer' PC-90 Chassis

    Great technology... why did they make it look fugly though? Unlike Lian Li to do that.
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    Samsung Develops 30nm-class 32GB Green DDR3 for Next-generation Servers

    The standard by which watts are measured is watt/hour. They are being specific in the statement rather than "technically incorrect" by stating 4.5 watts.