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  1. HillBeast

    NVIDIA Tesla K10 GPU Hits New Performance Milestones For Scientific Simulation

    I call bulls**t on the memory bandwidth being '6.4 times faster than Sandy Bridge'. Perhaps LGA1155, but not on quad-channel LGA2011 Sandy Bridge. Sure the numbers may stack up and say NVIDIA is faster, but in the planet known as Earth, these figures would be unattainable.
  2. HillBeast

    GIGABYTE Announces Ultra Durable 5 Technology

    I'm a fan of Gigabyte, I have a Gigabyte board, but UD5 looks retarded. All they did was add driver MOSFETs to the standard. Big whoop. MSI and ASUS have been doing that for ages.
  3. HillBeast

    Apple 10 Years Behind Microsoft on Security: Kaspersky Lab

    This security hole is even more obvious when you buy a Mac, go into the Settings, go to Firewall and see it's off. That's right, Macs ship with a firewall... that is disabled.
  4. HillBeast

    AMD Chooses Computex 2012 as Radeon HD 7990 Launchpad

    Dumbasses didn't draw Lake Taupo on the little graphic of New Zealand. Well I'm never buying AMD again...
  5. HillBeast

    AMD Reports First Quarter Results

    AMD needs to ditch their CPU department because it is slowly killing ATI. And I said ATI for a reason there, because I will never let ATI be killed by those morons.
  6. HillBeast

    MSI MOA 2012 "STEEL WORLD" Kicks off in Americas

    Imagine if the winner of the event used a standard Dell OEM motherboard...
  7. HillBeast

    Nintendo WiiU Hardware Less Powerful Than Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3: Developers

    Gamecube was in no way superior to the Xbox. The Xbox was a monster of a console. The GeForce 3 in it DESTROYS the crappy ATI chip in the Gamecube, and the Xbox has a more powerful CPU, and more RAM to play with. Gamecube was a terrible console, just like an Nintendo console after the SNES...
  8. HillBeast

    Nintendo WiiU Hardware Less Powerful Than Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3: Developers

    I'm not referring to what technology can do, I'm meaning hardware manufacturers, as in console makes, computer builders, and phones.
  9. HillBeast

    Nintendo WiiU Hardware Less Powerful Than Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3: Developers

    You miss the point. I never said that my SGS2 has better graphics than a PS3 or something, I said that it looks impressive. You cannot say that something that thin being able to produce graphics that reasonable at framerates that smooth isn't impressive. That is what I am getting at: the fact...
  10. HillBeast

    Trinity Provides Up To 29% Faster Productivity, 56% Faster Visuals Than Llano: AMD

    I'm not actually that impressed by these figures. The chip will be 28/22nm, so of course it's going to be faster. Where is the impressive part? In fact I'm actually ashamed of these numbers. With 28nm, these numbers should be more like '100% faster'. Fail.
  11. HillBeast

    A-Tech Fabrication Intros HeatSync 1200 Fanless Ultra-Slim HTPC

    Get rid of the pointless iPod dock and it would be a better product. I don't want/need any Apple product. My SGS2 can do everything an iPhone can do, and all without me selling my soul.
  12. HillBeast

    Nintendo WiiU Hardware Less Powerful Than Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3: Developers

    Why does it seem like only cellphone manufacturers are the only people actually pushing the boundaries of what's capable? Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony are all using mediocre or crap hardware (except the PS Vita), meanwhile cellphones are so powerful now, they can emulate an x86 computer and run...
  13. HillBeast

    Zionote Unveils WireDream High Grade SATA Cables for Content Production Houses

    I just get insulted when I see trash like this. Digital is digital. You can't have a 0.75 or a 0.25. It's either 0 or 1. I had the same thing when I bought my TV, the guy tried to sell me these 'high quality' 'low loss' HDMI cables. Said to his face it makes no difference seeing the signal is...
  14. HillBeast

    Windows 8 Launches in October, x86 and ARM Simultaneously

    So in October, Windows will die... Poor Windows 7. What did you do to deserve such a terrible successor?
  15. HillBeast

    Chrome is World's Number One Browser for a Day - StatCounter

    Now using Waterfox. No more crashing or lags I got on Firefox. Now there is nothing Chrome can do better. Never have liked Chrome, and never will.
  16. HillBeast

    Intel, Microsoft Among World's Most Ethical Companies: Ethisphere

    Good to see Apple on that list with all their talking about 'non-arsenic' LCD screens and 'recycled aluminium'. Good to see that has secured them a spot in the list. Well done Apple. Well done.
  17. HillBeast

    OS X "Mountain Lion" Drops Support for Several Older Mac Models

    This is exactly what I hate about Apple: constant telling people to upgrade. This is ridiculous considering you can run Windows 7 on a Pentium 2 (why you'd want to is anyones guess but the option is there). I ran Windows Server 2008 on a P2 @ 333MHz a few years ago and there is NO WAY I would...
  18. HillBeast

    Rambus Barth Patents Claim Completely Invalidated by US Government

    Take that Rambus: the biggest patent trolls of them all. Honestly, what do Rambus do other than make RAM for PS3s? Sit there making patents to screw the competition. That's all.
  19. HillBeast

    Microsoft Reports Record Revenue of $20.9 Billion in Second Quarter

    Apple really are taking over the market aren't they... /sarcasm
  20. HillBeast

    Intel Introduces CPU Replacement Plan Targeting Overclockers

    After all my years of overclocking, I have killed only one chip, and that was pretty much me trying to kill that chip. It was a Celeron D I was overclocking and overvolting to 4.2GHz with 1.7V pumping into it... on air. I got them in bulk so I didn't care that I killed just one.
  21. HillBeast

    NVIDIA Rushing in Stopgap HD 7970 Competitor This February?

    I really do want NVIDIA to do well this time around, but from the specs they have leaked so far, it's look like a pile of crap again. I hope to be proven wrong.
  22. HillBeast

    AMD FX-8150 Tested with Latest Windows Hotfixes, Still No Improvement

    I've said it before, I'll say it again: Bulldozer is bull****. There is nothing that can be done to save it. The fact a hotfix is needed in the first place to give it on average a 2% increase in performance to make it match a CPU that is 4 years old from Intel is just a total failure. Go back...
  23. HillBeast

    New Windows 7 Bulldozer Patches Available.

    I get 7.6 on my 930 @ 3.66GHz. And it's not 2 years old, we should consider when Nehalem came out (2008), so a 4 year old CPU is still trading blows with a '8-core' CPU. Bulldozer is still a massive fail. It's worse than Netburst.
  24. HillBeast

    ViewSonic ViewPad 10pi Dual-Boot Tablet Shipping this Month

    Seriously, why are they wasting their time on Gingerbread when the ICS source code has been out for about two months now, and CM9 is coming soon?
  25. HillBeast

    Nintendo, Sony, EA Withdraw Support for SOPA: Too Little Too Late?

    Sony Music is still in there. They haven't pulled out.