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    Sapphire 7790 Dual-X exceed limit GPU/RAM

    i had the same issue with my HD 7790 2GB OC Edition. use msiafterburner....hears what i did. in afterburner i checked the box "extend official overclocking limits in the general settings".....which dos unlock the core and memory sliders but makes no effect on the clock.. to make the...
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    SAPPHIRE HD 7790 2GB OC edition

    sorry about that yes thats right core at 1050. then at 1260....exactly the same scores
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    SAPPHIRE HD 7790 2GB OC edition

    hi guys iv just bought a new card and would like some help:) default core 105 mhz menory 1600 mhz in catalyst control center the sliders for core and memory were maxed out apart from the core which i put up to the max of 1200mhz. tested it with MSI Kombustor as i was raising the...