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    AMD Reveals Ryzen 7 Family, Pricing, and Radeon Vega Logo

    A bit worrying... for Intel, you mean! :rockout:
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    Intel Adds Hyper-Threading to Its Kaby Lake-based Pentium CPUs

    :twitch: There is... something wrong with your computer(s). If they're on the same network, you might want to do a good virus/spyware scan ASAP.
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    AMD Confirms "Full Spectrum" of Unlocked, Overclockable Ryzen CPUs

    Steam probably doesn't know the core count -- it's probably reporting thread count, which would make most of these either 2C/4T i3's, or 2C/2T Pentiums, which, considering what most "normals" run, makes sense.
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    R9 380, 1050 Ti, Future releases

    What'd you decide on? :p I made this exact switch just a week ago, and I'm very happy. About the same performance for about a quarter of the power draw. :shadedshu: My games just seem smoother, too.
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    Two Interesting AMD Prototypes Logged at Hyderabad Air Cargo

    It's amazing how many people don't remember that AMD once charged ~$1000 for a chip, back when they were on top. :p These companies are out to make money, not perform charitable acts -- they charge high prices because it maximizes profit, that's all. It's not a question of "if" they will, it's...
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    Samsung Intros the ArtPC Pulse Premium Desktop

    Well, at least somebody made a new Mac Pro, because it doesn't look like Apple's ever going to...
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    FRAPS to Make a Comeback with Windows 10 Support

    I bought it years ago, you won't regret it! (I wanted to remove the watermark, I think). I hope they still honor previous purchasers.
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    My pc is electrocuting me/giving asus anti-surge alert randomly

    Wait, Lebanon, like Middle East? Or Lebanon, Virginia, US? :P If it's Lebanon, Middle East, you have my respect
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    My pc is electrocuting me/giving asus anti-surge alert randomly

    Like others have said, your "electrocution" problem is from the two-prong outlets in your house. The metal exterior of a device being energized was the problem that three-prong outlets were created to solve. If your house is very old, is likely there's no "easy" way to retrofit your outlets...
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    DirectX11 vs DirectX12 Ashes of Singularity Benchmark (R9 280X)

    Man, all the useless fanboyism is so tiring. :banghead: What I'm more interested in is why suddenly a type of architecture introduced years ago by AMD is suddenly being utilized so effectively in the latest version of Windows. I can understand optimizations being made by Microsoft to support...
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    Unigine Heaven 4.0 Benchmark Scores

    AMD FX-6300 @ 4013MHz Sapphire R9 380 ITX Compact - 1068/1505 I mean, the video card temp reads about as high as the inside of a star, but still seems to work.
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    Trivia! Let's play guess that video card!

    krusha03/R-T-B: Hey, no prob -- we gotta have some sort of prize on Trivia night -- money sent R-T-B's way!
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    Trivia! Let's play guess that video card!

    Thanks for all the answers! Turns out the answer was... Congrats to krusha03 for getting the chipset right first, and R-T-B for figuring out that it was a Netlist card -- PM me your email addresses where you'd like me to send you the $5 through PayPal!
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    Trivia! Let's play guess that video card!

    This one's a tough one -- who can tell what type of video card this is? Difficulty: there are almost no distinguishing marks on it at all. It's AGP, and from the model number (which google has never seen before), there might be 128MB of RAM (though that might be wrong!). First one to tell me...
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    Gigabyte Preps a New 1 GB Radeon HD 7850 Card

    They're already below $200, dude: Computer Hardware, Video Cards & Video Devices, D...
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    TechPowerUp Application Now on Android Market

    What phone are you using that's stuck on 1.5? Even the original G1 got an upgrade to 1.6, and mods allowed it use up to 2.2, I think.
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    Apple Announces Independent Factory Inspections

    You say it was was unions, I say it was the availability of labor at near slave-wages in fascist countries around the globe. Potato, potato.
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    NVIDIA GeForce GF100 Architecture

    how much did they pay you guys to make this fluff piece article?
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    Ram Timings

    funny problem, it is. I got the same kind of problem -- got some Mushkin DDR21066, can't get them to run at 1066 (5-5-5-15) no matter what, but I can get them to run a 4-4-4-12 at DDR2900, and you get almost the same amount of bandwith out of them.
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    Zotac GeForce GT 220 1 GB

    Holy crap you can put these in a netbook
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    Radeon HD 5870 Eyefinity Edition Spotted

    really cool people say War Craft I guess.
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    ASUS GTX 285 Matrix Registers 1100/2452/2800 MHz, Tests Stable

    i have a feeling they hid the 3dmark06 score because it wasn't as impressive as they thought it would be...
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    Celebrate Windows 7 Launch at Home, Get Rewarded

    I'm just going to get windows 7 the same way I got vista and XP
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    Dell Churns Out AMD-based Inspiron 546

    The XPS 625 line has support for the 45nm chips