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  1. TRWOV

    [solved(??)] 2.4Ghz ping spikes/packet loss on TP-LINK Archer C5 v2 AC1200 router

    EDIT: SOLUTION: For my case, disabling IPv6 and setting the wireless to B/G only was the fix. - Lag seemed to be fixed by disabling IPv6. - The packet drop issue was fixed by disabling Wireless N. Only my Roku Express is affected by this but Wireless G is enough for streaming to the Express...
  2. TRWOV

    Question about 120Hz TVs: 60Hz mode?

    As per the title, is it possible to set a 120Hz TV to 60Hz? I've only seen a Samsung 120Hz at a relative's house and I couln't find any way to disable do this. Is that the same for every other brand? I don't really like the effect it gives to movies and TV but would like to have the 120Hz...
  3. TRWOV

    Get a Windows 10 licence for free if you register on Windows Insider

    :banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead: ORIGINAL POST: http://blogs.windows.com/bloggingwindows/2015/06/19/upcoming-changes-to-windows-10-insider-preview-builds/ Basically: 1...
  4. TRWOV

    So your new MS keyboard turns off by itself...

    Two weeks ago I got a MS Wired 200 Keyboard for work but for some reason MS decided to "update" the firmware with a sleep feature. It wouldn't be so aggravating if: 1) there was mention of it somewhere 2) it didn't engage after just 5 seconds To be fair, the keyboard itself isn't the one...
  5. TRWOV

    Game giveaway: take these indies from my hands

    Giving away these games: Awesomenauts Bit Trip Runner Bit Trip Runner 2 AAAAAAAAAA! For the awesome Super Hexagon Zenbound 2 Jack lumber And yet it moves Capzised Thomas was alone Little inferno Hotline Miami Proteus Tiny and big in Granpa's Leftovers English Country Tune Intrusion 2 Oil Rush...
  6. TRWOV

    VROOM! VROOOM! ASUS HD7850 DCU fluctuating fan

    A video about an issue with my ASUS HD7850 DirectCU: when 2d clocks are active the fan control works as intended but as soon as the card gets a 3d load the fan speed begins to fluctuate a lot, making this annoying vroom! vrooom! sound. Setting a fixed fan speed on Afterburner or Overdrive...
  7. TRWOV

    Street Fighter V to be PC and PS4 exclusive according to leaked teaser

    The leaked teaser has been marked as private by now but there are some re-uploads from YouTube users: Looks like a badly rendered SFIV to me. Why everything needs to be dark/gritty? :banghead: The teaser seems to be real since some of the uploads have been hit with claims from Capcom...
  8. TRWOV

    Giveaway: 2 Insurgency keys {ENDED}

    PM me for a key. First come, first served basis. Review by Rcoon: http://www.techpowerup.com/forums/threads/insurgency-review.207523/
  9. TRWOV

    Giveaway: 4 "Risk of Rain" codes (Steam) [ENDED]

    ALL GONE. Sorry. Just PM me if you want one. First come, first served. http://riskofraingame.com/about/
  10. TRWOV

    AMD's FX Piledriver performance in W7 vs W8.1 / W10

    We've know for quite some time that the Bulldozer architecture that AMD introduced on their FX processors hasn't attained the performance that people hoped for, but what if our OS choice hurts the platform? could a simple OS switch make these CPUs shine? These test were realized with this...
  11. TRWOV

    Powercolor doesn't have warranty outside the USA & Canada, also card doesn't work in x16 slots.

    EDIT: "Fixed" by putting tape over the PCIe connector contacts to force the card to work at 8x. To be fair, they do state that the warranty is only valid in the USA & Canada on their web page, it just sucks to think that they'd leave the rest of their customers out in the cold...
  12. TRWOV

    A case of mistaken identity... Mushkin Blackline 992072, or so I thought.

    About a month and a half ago I bought this for a project: Today I finally got to install it but... Ok, don't panic maybe it's some sort of bios issue... let's go to the Asus website. At this point you might want to :slap: me because the Asus spec list say 2 DIMM, 8GB MAX in the RAM...
  13. TRWOV

    Weird problem with GPU, no display but Windows loads fine, doesn't show on device manager

    Hi there, I got a 7970 that's giving me a hard time troubleshooting it: 1- the card gives no video on the DVI and HDMI connectors. I don't have a DP monitor so I can't test that. 2- Windows loads fine with the card, I can hear the Windows Start sound and if I plug an USB stick I can hear the...
  14. TRWOV

    AM1 Athlon 5350 FreeNAS file server

    So I've got the task to haul the office "server" (an IOMEGA Home Media case) after the HDD failed. :banghead: Thankfully I had an "unofficial" backup ;) and managed to avert disaster. So they said, "here are 10,000 pesos, get me a server" and I thought, OK, FreeNAS it is... Target size is 2TB...
  15. TRWOV

    [WTB] ITX board with DDR3 ECC , quad core CPU support

    as per title. I don't mind if it uses an older socket (771, 1156, etc) but must support quad cores at least. Or if anyone knows about such board I'd be happy to know. :toast:
  16. TRWOV

    Good and cheap japanese OCR software?

    As per the thread title, could anyone recommend a good software product to OCR a bunch of PDFs in Japanese? I'm willing to spend some cash, thinking about $50 or so.
  17. TRWOV

    How do you clean WC parts?

    Got an used s478 WC kit for a retro project but there seems to be some residues in the pump and reservoir plus I suppose there should be some in the radiator too. What's the best way to clean them? Also, it came with tubing but of course it's all used. Do WC parts use special tubing or any kind...
  18. TRWOV

    Question for undervolting gurus: 8350 or 8320 for 95w board?

    Long story short: 1. The FX8300 isn't comerciallized over here. 2. The FX8300 costs the same as the 8350, considering the extra shipping (8320/8350 can be picked up locally) 3. The build requires a floppy 4. The machine is going to double as a WCG cruncher, hence the choice to go with the...
  19. TRWOV

    My RT2620 died. Help me select a new receiver.

    Well, after 10 years my receiver finally bit the dust so I'm in the market for a new ~$200 receiver. There's a few requirements: - LPCM 5.1 support (through HDMI) - Dolby Prologic II support - Optical and Coaxial digital audio inputs Looking at newegg, it seems that the Pioneer VSX-522-K fits...
  20. TRWOV

    Should (Could) I RMA my Kuhler 620?

    My Antec Kulher 620 started to make some grinding noises but sadly it doesn't seem to be because of air bubbles as the RPMs have fallen to 500-600 RPM (CPU is doing 60C at idle) so I think is a bearing or something. Sounds like a fan giving in. Putting the pump/block in an horizontal position...
  21. TRWOV

    [WTB] Red Wii Console Silicone Skin

    Got a spare Red Wii for softmodding and want a silicone skin for it. Amazon and Deal Extreme are sold out and ebay isn't helping so I thought I'd hit you up guys. If you happen to have one and want to sell, fire me a PM. Payment: Paypal CC Shipping would be to Mexico by Priority Flat...
  22. TRWOV

    [WTB] HIS HD4350 AGP w/low profile bracket

    HIS HD4350 AGP low profile As title says. Payment: Paypal CC Shipment would be to Mexico. If you're in the USA, an International Priority Mail Flat Rate Small Box would be the preferred method. Heat: http://www.heatware.com/eval.php?id=77926
  23. TRWOV

    floppy interface PCI(e) card? [SOLVED]

    Does this exists? China is failing me ATM (nothing shows up on ebay). :shadedshu
  24. TRWOV

    AX7770 1GBD5-DH works only in PCIe lanes from ICH. Bad bios???

    I got a Powercolor AX7770 1GBD5-DH. To make a long story short, it only seems to work on the PCIe x4 slot that comes from the Intel ICH on a GA-B75-D3V. It shows this same behavior on a GA-H61M-D2P, GA-Z77X-D3H and Asrock H61M-GE. It Works fine on my AMD based boards (880GM-USB3, 78LMT-USB3)...
  25. TRWOV

    Can't disable thermal throttling in BIOS. Options?

    Trying to get the most of a 1090T on an Asus M5A78L-M LX PLUS. Not exactly a board made for OCing but I've managed to get 3.84Ghz (240x16). The deal breaker is that once the chip hits 45C it downclocks to x4 for 5 seconds then goes back to x16 so about 1/3 of the time the PC is crunching it...