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    Help with mCubed T-Balancer / ATITool SysTool

    Api... - Short Definition API is released by a coder/company/etc. The actual files released are usually DLL's or OCX's that *other* coders can use, to 'call' the functionality of the original program, without having to load the original program. I.E. If they were to release API that...
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    Help with mCubed T-Balancer / ATITool SysTool

    And if mCubed is smart... And if mCubed is smart, they will eventually release API that could be called by any program, without having to load mCubed software. Once a company creates a way for it's patrons to customise their product experience, their community will not only grow to large...
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    Help with mCubed T-Balancer / ATITool SysTool

    Life, made easy.. The answer is simple (and luckally, would be free).... (Speed Fan + SysTool) + ATITool + MCubed_Hardware Possibly sponsored/funded by the only player in the equation that appears to be making money to begin with =) http://forums.techpowerup.com/showthread.php?t=3455...
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    Need monitoring support for a certain motherboard?

    I have an idea, lets *not* re-invent the wheel =) After reading a lot of posts on both ATITool and now Systool, I'd like to suggest something that will seem strikingly illogical. Lets *not* re-invent the wheel! :eek: I've recently been supporting the SpeedFan community and I would...
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    Input Needed: (...continued)

    I know, I'm a bastard for continuing an already closed post, which appears in a completely different forum then this... but.... This is somewhat of a compilation/expansion of all the things others have said that I agree with. I must say I'd have to agree with many of the others, in that...