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    Connection problem with video card and motherboard.

    I have a problem with my new motherboard ( ASUS SABERTOOTH 990FX R2.0 ) and my video card ( GIGABYTE GV-R927XOC-2GD Radeon R9 270X 2GB ). If i bump my computer even the slightest or if my son goes bouncing by my monitor will go black. I will ether need to restart my computer or sometimes open...
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    Wondering if my new CPU heatsink will be enough to cool my soon to arrive CPU?

    Hello all I going through a little computer upgrade. I have already upgraded my Motherboard, SSD & Hybrid HDD, CPU Heatsink, and Video Card all currently in my System Specs if you would like to check them out. What i'm wondering is I plan on getting the AMD FX-9370 CPU and wondering if my new...
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    Windows Store games system requirements bypass?

    Hello all i have a quick question about the Windows Store system requirements. there are a few games in the Store i know my comp can play but i can't install cuz its saying my system doesn't meet the system requirements. I was wondering if anybody knows of a way to bypass the requirements part...
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    Free Steam Wallet Codes Anybody try this?

    I just ran across this site on Facebook from my sister. She says it actually works just takes a bit. I'm going to give it a try and see if you want to try heres a link EDIT: Its fake please can MODS delete this thread
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    Anybody have any experience with Silverstone customer service?

    Hello all as the title says i was wondering if any body here has had any Experience with Silverstone's Customer Service? I have been trying to e-mail Silverstone Customer service about how to replace my cables for my Strider Plus 750 watt PSU. its been close to two weeks sinces i first sent a...
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    Giveaway: EiSFX's First Grand Giveaway

    Congrats to all the winners and thanks for entering. And the winners are! NdMk2o1o - BioShock 1 newconroer - World of Warplanes zithe - Metro 2033 ZakkWylde - The Darkness 2 Mussels - Duke Nukem Forever And thxs everybody for entering. Untill next time Good luck Hello all in the...
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    Looking for a good key remapper

    Hello all i'm going to be playing some retro games like Tomb raider 1 for PC of course and i was looking for a good key mapper that will work for my wired 360 controller that will work also for tomb raider 1 i have seen joy to key but i thought there was some free ones out there but i can't...
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    Mionix Glidez Black PTFE Friction Reduction Gaming Mouse Feet info needed?

    Hello all i just got Mionix Glidez Mouse Feet and a new steelseries mousepad and i was wondering something since i can't find the info for it at all. these are what i'm talking about http://mionix.net/products/mouse-glidez-naos-series/ there not pre cut they are just two strips of black...
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    Gigabyte HD7870 OC Ed Flickering?

    NVM found the problem is a driver issue went away once i downgraded to 12.8 drivers
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    Quick monitor refresh rate question ?

    Hello all i have a Asus VE228 22 inch LED monitor and it supports up to 75Hz according to the ASUS site and 70hz according to AIDA64 and was wondering if there was any program or something i could use to force that refresh rate ensted of the 60Hz windows forces it to? I'm useing the DVI plug...
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    Quick question about Single platter Hard Drives?

    Hello All A friend of mine just gave me a Brand new Never used 250 GB Single platter Seagate HDD (I know its not much). Now from reading around and doing some searching I have read that supposedly with a single platter HDD they have slightly faster read/write and seeks times. But from some...
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    Weird mechanical keyboard Issue any anybody know what I should do?

    Hello all I have a weird issue with my CMStorm QuickFire Rapid. Today I desided to do a minor cleaning of my keyboard. Now heres the weird part all I did was take all the kays off and blow out the undertray (area under the keys) no actual washing or anything just blew it out. But I did wash the...
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    Need help picking a Case and Video card any suggestions?

    Hello all i plan on upgrading my Case and video card here in about a month. Was wondering what you all would suggest with a budget of $175 for the case and $200 for the video card Keep in mind I'm in canada. These are the two I have liked so far. Case NZXT Phantom Full Tower, Black...
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    Looking for any advice of suggestions on my new Build

    Hello all i will be building a new computer soon really soon and was looking at any suggestions or advice on the parts i have selected budget will be about 1000 bucks PSU- Corsair HX 650W Modular Power Supply http://www.memoryexpress.com/Products/PID-MX26068%28ME%29.aspx Motherboard- Asus...
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    Need PSU recommendations for my Rig

    Hello everybody well my crappy raidmax PSU has kinda died on me it still works but right now i'm useing 2 PSU's to power my rig one powering just the motherboard and video card and the other powering everything else what i need is a good stable PSU to power my Rig Specs are on the left anybody...
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    Need Help with measurement's and/or Tips for my antec 900 mod

    Hello everybody! Since I just got a new Dremel and accessories kit for x-mas. I was wanting to do a little modding to my antec 900 case. But I need some help in one area. I am wanting to flip my power supply around the other way so the fan is facing the bottom of the case sucking cool air in...
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    Need help Building my sister a graphic design PC

    Hello techy's my Sister just finished her graphic design course in school and she wants me to build her a comp and i don't really know anything about building that kind of PC i'm wondering if you guys can help me out i live in canada i need advice on what kind of parts i need for a graphic...
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    Question about ASUS AM3 Ready Motherboards

    I was looking around the ASUS site ther other day i just noticed this page http://event.asus.com/mb/am3_cpu_support/ Now i do have a M3A78-CM Mobo which is rev 1.01g now by reading that i can just slap a AM3 CPU in to my motherboard and it should work i thought that the AM3 CPUs had a...
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    [WTB] [CAN] Any AM2 CPU

    Hello everybody i'm looking for any AM2 CPU any speed in the middle of build a general use comp for my girlfriend I have everything i need just looking for the CPU PM me with what you have and we can make a deal
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    Any Logitech PlayStation 2 Cordless Action Controller users here i need help with a?

    Hello peeps is there any logitech cordless action controller users here. Cuz i have a question. Anybody know if that controller is fully function able on the PS1 anybody have any experience trying this i have searched and coulden't find anything
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    Weird GFX Problem textures go bye bye plz help

    Hello everybody I have a weird problem with eather my GFX card or Drivers. Some games I play sometimes textures would dissapear until i turn a little or get a little closer or farther away from the object or wall. So far the games i noticed this problem in is Half life 2 and Second life. There...
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    Photo Editing Question

    Hello everybody i was wondering if anybody knows if there is a program or a feature in photo shop or something that can help clear up a blury pic and no i can't retake the pic and i don't mean completely clear it up but just a little and little bit will count i have included the pic in the post...
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    Weird Problem with Western Digital HDD

    Hello all i have a WD 250 GB IDE HDD it actully works just fine but every one and a while it will change its model name to something really weird and it shows like that in the BIOS and Windows i uploaded a pic to show you what it changes too anybody know why the disk would do this and as you see...
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    Driver stops responding in one game

    My game Second Life keeps crashing at random intervals cuz it says my graphics driver has stoped responding but this problem only started about 2 weeks ago or so and i have tried 6 different driver versions i have reinstalled windows like 3 times now and i have tried like every setting i could...
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    Running Win & and not letting me register a OCX file

    Hello everybody i have tried everything to register this damn comdlg32.ocx file for the life of me i have run the command prompt normal and in Admin mode i have tried installing all the Visual basic fils i could find and i keep getting the same error when i try to register the file does anybody...