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  1. Athlonite

    Any one know how to permanently dissable auto update in windows 10?

    you can do it via gpedit.msc
  2. Athlonite

    XFX 580 Problem

    What PSU are you using as to little current on the 2x8 pin power connectors will cause a no boot remember the R9-280X draws a lot less power than the RX580
  3. Athlonite

    [Guide] Disabling Windows 10 Automatic updates and "spyware"

    I like to leave updates on but for everything else that can be turned off O&O shut up 10 is great only problem is you'll need to rerun it after most updates as shit gets turned on again
  4. Athlonite

    Mystery AMD APU with 1,792 SP Shows Up on SANDRA Database

    It's an R9-285 with HBM2 memory LOL
  5. Athlonite

    What are some of your PC building pet peeves?

    Ah NO not exactly a good idea to use plastic coated wire ties to hold power cables in place I've seen PC's catch on fire using those they start acting like a mini transformer better to use something like this A releasable zip tie
  6. Athlonite

    What are some of your PC building pet peeves?

    Having to buy a more expensive mobo just to get enough sata connectors sucks balls just put as many as the chipset supports on the mobo and be done with it please also manufacturers who make large cases and psu's but the psu cables aren't quite long enough to reach forcing you to buy their...
  7. Athlonite

    AMD Officially but Silently Downgrades Radeon RX 560 with an 896 SP Variant

    Technically yes it is but both cards have the same shader count and ram amount but they upgraded the power to 2x8pin and increased the core/mem clocks
  8. Athlonite

    Arozzi Verona V2 Gaming Chair

    That seat is just a complete rip off of the AKRacing K7 chair https://www.bestbuy.com/site/akracing-k7-gaming-fabric-and-cold-foam-chair-black/6107004.p?skuId=6107004
  9. Athlonite

    Web Cryptocurrency Mining Evolves: Now Keeps Running After Closing Browser

    But it isn't a choice if the mining continues well after the closing of that websites tab ie: If you close the tab that site was in then the mining should also be stopped But it isn't therefor it is acting like malware which is something you did not agree to
  10. Athlonite

    Web Cryptocurrency Mining Evolves: Now Keeps Running After Closing Browser

    That's all well and good if the website in question notifies you and asks for permission to use your CPU to mine in order to cover costs, but that's not what this article is about or did you fail reading comprehension... a: Some websites are launching a minimized browser window with a mining...
  11. Athlonite

    Creative X-Fi Soundcards and Windows 10 Fall Creators Update 1709 = Complete Disaster / Not Working

    You know instead bitching and moaning about how bad Windows 10 is for user privacy why not do something about it.... There's a little program put out by O&O software called O&O Shut up 10 that'll allow you to turn all the stuff you don't like about 10 off whilst still allowing you to use the...
  12. Athlonite

    Sexy Hardware Close-Up Pic Clubhouse.

    nice stuff but when referring to the external cache just call it a C.O.A.S.T which stands for cache on a stick and it looks like your one maybe 64KB not sure as I can't quite make out the sticker on it I have a 256KB one laying round here somewhere gathering dust
  13. Athlonite

    XFX Launches Custom RX Vega 56 and Vega 64 Double Edition Graphics Cards

    You know what you never see any manufacturer produce GPU HSF's taller they make then longer (requiring 3 fans) or fatter (requiring 2.5~3 slots) but never taller or never tall enough to use 120mm fans take this thing for example they could have used 2x120mm fans on it just by extending the top...
  14. Athlonite

    Creative X-Fi Soundcards and Windows 10 Fall Creators Update 1709 = Complete Disaster / Not Working

    I can swear by DanielK's drivers for the X-FI way better on the Fatality than the standard Creative crap which gave me no end of of problems now though not a single problem with DK's drivers
  15. Athlonite

    Share your Case airflow / Fan setup!

    pleas excuse the dust :slap: I've been a wee bit lax in keeping it clean
  16. Athlonite

    Bad Audio Issues

    Goto Control Panel... select Sound ..... select the default sound device.... Click Configure...... Change the Speaker setup to 2.1 if not already if you have the Realtek audio drivers installed they should have come with an control panel aswell make sure the setting are the same there too
  17. Athlonite

    DarkSide Gentle Typhoon 1450 RPM Black Edition Fan

    I've got four Original Gentle Typhoons 1850rpm fans running in my machine for well over 4 years now all sound as quiet as the day I put them in
  18. Athlonite

    Share your Case airflow / Fan setup!

    I have a Silverstone RaVeN RV02BW which has the mobo turned 90 degree's so everything hot exhausts out the top with the help of 3x180mm 900/1000rpm fans pushing 90/100cfm each upwards and out I also replaced the top exhaust fan and the two on my HSF and the one on the front for the drive bay...
  19. Athlonite

    Secretlab Titan Chair

    AKRacing make a non PU covered chair and at $265NZD was probably the best buy I've made in while super comfy and not sticky like PU is when it's hot.... I'd also wish these companie would stop using the term "Leather" when they describe PU IT'S NOT LEATHER
  20. Athlonite

    Crucial MX300 2 TB

    I already know that as do 99.9% of users visiting these forums (or atleast they should) but Drive manufactures still seem to persist with the lie and reviewers shouldn't still be falling for their BS and state the real formated capacity instead of the fairy tale that HDD/SSD manufacturers say...
  21. Athlonite

    Crucial MX300 2 TB

    The Crucial MX300 2 TB is the biggest SSD in the company's lineup. It provides a staggering 2050 GB of capacity Um no it doesn't it only gives you 1905 GB of usable capacity, seeing as you can't use an unformatted drive for storing anything on the staggering capacity is 1905GB I'd have been...
  22. Athlonite

    EA Makes it Tougher to Cancel Battlefront 2 Pre-orders

    This is exactly what you should do
  23. Athlonite

    Sexy Hardware Close-Up Pic Clubhouse.

    Strange looking rad is the pump a part of it or is the rad just leaning against it
  24. Athlonite

    RX 480/470/460 Owners Club

    I think it may have just been being misread by reporting programs as the likes of Windows 10's new task manager and GPUz now show proper readings it ofcourse didn't stop it from running perfectly fine so I just chose to ignore it
  25. Athlonite

    Post your gpu's ASIC quality

    @nucleardoom what voltages are you running to get 1400/2125 stable on your RX480