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  1. Solaris17

    Rackmount UPS

    I agree, I set my power configuration manually in windows, I tried the tripplight software on a few occasions and chose to leave it.
  2. Solaris17

    Rackmount UPS

    Eaton is my jam, but I also couldnt burn the money for my rack at home. I settled for this which I also use in the lab rack at work. Its 1500va though and like everyone else your going to have to weigh your own power usage vs run time...
  3. Solaris17

    1GB Internet Very Inconsistent

    off topic, but thats considered normal for US infra. The only people that generally have lower are FTTP. Mine currently at about 100miles (via FTTP)
  4. Solaris17

    1GB Internet Very Inconsistent

    I explained the limitations of wifi.
  5. Solaris17

    1GB Internet Very Inconsistent

    hm yes and no. So depending on how the ISP is distributing the bandwidth you might be on a shared node. If that is the case you can get "up to" the speed you are paying for but it is not "guaranteed". Another issue is wifi itself. Wifi by nature isn't as fast or as consistent as wired internet...
  6. Solaris17

    Sound Card Not Fully Working After Upgrading PC?

    Have you tried re-seating the card or power if it requires it?
  7. Solaris17

    NAS Backups

    No thats cool as long as you have more than one. I also couldnt have made that sound anymore like I was a dick. So sorry, I just didn't know if you actually thought it was a backup. I understand the allure of RAID 1 for people not in the know, but I get nervous when people say things like that...
  8. Solaris17

    NAS Backups

    I hope you do look into something else because RAID1 is not a backup.
  9. Solaris17

    Technical Issues - TPU Main Site & Forum (2019)

    Also fun fact, didnt get this one. But it does show up if I click show all.
  10. Solaris17

    Technical Issues - TPU Main Site & Forum (2019)

    Fun fact, saw this at the top of recent threads. Didn’t get an alert
  11. Solaris17

    Technical Issues - TPU Main Site & Forum (2019)

    This when a thread is new I get them no problem. As it gets longer or ages or both? I get them infrequently, and by infrequently, I could be "behind" a few posts, or it simply wont alert me at all and then like a week later i'll randomly get one.
  12. Solaris17

    Which game recording software do you use?

    I use OBS exclusively for all recording or streaming.
  13. Solaris17

    BIOS ROM Size Limitations Almost Derail AMD's Zen2 Backwards Compatibility Promise

    I wonder if they could at all be bros and also include a non stripped down version for tweakers. Id happily dump the bios and swap to a bigger chip. I've done it several times anyway.
  14. Solaris17

    Proposal for adding new rule to Marketplace FS/FT/WTB ONLY 1 post of each type allowed per user

    Their is a limit on all posts. But its as simple as reporting it and asking for the limit to be removed. This already happens for the users that maintain a FS thread and for users that make guides.
  15. Solaris17

    AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT

    Honestly, I am excited, like really happy for them. Both Zen2 as well. Though TBH I am looking at the numbers in a diff light. AMD may be behind yet still. but IMO the gap closure since ZEN is significant. Mind you they have been more than 10% behind since like what 2007? earlier? This is a win...
  16. Solaris17

    der8auer delids Ryzen 3000

    because I dont think it matters unless you are doing AVX. PI is single thread floating point x86 instruction. It represents IPC performance. Atleast as w1zz explains it. So when using it to guage IPC performance, it might be questionable if you have the vesion with AVX support. Did you leave it...
  17. Solaris17

    AMD Radeon RX 5700

    I am absolutely blown away by AMD with Navi and Zen2. I am so happy for them. @W1zzard the reviews specifically for Zen2 and Navi, wow what can I say? If I thought they were comprehensive before, this is on a whole other level. Thank you very much for spending the hundreds of hours this must...
  18. Solaris17

    Sponsored News Content on TechPowerUp

    I deleted it. I got an alert that he was posting the thread multiple times.
  19. Solaris17

    Strange internet speed any solution ?

    Well first. Bandwidth is split among all devices. 30meg max is what you get to the house. So dont confuse that as per device. Second, have you another router you could replace the ISP one with? Or maybe its a modem and you can replace that? If the unit is older or simply defective they could get...
  20. Solaris17

    Browser Bechmark scores

    I only run 8
  21. Solaris17

    Browser Bechmark scores

    wait is this geared towards phones?
  22. Solaris17

    Browser Bechmark scores

    was watching some video on youtube.
  23. Solaris17

    Forum E-Mail Server Changed

    That one came through, default filters provided marked it as spam. I reported it good on my end.
  24. Solaris17

    Forum E-Mail Server Changed

    I have not received it. Message trace doesn't show any transport from TPU.