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    TPU all time classic pc games

    Aw c'mon, no Wing Commander in the sim list. I know X-wing was great, but I also consider the original 1st and second WC to be classic, if not at least honorable mention. :rolleyes:
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    What CPU do you have? Vote!

    Is this thread still around?! Time for a new survey I think :rolleyes:
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    Asus Commando

    Well, I'm still using a Commando, but unfortunately I am still on my dual e6600, so cant help you with a Quad. I'm running at 450 FSB and have taken it to 475 but don't know/think my settings would pertain to you with the Quad. Also, I believe your 4x1gb RAM will also cause limitations for you...
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    What resolution do you game at?

    1920x1200 here. Havent played any of the latest games on it though. When I do get a new demanding game, will call for either a new Gfx card or reduced resolution.
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    Conroe Only OC club

    Are these to be stable clocks? Heres my max overclock (non-24/7 stable) with a pi run. Everyday clocks (24hrs Orthos blend stable): E6600 (Conroe) 3.60Ghz (8x450) 1.41vcore
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    Does anyone own an E6600 anymore?

    E6600 still here at 3.6Ghz and loving it. I dont do anything currently to warrant getting a Quad CPU, and depending on future games/apps demands, I may even skip Nehalem also. It comes down to what your needs are. If your encoding or running multiple apps or multi threaded apps/games, a Quad...
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    Crucial Ballistix Tracer pc2-8500 DDR2 1066

    That's why I stocked a second set of 16FD3 tracers.;) If my current set dies I'll have a backup good set. Definitely not ready to move to DDR3 any time soon.
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    putting a motherboard into case, on brass spacers ?

    No, they won't cause a short. The brass spacers dont touch anything on the MB that would cause a short. Their purpose is so the critical electrical parts on the MB dont touch the Case/MB tray, which WOULD cause a short. It'll be fine.
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    New mobo

    It's possible on certain MB, but not this one. It is DDR2 only(description is a mistake). The P5E3 is the one that uses DDR3. The RAM is slotted differently, so you cant insert DDR2 into DDR3 MB.
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    New mobo

    Budget? CF/SLI Support required? Overclocking going to be consideration? Are you in the US? Edit: Maximus Formula looks like a really good deal right now (if you are in the US). Saw you next post -sorry NVM.
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    [FS][US] Computer Parts

    I bought my Commando MB off him back in January. While it wasn't the swiftest shipping, I paid on Jan 3 and was in my hands on Jan 17, and he kept me informed - PM'd me saying "its packed" and then same/next day with the tracking number. Arrived without any issues. Although I admit, I did...
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    Diamond HD 3650 1024 MB DDR2

    Looks decent. Will be building a system for my Bro-in-law soon and he just needs basic video, but I may just go with a 512Mb version though. I like it doesn't use too much power, and interesting that it can work with crossfireX on an NV chipset (although begs the question, why bother xfireing...
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    Is it safe to build a computer with a magnetic tip screw driver?

    LOL, yeah, that 'ill get a punch in the face:laugh:
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    Is it safe to build a computer with a magnetic tip screw driver?

    I've rebuilt my system a few times and always used a magnetic driver. Maybe I'm tempting fate, but I've never had an issue with it.
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    Win 1 or 4 HD3870 X2

    Well, just in case they were trying to be smartasses, I guessed 3870 and my second guess was 7740 (3870 x2):D
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    Looking for a Cool Full Tower Case

    The Stackers are nice, but just to give you some more options, I like the TT new XaserVI or ArmorPlus cases. Lots of features and great air cooling in each.
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    Thermaltake New Armor+ MX Middle Tower Chassis

    TT one already exists - see here. Just be prepared to pay big for it.
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    Thermaltake New Armor+ MX Middle Tower Chassis

    Looks good, but full towers only for me. And, what, are they using Gundam as thier mascott now - cool.
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    OCZ 2x1GB DDR3 - $89.99 Canada ($30 MIR)

    Sorry, should have said in the title its DDR3 1333. CL9 I know, but damn, pretty cheap (actually very cheap for DDR3). Limited quantites. http://www.ncix.com/products/index.php?sku=25337&promoid=1060
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    new motherboard

    Various makes (assuming your talking about 680i's). Also assuming your in the US. Edit: NVM, saw your from SA, but as you can see there are a few makes available, but I don't know what costs are in SA or availability.
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    new motherboard

    ASUS P5E if you don't plan on doing SLI at any point. If SLI, I'd say save up for a 790i board, as I heard problems with the 780 boards, or you could just go with a 680i board).
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    new motherboard

    Need more than that. For what CPU. Crossfire/SLI in the cards at any point. Do you need/want RAID, DDR2 or 3 etc.
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    Maximus Formula, Det Dram hangs, PC8500 ram, NB voltage and YOU!

    LOL, was going to suggest going to the ASUS forums, but I see your already there asking. Well, hope you/someone can figure it out. That would certainly be annoying.:toast:
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    Maximus Formula, Det Dram hangs, PC8500 ram, NB voltage and YOU!

    Looking good. Strange that double boot issue. Are you flashed to the latest BIOS? I know on my Commando P965 (yeah I know, totally diff) it double boots just the first time after any change in the BIOS settings. As for P5W DH, had the same issue on mine, needed 1.65vMCH for 400FSB, and even...
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    Thinking about an E8400 thoughts?

    Your potential setup looks good, but out of curiosity, whats so bad about your current chip? Is there something you could do faster with a higher clock? What do you mainly do with your PC? Just being devils advocate and trying to justify you spending the money on another, albeit faster, Dual core.