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    MSI RX Vega 64 Air Boost Edition Pictured, Not the Custom Card we Want

    Yes, much like your AMD trolling.:rolleyes:
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    AMD Accelerates Availability of Mobile 7th Generation AMD A-Series Processors

    He manages to bring up this SAME rant in just about every AMD thread, let him throw his hissy fit :laugh:
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    Razer Expands BlackWidow Line With New Budget Friendly Option

    These prices are considered budget friendly?! :laugh:
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    Corsair Also Announces the Sabre RGB Gaming Mouse with 10,000 dpi Sensor

    At least they ditched the stripper tramp stamp logo. :laugh:
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    ASUS Announces ROG Sica White Gaming Mouse

    Haha right? But it has that glowing ROG logo on it so you can be sure people are almost breaking their arms trying to get their wallets out so fast. I honestly believe Asus could take a shit into a box and as long as they promised it had glowing RGB led logo they would sell some.
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    ADATA Reveals HD650X and HD710M USB 3.0 External Hard Drives

    Camo? "I'll tell you what Bob I would have nailed that damn buck but he saw my external HDD poking outta my pocket and next thing I know he done run off!"
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    Thermaltake Announces the Core X5 and Core X5 Riing Cases

    Everything Thermaltake releases looks familiar haha.
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    Creative Unleashes The X-Fi Sonic Carrier

    Can't tell if your post is sarcasm or that you're actually this excited about a overpriced sound bar?
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    Creative Announces the iRoar Smart Speaker

    Can we just drop the whole "iName" scheme already?
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    MSI Announces X99 and Z170 Carbon Edition Motherboards

    Never, ever would I buy a motherboard with the words "godlike" attached it. FFS...
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    EVGA Announces the 700B Power Supply

    I have used two EVGA power supplies in builds this year and have had no issues with them at all. They seem to be built well and are nice looking as well and the price can't be beat.
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    ASUS Intros Maximus VIII Hero Alpha, Featuring Native RGB LED Headers

    More gaudy ricer BS, yay! And with it comes that usual hefty ROG tax as well I'm sure.
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    Cooler Master Also Announces CM Storm Sentinel Palm Grip Gaming Mouse

    Had the very first version of this mouse (sentinel I), went looking for it again a few months back but after a search it seemed to have been discontinued. Glad to see they have brought it back. I have large hands and I prefer a heavy mouse and it fit the bill with the adjustable weights. The...
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    Mionix Announces New-generation SARGAS Mousepad Family

    Same thing happened to my Sargas 900 as well. Shame too as it's a nice mat but after just a couple months use the material starting peeling away.
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    PowerColor Announces Radeon R9 380X MYST Edition

    43 here and I remember this as well. Calling people and hating them if the had zeros in their number. The good old Atari joystick with it's rubber cover coming off after a time. Good memories.
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    BitFenix Announces the Pandora ATX Chassis

    Yeah thought the window fad pretty much died out except for the ricer hanger-ons. :ohwell: Not a bad looking case otherwise.
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    ASUS Announces ROG Maximus VIII Extreme-Assembly and GTX 980 Ti Matrix

    "To be ROG is to be the rebel. To be ROG is to break every rule. We are rebellious ROG, breaking our own rules to envision a new future. A future forged with striking distinction. ROG is red. ROG is black. And now ROG is also Plasma Copper: elite assemblies for elite gamers. This is our mark of...
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    Razer and Blizzard Entertainment Announce Official Overwatch Licensed Gear

    You forgot about the Razer tax. Owned one of their keyboards before, never again.
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    Lian Li Announces the PC-TU300 and TC-01 Trolley

    Lian Li/not too expensive, pick one. Interesting design though.
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    AMD Doesn't Trust its Own Processors - Project Quantum Driven by Intel Core i7-4790K

    Shitty thread title IMO. As "editor and senior moderator" I expect better from you. This has nothing to do with trust at all. Also people calling you out on your shit hardly makes them fanboys. :rolleyes:
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    Find a Cooler PC Case. Pro Tip: You Can't

    You seem like a real fun guy.
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    G.Skill to Host 4th Annual OC World Record Stage at Computex 2015

    Does the guy (4th from the left) think he's posing for an MMA photo? :roll: