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  1. SirKeldon

    BOOYAKASHAAAAAA!!!!! Greetings from Barcelona! ;)

    BOOYAKASHAAAAAA!!!!! Greetings from Barcelona! ;)
  2. SirKeldon

    TPU's WCG/BOINC Team

    Hello team!! Been long days w/o saying anything, hope you're doing great and the last challenge was as good as the others, sad I wasn't active ... but my machines did, and as I saw, I ate a lot of pie w/o knowing it, now I know where these extra kg came from :laugh:!!! @Norton and @manofthem...
  3. SirKeldon

    Cooler Master Cosmos Dean "Kreij" Kortenhoven edition

    Beautiful my friend, really nice work. I just love the plumbing style, never thought it would look so cool. Fantastic build with even a better name :toast:
  4. SirKeldon

    [Build Log] The Phoenix

    Thanks a lot Brad!!! You know it means a lot coming from you ;) Well, to be honest, I find interesting your comment, but wouldn't this scenario be more possible when the MoBo was inverted and the gravity acting on that compound? It spent 3 years inverted and after I finally move it to its...
  5. SirKeldon


    Despite today I didn't got any stone ... our room tonight looked like this van, mainly due to the smoke amount LOL Congrats to our stoners, keep it up team :toast:
  6. SirKeldon

    I've got a brand new baked potato

    I just found myself tagged in this post and wanted to say hi! :laugh:
  7. SirKeldon

    first build log

    IMHO there are a lot of cables that could be underneath the mobo panel (if you have clearance of course) and specially even more if you twist your HD cage towards the other side, but again, this is just a tip, being your first build is not looking bad at all, keep it up mate :)
  8. SirKeldon

    [Worklog]"MSI KRAIT" by MathMilitaryModding

    Guess it's gonna finish covered with his beautiful PSU cage but that's a damn good & sexy PSU!!! :toast:
  9. SirKeldon

    first build log

    It will be best to do your cable management now, specially cause there are less elements in the way and it will be more comfortable. Just remember to leave 1 or 2 PCI-EX connectors from the PSU depending on the GPU you're gonna get and you're good to go. That's what I do when possible, organize...
  10. SirKeldon

    [Worklog]"MSI KRAIT" by MathMilitaryModding

    Can't wait to see the components and tubing finally there, sure as you do, gonna look awesome =) :toast:
  11. SirKeldon

    first build log

    MOAR pics of the build with its updates! We want to see! ;)
  12. SirKeldon

    One does not simply eat a potato

    They thought it was aphrodisiac (and who knows if it is :P)
  13. SirKeldon

    [Build Log] The Phoenix

    Thanks for your kind words guys, they truly mean a lot, specially coming from PC enthusiasts as we all are =) I would accept any ideas for modding this case, though it doesn't need too many IMHO. I'd like to add a small panel to cover the switches are, and personalizing it in that precise...
  14. SirKeldon

    [Worklog]"MSI KRAIT" by MathMilitaryModding

    Lovely scheme dude, definitely this was one of the boards I was considering for "The Phoenix", unfortunately, no local stores had it on stock. Love the Black & White scheme, looks cool & elegant at the same time, not many schemes can say the same ;) Very nice work on the fan detailing as well...
  15. SirKeldon

    TOXIC CHROME (modded Corsair 250D)

    Omg, how many liquid components are fitting into that lil case? Amazing job so far!!! And truely, finest Dremel cutter I've seen in a long time =) Keep up the good work!!! :toast:
  16. SirKeldon

    Have you got pie today?

    Lovely to see how hungry we always are for a piece of pie, and lovely to see how tight are always those 8 to 10 pos, keep up the good crunch team, funny battle @t_ski & @manofthem lol!! :D I had to unplug one machine due to being on load with a TS & Minecraft server, I hope to return to eat my...
  17. SirKeldon

    [Build Log] The Phoenix

    Maybe redoing the build 3 times helped hahahaha!! Thanks for your kind words :toast: Though that, i'm still not happy 100% with the final result, maybe I will try to improve it a lil bit more. Also thinking into get some kind of cover to hide the back ones from the remaining HD spaces, also...
  18. SirKeldon

    Your PC ATM

    @15th Warlock there you go, it's done: http://www.techpowerup.com/forums/threads/build-log-the-phoenix.211946/ ;)
  19. SirKeldon

    [Build Log] The Phoenix

  20. SirKeldon

    [Build Log] The Phoenix

    Hello all, so after a couple of requests I decided to create a "Build Log" for this new rig :) The story begins with my PowerMac G5 modded case creating really hot spots between PSU and GPU zone due to the GTX770 expelling a lot more heat than my old HD6850. The old rig Despite the...
  21. SirKeldon

    Your PC ATM

    Hello all. I know these last days i've been not around too much but there's a good reason to explain it. Never thought just moving some components to another case would create such a mess. Here comes the long story in case you want to read. TL;DR - I purchased some new components for my build...
  22. SirKeldon

    Stripped Ivy..!

    Nice job!!! Congrats for the guts you had ;)
  23. SirKeldon


    That's the Thor Suit Limited Edition designed by Hannah Montana correct? :roll:
  24. SirKeldon

    TPU's F@H Team

    You made me think how bad GTAV will perform with this Q8200, in CS:GO I went from 300FPS constant to 50-90FPS, I need an upgrade soon :cry: Damn first world problems :laugh:
  25. SirKeldon

    Folding Pie and Milestones!!

    Thanks @mx500torid for that "way to go" .... but sadly I think I have an explanation for no milestones for me over two days and they won't be nearly soon though ... bad story over here: http://www.techpowerup.com/forums/threads/tpus-f-h-team.13038/page-734#post-3271296 :( Hope somebody else...