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    Windows 7 updates

    I will be installing Windows 7 on a few PCs over the next couple of weeks, for GPU benching. Is there a way to trick it into getting updates, or does anyone know of a resource to download essential updates beyond SP1?
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    Transferring boot drive to new PC

    The motherboard on my socket FM1 system is failing. So far, I can't run PCI-e x16 graphics cards, and the network has failed. I am considering upgrading to gen 3 Ryzen, which I understand is due soon. I want to transfer my drives and keep all my apps. Is that possible? I know I will need to...
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    Can Tesla K10 be flashed with a GTX 690 BIOS?

    I will have a Tesla K10 later this month. In terms of compute power (I want to fold on it) it is identical to a GTX 690, but approx 20% slower. As it only cost $50, I consider it a reasonable deal. Can it be flashed with a GTX 690 BIOS? It has no graphics outputs, as it is a compute card, but if...
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    GPU-Z legacy OS and older graphics card support

    I'm setting up a software library and bench test setup for testing some older graphics cards. I note that officially, the latest version of GPU-Z that supports Windows 2000 is 0.4.6, and no version states that it uses will work on older versions of Windows. Will any older versions work under Win...