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  1. Kreij

    John Carmack Left iD Software Because He Couldn't Work on Virtual Reality

    Most of you are familiar with the name John Carmack. For those who may not be, he's the legendary game developer and engineer who was one of the four founders of iD software and the creator of classic genre establishing games such as Wolfenstein 3D, Doom and Quake. If you play any first-person...
  2. Kreij

    Editorial How Will the PC Gaming Markets Do In 2014?

    The old year has passed by us now, that would be 2013 for those not keeping track, and now the gaming analysts are setting their sights on exactly how they think that the PC gaming market will perform in 2014. It's a pretty foregone conclusion that PC gaming is dead. Wait! That must have been a...
  3. Kreij

    Mantle supporting Nitrous Engine Demo Released on Steam

    While you are waiting patiently for AMD to get their Mantle drivers out of the lab and into gamers' hands, you may want to head over to Steam as Oxide Games and Publisher Stardock have released a free demo of their Nitrous Engine there, which supports Mantle. The demo is called "Star Swarm...
  4. Kreij

    Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition gets Online Deathmatch and Coop Modes

    Hail to the King, Baby! PC gamers, which include all you Mac and Linux folks, can get your game on as the most recent update for Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition now brings both online multiplayer deathmatch (Duke Match) and a cooperative online mode for up to eight players to the first-person...
  5. Kreij

    Official "Next Car Game" Thread

    There has been a little chatter about this game in the Games section, but since the game has been dropped on Steam in the Early Access program I thought I would dedicate a thread to it. I picked this up on Steam, and here are my thoughts of it in it's current pre-release state. The racing...
  6. Kreij

    Help With Games Stuttering

    This has nothing to do with games stuttering. It’s just another of your crazy old Uncle Kreij’s stealth contests. If a few days I will be heading to the hospital for some surgery, and if I end up taking a dirt nap I want to make sure I had one more contest to show people how much fun...
  7. Kreij

    Leap Motion Controller

    I received my Leap Motion Controller in the mail today. I downloaded the software, plugged it in and it lit right up. Then it did an automatic firmware update and bricked itself. lulz I'll let you know if I ever get it working again. Anyone else get one to fiddle around with?
  8. Kreij

    Harvard Creates Solar Material Database Using WCG

    Thought you all might like this .... http://www-03.ibm.com/press/us/en/pressrelease/41333.wss Well done Crunchers. :toast:
  9. Kreij

    What IDE Or Editor Do You Use?

    Just out of curiosity, to get some insight and to spark a little discussion I thought I would bring this up in this section. What IDE or editor to you use to write your code? What features do you like and what are good plug-ins or enhancements? Features can be things like highlighting, code...
  10. Kreij

    Monitor Unburn Utility

    I left an LCD monitor at work with a static image on the screen over the holidays (about two weeks) and of course it burned in (image retention). After reading about fixes that do, and do not work, it seemed like the best answer was to force the monitor to cycle back and forth between a...
  11. Kreij

    Merry Christmas To All

    To all of the members here on TPU, to all the moderators and staff, and to all those who give away games and other things to help make Christmas time special for everyone. So many of you have been there for me this last year while I was fighting cancer with your support, thoughts and prayers...
  12. Kreij

    GoG Announces Support for Windows 8

    Good old Games (GoG) has reported that 90% of GOG.com games will now be officially supported in Windows 8 Source : GoG.com
  13. Kreij

    Crowd Sourcing. A Kreij Editorial.

    Crowd Sourcing, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. The Good : Kickstarter and other forms of “crowd sourcing” have been a huge plus to small indie developers trying to produce a product on a shoestring budget. It gives them the opportunity to produce a game that would be considered by...
  14. Kreij

    World's Oldest Digital Computer Restored

    From this article, courtesy of TechNewsDaily Image courtesy of The National Museum of Computing
  15. Kreij

    RDS Printer Question

    I have a RDS server (server 2008 R2) and I share apps using its remote app functionality. This works fine and the apps appear to be running locally on the remote clients, even though they are not. The local printers on the remote client machines work fine from the remote apps (they are...
  16. Kreij

    Queen - The Making of Bohemian Rapsody

    Okay, this is not computer related, but if you take the time to watch this video it's great insight into the technical issues and techniques used to make the record of a song like this. Audio/tech people ... watch it, it's worth the 27 minutes of your life. It's Brain May, Queen's lead...
  17. Kreij

    Stardock Makes Good On A Promise

    I got this e-mail today ... Hat's off to Mr. Wardell and the whole Stardock Team. :toast:
  18. Kreij

    Humble Indie Bundle #6

    HIB 6 is available now. Only one week left (sorry this is a bit late). Games included are; Rochard Shatter S.P.A.Z. Torchlight Vessel --- and if you pay more that the average (currently at $5.86), you also get; Dustforce Bit.Trip Runner Gratuitous Space Battles Jamestown Wizorb...
  19. Kreij

    VS 2012 Express Editions Available

    VS 2012 Express Editions MS changed it somewhat this time. When you download the version your want (let's say VS2012 for Desktop) you get all the languages (C#, C++, VB) as opposed to dowloading them individually like they did with 2010. The VS UI looks different but seems to have the same...
  20. Kreij

    Steam Games Source Code?

    Does anyone have all the source code for all their Steam games? No? I didn't think anyone would, so let's have a contest instead. Rules - US members only (sorry international guys/gals, shipping is a bitch) Edit : Non-US members that can arrange a US shipping address and get it to...
  21. Kreij

    Image Upload Feature Request

    @ W1zz, How about writing a little program (or adding the functionality to TPUCapture) that would add an entry into Windows Explorer's context menu to allow us to right click on an image in a local directory and upload it to techpowerup.org, and then present us with the IMG/URL tags? It...
  22. Kreij

    Game Content, The Good, Bad and Ugly.

    In another thread I made a comment about Skyrim having lots of content (which is true). My pal Frick, made the comment that while there is indeed a lot of content, it's shallow. While I don't agree that it's shallow (the amount and depth of lore in the ES series in incredible) it is rather...
  23. Kreij

    Games Seem to Be Loading Slow

    I noticed recently that many people are concerned with some of their games loading slowly. While there may be many reasons for this, it seems to me that it may be that the loading and transfer times from their HDDs might be a potential bottle neck. It is impossible to overclock a HDD so what's...
  24. Kreij

    Error on Download section

    When I clicked on the USA 2 mirror I got this error. I continued and it worked, but I thought I would let you know.
  25. Kreij

    Valve confirms Steam expansion into non-gaming software

    More at source I put this in the gaming section since Steam is known as a game distribution platform. Thoughts?