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  1. Cheeseball

    NVIDIA Presents the TITAN RTX 24GB Graphics Card at $2,499

    It's not worth the price if you're just going to game with this thing.
  2. Cheeseball

    AMD Responds to Lack of Ryzen Mobile Driver Updates, Claims OEMs are the Issue

    I've got the Acer Nitro 5 with the Ryzen 2700U so I know how it feels. This mobile driver issue is pretty bad.
  3. Cheeseball

    ASUS Brings "Tinker Board" Raspberry Pi 3 Competitor to North America

    Yeah, I'm mistaken here. Looking back, it looks like the binaries I was using for the Galaxy S2, S3 and S6 were from modified closed source and not taken from other existing devices. Samsung hasn't really made their modifications of the Mali GPU DDK public.
  4. Cheeseball

    ASUS Brings "Tinker Board" Raspberry Pi 3 Competitor to North America

    No, he's right. Those optimized drivers you're talking about are just updated binary blobs taken from other devices that use the same Mali T7xx GPU, most likely from the Exynos SoC as Samsung usually get updated blobs faster compared to other mobile manufacturers. ARM never released any proper...
  5. Cheeseball

    Bioware Commits to Mass Effect: Andromeda Support; Will Act on Feedback

    I'm not gonna say Andromeda has "bad writing", but more of an uninteresting plot. I'm 30 hours in, the game is fun, but it really pales compared to Mass Effect 3 and Dragon Age Inquisition. The Witcher 3 blows it out of the water, really.
  6. Cheeseball

    Various Radeon RX 500 Series Graphics Cards Start Getting Listed

    Yeah, this is too overpriced for a rebrand and small clocks. $200 to $230 (just like how the RX 480 launched) would be better.
  7. Cheeseball

    US Prices of AMD Ryzen Processors Surface

    1800X at only around $500.00? Where's my damn wallet? I need to burn it in my monitor.
  8. Cheeseball

    NVIDIA Announces the 2017 Shield with 4K HDR Capability

    Aww, no 2017 NVIDIA SHIELD tablet with Tegra X1? The Google Pixel C is too overpriced at $499 and too big at 10".
  9. Cheeseball


    I believe the x7-Z8750 would've been even better since it has HD Graphics 405 in it.
  10. Cheeseball

    Zotac GTX 1080 AMP! Extreme 8 GB

    In the Philippines, this exact model is PhP 31,000, which is around US $620, with a 1 year warranty with the reseller then 4 years with the distributor. My ZOTAC GTX 1070 (AMP! Edition) was just PhP 21,000 ($420) last June, with 1 year reseller and additional 1 year distributor warranty. It's...
  11. Cheeseball

    AMD BIOS Signature Check re-enabled with ReLive, Locks out Polaris BIOS Modders

    @owen10578 Probably due to Radeon Chill.
  12. Cheeseball

    Resident Evil 7 for PC will support HDR and 4K, No Cross Saves for Steam

    A Resident Evil game doesn't seem to be one of the genres that really needs Cross Saving considering this is not an open-world RPG or racing game. I'm pretty sure people will be able to beat the game in under 6 to 7 hours unless they integrate some sort of open world or daily quest elements...
  13. Cheeseball

    NVIDIA Releases the GeForce 375.86 WHQL Game Ready Driver

    I was actually getting this weird flickering (which looks like it's resetting my HDTV) after playing Titanfall 2 on max. This was on the 375.70 drivers. I had to rollback 375.57 to get stable again, but had a slight performance hit on TF2.
  14. Cheeseball

    OFFICIAL Star Wars Battlefront

    http://swbstats.com/ reports around ~4,100 players at the moment.
  15. Cheeseball

    Zotac GTX 1070 amp extreme

    My ZOTAC's power consumption is the same as reference and the other non-reference cards and I also have two 8-pin PCI-E connectors. The TDP is higher at 220W, but it doesn't mean it will use 220W all the time.
  16. Cheeseball

    GTX 1070 (Ti) / GTX 1080 (Ti) Owners Club [With Poll

    Yeah I'll head back up there in a bit. I remember when I had my HD 7870 XT (Tahiti LE), the FPS drop in that area was really noticeable. EDIT: HD 7870 XT, not HD 7970
  17. Cheeseball

    GTX 1070 (Ti) / GTX 1080 (Ti) Owners Club [With Poll

    Which areas? I'm going to head to those places to see if I can replicate the FPS drop. I'm seeing 105 FPS manually walking from Sanctuary Hills to Vault 95 (doing the companion quest for Cait). It's not higher probably due to my CPU being the bottleneck. The lowest I've seen it his was around...
  18. Cheeseball

    AMD 4GB Radeon RX 480 Can Be Flashed into 8GB

    Hopefully people won't be blindly flashing the 8 GB BIOS just to check. All they need to do is see if the chips are physically there.
  19. Cheeseball

    GTX 1070 (Ti) / GTX 1080 (Ti) Owners Club [With Poll

    Thanks for the suggestion, but I probably won't and just keep it bone stock for now. I'll do some preliminary tests since apparently the ZOTAC may be able to clock high due to the 2x8-pins, but aside from that I'll keep the fans running as they are.
  20. Cheeseball

    GTX 1070 (Ti) / GTX 1080 (Ti) Owners Club [With Poll

    Aww yiss. You bastards are right. :) Looks like my ZOTAC's fan kicks in at 60°C. :D
  21. Cheeseball

    GTX 1070 (Ti) / GTX 1080 (Ti) Owners Club [With Poll

    BTW guys, I'd like to let you know that the ZOTAC GTX 1070 AMP and AMP Extreme variants have 2x8-pin PCI-E connectors, unlike the 1x6-pin + 1x8-pin of the MSIs and other non-reference cards. I'm going to try and overclock later when I get home, but what clocks should I expect with this config...
  22. Cheeseball

    GTX 1070 (Ti) / GTX 1080 (Ti) Owners Club [With Poll

    Do you think Geforce Experience is getting in the way? I usually don't install that, but I'm thinking of installing it now so I can record my gameplay without any problems. :)
  23. Cheeseball

    GTX 1070 (Ti) / GTX 1080 (Ti) Owners Club [With Poll

    Fortunately I don't have this problem. o_O I'm running on the latest WHQL driver off the NVIDIA website with all-stock settings in the Control Panel. I just (1) launched Fallout 4, (2) had the launcher detect my video card and give me an error (it can't identify it) then (3) just hit the Ultra...
  24. Cheeseball

    GTX 1070 (Ti) / GTX 1080 (Ti) Owners Club [With Poll

    This makes a lot of sense. My idling is usually around 44C to 45C. So if this is the case with my ZOTAC, the fans should kick in around 50C and then I'll see it drop (or rise , depending on how heavy the load is).
  25. Cheeseball

    GTX 1070 (Ti) / GTX 1080 (Ti) Owners Club [With Poll

    Thanks for the welcome. :) I'll let W1zzard know about it on the GPU-Z threads, but first I'll try what gdallsk mentioned below when I get home... Yeah, I'll put load into the card then check it out. I just realized that whenever I was checking GPU-Z (latest version, I might add) I wasn't...