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  1. redundantslurs

    Giveaway! A few Steam games

    can i has FTL if its not taken yet?
  2. redundantslurs

    ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1080 Mini is the World's Smallest GTX 1080

    i guess i know what im buying with my start of the year bonus, yeah my job is weird we get all out perks and bonus in the beginning of the year o_O.
  3. redundantslurs

    Closed: Giveaway: Jotun (Steam)

    yup, i wasnt expecting a youtube video to announce the winner, pretty cool in my book. im so slow that i had to replay it a few times just to see who the winner is.
  4. redundantslurs

    Closed: Giveaway: Jotun (Steam)

    count me in, looks like a cool ass game.
  5. redundantslurs

    [US] 256GB SSD's 20 each Dell.com

    im so jelly right now, im always too late to the party. :ohwell:
  6. redundantslurs

    Chrome slow on overkill pc

    here's a genius solution, how bout you close some of yo tabs man, lol. but on a real note, try switching browsers. i find that edge to be pretty good at managing resources better than chrome and firefox.
  7. redundantslurs

    Nvidia Shield vs FireStick

    I have both and enjoy using them. I say the shield is nice for gaming and 4k streaming. You can save about 100 bucks if you go with the base model shield, since it has expandable storage I don't see the use in buying the pro version. On the fire stick have you tried running Kodi on a slim...
  8. redundantslurs

    Things I've ordered on Black Friday Till Now!

    Couldn't resist, so I caved-in this morning and bought a 4k tv. Took a gamble with the company (LeEco), I just recently bought one of their phones the Le Max 2. Apparently they are known as the Netflix of China and they are expanding into the US. This company makes phones, tvs, electric bike...
  9. redundantslurs

    Things I've ordered on Black Friday Till Now!

    The only year-end bonus I got was a notice of increase child support payment of $159 a month :banghead:.
  10. redundantslurs

    Things I've ordered on Black Friday Till Now!

    I bought myself a new used car for Black Friday, a 2014 Lexus GS 350 F-Sport.
  11. redundantslurs

    The show off your tech related purchase thread

    Phones now a days are so overpriced, I'm cheap and never gonna pay the premium manufactures like Samsung, Apple and the likes want for their phones. Cheap phones come with their caveats but I'm willing to deal with em if it means saving money. "Moar Money Moar Beer" that my motto.
  12. redundantslurs

    The show off your tech related purchase thread

    Got a new celly. LeEco Le Max 2 has pretty decent specs. Comes with a SD820, 4g Ram, 32g of space, 2k screen and best of all only $219 US, only downfall is crappy software with boatloads of Chinese bloatware but nothing a custom ROM can't fix.
  13. redundantslurs

    Crucial MX300 525GB $105 at Newegg Ebay store.

    I don't know if Newegg is still doing this or not but if your a VET or active duty member you get premier free for a year.
  14. redundantslurs

    AMD ZEN Processors to Supposedly Carry SR3, SR5 and SR7 Branding

    XXX is MOAR HARDCORE!!! :rockout:
  15. redundantslurs

    Hyundai Is Making SSDs Now!?!

    The funniest thing I've seen Samsung's name on are condoms. :roll:
  16. redundantslurs

    Hyundai Is Making SSDs Now!?!

    Samsung has actually already made cars, when I was stationed in South Korea in the mid 2000s I've spotted a few of them. They are not by any means as big as Hyundai but they do have a presences in the Korean car market.
  17. redundantslurs

    Moving on up in the world to better things. What goes round comes round.

    Wow, Recon-UK your story and mines are so similar, it mirrors each other pretty well beside a few things, who would of thunk it. Here's the short of my story, Like you, I was in the Army (USA), mechanized infantry. Signed up for 3 years initially but got caught up and got orders to deploy on...
  18. redundantslurs

    Chevy unveils silent Colorado ZH2 stealth military pickup

    I know what you mean, I wish I was still young to do the GI Joe stuff but sadly I'm just too old and broken for it.
  19. redundantslurs

    Chevy unveils silent Colorado ZH2 stealth military pickup

    Where you getting all these cool ass military articles from???
  20. redundantslurs

    America's next tank unveiled.

    You are correct. I worked on these for years in the Army, I wouldn't call em tanks either. They're classified as APC (Armored Personnel Carrier)/IFV. Nonetheless still badass :rockout:.
  21. redundantslurs

    Mini ITX H170M or B150I

    just fancy shamancy marketing talk
  22. redundantslurs

    Apple patents the paper bag. Yes, the paper bag

    It takes a lot of courage to do that and only Apple has that kinda courage. :roll:
  23. redundantslurs

    Guide: Virus Removal 101

    Is there a particular reason why u don't encourage people to use superantispyware?
  24. redundantslurs

    [FF] Giveaway: Unredeemed Game Keys

    Cool, can I have the key to Bastion if its not redeem yet? NVM, I guess I don't qualify, don't have enough post o_O.
  25. redundantslurs

    [ENDED]Giveaway : Battleborn, Borderland : TPS, Mafia 2, Civilization 5, Triple Shooter Bundle

    Thanks for the giveaway, please enter me for Borderlands and the Triple Shooter Bundle.