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  1. J

    AMD Delivers Optimum Platform for Virtualization with Microsoft

    Sadly that's only hyping Hyper-V. Are they going to release new CPUs with new x86 virtualization extensions, is Microsoft going to hotfix Hyper-V to make a better use of AMD-V? Why not give out press releases that actually give that kind of information. Thanks to bta for letting us know though.
  2. J

    Elpida Ready to Launch World's Largest Capacity (16-Gigabyte) FB-DIMM

    Finally something that can push servers memory limits :)
  3. J

    2900Pro vs 2950Pro ...

    I believe 2950pro should also be PCI-E 2.0 edit: hell yeah http://www.vr-zone.com/articles/HD_2950Pro_(RV670)_Cards_&_Specs_Revealed/5181.html another edit: wtf? 2900pro has 512bit bus as club3d revealed, and 2950pro will only have 256bit? probably the specs are still going to be changed.
  4. J

    Got my HD2600XT ddr4 today!

    VF-900 fits perfectly, installed one on my gigabyte's ddr4 2600xt today. Noiseless, max load ~50c
  5. J

    AMD Offers Performance Improvements for Linux Users

    Brilliant move. Graphic card developers have all but ditched linux users, nice piece of market there :)
  6. J

    ASUS Launches AMD AM2+ CPU Compatible Motherboard List

    It's not estonian :D I think it's turkish.
  7. J

    ASUS Launches AMD AM2+ CPU Compatible Motherboard List

    Why aren't they releasing amd stuff? We should probably be asking them/DAAMIT. I'm also waiting for these boards. http://www.gigabyte.com.tr/products/mb/specs/ga-m790-dq6.html
  8. J

    ASUS Launches AMD AM2+ CPU Compatible Motherboard List

    Gigabyte, MSI and Asus have rd790 boards, they're probably just waiting for the cpus ;) Biostar-s tf560 am2+ does not support ht3.0 and split power planes, it's just a nice marketing trick probably. At least the specs say so.
  9. J

    Mozilla Leaves Thunderbird

    Yey, mozilla going commercial. /me using thunderbird daily.
  10. J

    AMD to Launch New High-end Desktop Processor

    This beast is gonna be HOT! even 5600+ is ~50C in normal cases with default HSF
  11. J

    Weird problem booting from a PCI Raid card!

    Isn't there an option in the controllers BIOS to select boot device? There usually is..
  12. J

    AMD Releases Two New TV Wonders

    LOL Awesome card though, digital broadcast in your pc :)
  13. J

    AMD to introduce 45nm process AM3 CPU family in 2H08

    AM2+ motherboard: Biostar TF560 A2+ 65nm vs 90nm: neoseeker review Shows reduced power consumption pretty well I think. I love those names, Regor, Sargas, :rockout:
  14. J

    Samsung suspends DRAM shipping to PC OEM's due to record low RAM prices

    Hell, we have to pay ~40$ here for 1gb ddr2 :D
  15. J

    WIN $3000 if you can defeat Johnathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel at Computex

    I bet he's gonna be owned by so many :D
  16. J

    Quad-core notebook pictured

    A guy I know uses 550w antec (slightly modded) for most of his testing. Last one he described: quad core intel few gigs of ddr2 8800sli under MASSIVE overclock of course, using dryice So you dont really need all those megakilowatt supplies. Except for 'notebooks' like these.
  17. J

    Quad-core notebook pictured

    They really ought to stop calling them monsters 'notebooks', it hurts.
  18. J

    Griffin to Replace AMD's Turion Mobile Processor

    Intel's turbo memory is extra flash memory working together with the HDD to boost HDD speed. Anyway, why are they releasing k8 cpu's for laptops now when conroes and their kin are dominating the laptop market :confused: And finally, custom northbridge and chipset from amd for mobile computing...
  19. J

    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 1.0003 Patch Released

    I got really rich :D thought it sucked, reloaded and went to kill c-consciousness and destroy zone :)
  20. J

    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 1.0003 Patch Released

    I just finished STALKER last night, the only bug I ever saw was reputation changing (excellent->terrible) after completing some quests (not a bug?) Excellent game though, played it on my X300 :D
  21. J

    First SiSM671 Based Notebook - Clevo M721S/M720S, Hits the Market

    Clevo is pretty old, they get relabeled a lot though (even by alienware). Someone should review the chip, how does it conserve power and compare to intel.
  22. J

    G100 supports Cuda 2

    Everyone should know by now that clock speed isn't the only magic number. Why don't you read this: http://www.atomicmpc.com.au/article.asp?SCID=15&CIID=66653 In the end of the article, there is also something interesting mentioned about Vista ;)
  23. J

    Bethesda studios will develop Elder Scrolls V

    FALLOUT 3... please let it be true.. :twitch: :cry: :ohwell: :respect:
  24. J

    Microsoft Windows Vista fully available on Newegg

    http://www.microsoft.com/windowsvista/getready/upgradeadvisor/default.mspx if you have 6mb free space AMD scanner gave me: You have: Microsoft Windows Vista Professional (Build 6000) a new version? :wtf: