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    Scythe Announces Kaze Q12 and Kaze Q8 Fan Controllers

    would love to get the Q12 for my LiLi case :)
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    [Case Gallery] StarCruiser Dark Knight

    very nice update.. love the contrast of the white tubes nice work bro! ;)
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    WD Enters Traditional Enterprise HDD Market with First SAS Product

    nice! would love to try one of these S25 drives.. if the price is right :)
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    Swiftech Rolls Out Apogee XT CPU Water Block

    Nice shiny block from Swiftech, the mounting mechanism of the GTZ is simply great and this new block looks like to be a good performer. Waiting for more test review of the XT to come out. :)
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    OCZ Announces the Z-Drive m84 PCI-Express Bootable SSD

    nice SSD drive from OCZ, i want the 1TB model too bad i don't have the funds for now argh.. read and write speed of the m84 looks promising.. pretty damn good drive for OS :D
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    [FS/FT] Ego's Enthusiast Equipment!

    bump for the swifty pumps.. very nice price :)
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    Gordon Freeman needs your help!

    hmm.. if i remember it right, it was around 48,033 votes for Gordon Freeman when i voted for him a while ago..
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    Gordon Freeman needs your help!

    + 1 for Gordon Freeman.. i love my HL days :D
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    Upgrade: i5 or 5870?

    You'll be fine with an i5/mobo purchase dude.. the 5870 is a beast but considering you already have a a GTX 275 right now, an i5 cpu/mobo purchase is more worth it IMHO.. The GTX 275 you got there is pretty much powerful and should last you longer. Good luck on your build bro ;)
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    [PROJECT]: "The blank.box"

    oh nice set of rams ;) this build is looking good..
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    Possibly the coolest WC loop ever?

    That passive rad setup on the top doesn't look efficient to me (even if it has fans installed in it). Reminds me of something "antique"... Faucet Valve FTW! :)
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    [Case Gallery] OGRE G

    pretty clean dude 8/10 for me :D
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    ASUS HD 5870 Overclocks to 1035/1290 MHz on Air, Aces 3DMark Vantage in CrossFireX

    Definitely should clock higher with water blocks installed in it. Just waiting for GT300 cards to arrive before making any further upgrade. Nice scores indeed! :D
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    NVIDIA GeForce 4XX Series Discussion

    GT300 will pawn ATI's 5800 series.. but knowing Nvidia, the price of this card will be sky high LOL! :laugh:
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    Radeon HD 5750 Pictured, Tested

    seems like a nice performer for it's price.. but the design is ugly IMHO
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    EVGA Also Unveils X58 Classified 4-Way SLI Motherboard

    Wicked board, the XL-ATX form factor is too big for me.. and TBH i don't see any need for this board right now. Nevertheless EVGA rocks! *drool
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    AMD Radeon HD 5870 X2 Pictured

    yup! or maybe a dremel eh? :D
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    EK Water Blocks Readying Radeon HD 5870 Water Block

    nice piece of copper from Ek :D
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    AMD Radeon HD 5870 X2 Pictured

    still waiting for Nvidia GT300 series.. but this x2 card from ATI is a beast *drool
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    A Close Look at the Thermaltake Level 10 Extreme Gaming Station Case

    the only big thing that comes with this TT case is the price.. $750? :wtf: the design of the case doesn't even justify it's price tag LOL.
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    Computertechy's Mountain Mods Project

    dang! that case looks good bro.. ;)
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    Computertechy's Mountain Mods Project

    can't wait to see that MM case.. this is going to be good! ;)
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    [Project] :::Flow::: (SNiiPE's V2110)

    extreme setup and great photography bro.. that MSI board really looks nice :)
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    ASUS P7P55 Pro Motherboard in Pretty Pixels

    the board looks good and neat..