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  1. bdguido

    USB Flash Drive saying not formatted..?

    I have a Asus board that does the same thing.I think that once the flash drive does that it is gone.Be careful on restarts,I thinks that is what kills them.I have fried two them.
  2. bdguido

    Hardware Brands you Abandoned

    Had the board with a opteron 170.The FSB would not go over 230.Anything over that it would reset over and over.After I went through that a few times,I took the opty and ram put with a different motherboard.Then I started to get errors with my ram.Then I put 4000+ in the DFI with different ram...
  3. bdguido

    Hardware Brands you Abandoned

    There are settings in the bios that I have no idea what they do.DFI boards are out of my league.Maybe I set something wrong and fried it.
  4. bdguido

    Hardware Brands you Abandoned

    It is socket 939."free to good home" was really a joke.I would not trust this board very buggy.There is something wrong with ram voltage
  5. bdguido

    Hardware Brands you Abandoned

    DFI motherboard.Lanparty UT nF4 sli-dr.Never did run right.Free to a good home.
  6. bdguido

    Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Video Previews

    Will it be Dx10
  7. bdguido

    My new Opty 165 OC

    Nice!.I was wanting one myself.Have you tried pushing to 1.5v
  8. bdguido

    FX-62 vs. X2 5600+

    I think it is true the FX series are not good overclockers.I can not get mine past 3.2 and be stable.I would go with X2 5600.Fast not becoming a fan of FX series.
  9. bdguido

    need fear cd key

  10. bdguido

    HELP ME!!! something happend and now my comp wont load windows

    I have had the same problem with daemaon tools.My anti-virus would always tell me it was a virus.I could not delete the file for nothing.In the end I had to reformat.Also 3dmark06 freezes every now and again on me too.I think it is in the download.Be careful where you download this programs from...
  11. bdguido

    [WTB / WTTF] Socket A (S462) Motherboard with SDRAM support (working) - ASAP

    Would a ASUS A7N8X Deluxe be more of what you looking for?
  12. bdguido

    How do I diagnose this???

    I have had that same error.It happened when I was trying to overclock my cpu.Turned it down never came back.Other then that I dont know
  13. bdguido

    GeForce 8800

    EVGA is the best.They overclock very good.
  14. bdguido

    opteron 165 multiplier

    I think all AMD are locked.
  15. bdguido

    These boards are fighting over me on Valentine's Day!!

    I just brought the DFI.I have not got it yet(UPS).Hope I dont have to many troubles.Some reviews say that it doesnt like corsair ram,but some say that works.Hope the xms series works.
  16. bdguido

    MySpace will offer spyware for parents

    It should be renamed to "mywasteoftime"
  17. bdguido

    unlocking a 7900gs??

    It won't unlock.I think I have tried everything.It is still a great card.buy it.
  18. bdguido

    unlocking a 7900gs??

    Any EVGA made that way
  19. bdguido

    Muh rig..35mark 05 score

    Should easy get 10K
  20. bdguido

    5ghz opty

    I have a fx-57 3.6 is all that you will get out it.
  21. bdguido

    Need help picking a Video card, Down to 3 cards

    buy the 7800gs it will overclock big time
  22. bdguido

    Building a pc

    need 550 watt