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    3DMark (2013)

    540m scores max temp during benchmark was 81 deg C and I did not run firestrike this time, I have ran it before on different tests and got in the 800's im not done finding this cards max yet bt im probably not far from it though.
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    Scores on new 3dmark

    Sorry I didn't see it in the software area. My bad
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    Scores on new 3dmark

    My msi fx620dx with a gt 540m gets scores on cloud gate ranging from 4000-5000 marks depending on my clock settings. Stock clock is 672mhz and 900mhz. It barely runs fire strike scoring a 771 @ 740mhz, 940mhz . Temps are in the low 70's too.
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    Scores on new 3dmark

    I was wanting to know what scores people are getting on 3dmark's newest benchmark, they have 3 different tests you can run now, the first, Ice storm is geared towards tablets and smartphones, gaming computers can easily get 50,000 to 100,000 marks on this test, the second, cloud gate is for...
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    Opening laptop before warranty ends?

    Just make sure you don't over spin the fans with the shop vac or compressed air, my friend ruined his fan because of that.