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    acer aspire 5739g (gt 240M) gpu bios

    dear TPuppers, can you build a gpu bios (nvidia gt240m) for my aspire 5739g the stock one is letting my laptop crash during game play. (due to overheating) since its an integrated chip we can't replace / upgrade cooling. new bios needs to be underclocked and undervolted. how can i...
  2. K

    xfx 7900gt artifact ? need new bios for it

    Hi i recently got a xfx 7900gt for my girlfriends pc. while i was running 3dmark 06 or 05 (doesn't matter as it happens in games to). i noticed problems as you can see in the screen shots/ photo's i've taken. i wanted to try flashing a newer bios onto the card. bios i want is al little...