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  1. ngrj93

    Left 4 Dead 3 Possible "Down The Road"

    With the success of l4d 1 and l4d 2, I think Valve will definitely be looking at prolonging the series with a new entry.
  2. ngrj93

    The next gen of gaming consoles - PS4 vs Xbox One vs Wii U - Which would you choose?

    Personally I am sticking to my trusty PC. I don't think there is anything better than steam in terms of game sales at the moment. A PS4 may be cheaper as a device, but the cost of games will quickly add on to the price.
  3. ngrj93

    GRID 2 Discussion Thread.

    yes i totally agree with the posts above. The thing that will seal the deal for me is if the multiplayer system is well developed and interesting. otherwise i won't bother with this game just for the single player, no matter how good the graphics are.
  4. ngrj93

    Free Games Thread

    gta 2002 for all those who feel nostalgic when they hear "GTA 2002"....u can download it at rockstar official website for free. it was a really good game of its time!
  5. ngrj93

    Current Sales, Bundles, Giveaways

    Rockstar mega discount Rockstar games has put almost all their games up for discounts ranging from 50%-75% on steam. People interested should go and check it out!!:)
  6. ngrj93

    Batman: Arkham Origins coming

    re i don't know if it is just me who feels this but I don't feel like playing a game unless it can be played with reasonably high settings. I don't like taking anything away from the beauty of the game by playing it on low settings.
  7. ngrj93

    Batman: Arkham Origins coming

    Physx I guess this new batman game will also be expected to have a physx engine..? good for nvidia users but not too appealing to amd users like me