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  1. Super Sarge

    Seagate woes

    I have 6 Seagate drives 3 external of 1 TB 500 gig and 160 gig. 4 internal 2 are are 1.5 annd 2 are 750 gig none less than 3 years old and nary a problem with any of them
  2. Super Sarge

    Seagate woes

    I am partial to Seagate drives, I was security officer in the Seagate R and D facility in Shakopee Minnesota for 7 years, I got to see how the Hard drives were tested before ever going to market I was quite impressed.
  3. Super Sarge

    Seagate woes

    I have 7 Seagates 4 internal and 3 External ranging from 160Gig external to two 1.5 TB internals 6 of them are over 3 years old and I never have had a problem
  4. Super Sarge

    Seagate woes

    I have 4 internal Seagate Drives 2 750 drives that are at least 3 years possibly 4 years old. I also have 2 1.5 TB drives that are 3 years old, I have 2 External drives a 160 and 500 gig that are over 3 years or older all Seagate and all running great
  5. Super Sarge

    Seagate woes

    I have 4 internal Seagate drives , two are 750 gig, 2 are 1.5 TB, I have a 160 gig external and 500 gig external all are Seagate they are all over 3 years old. I have never had a problem my computer shop undated the firm ware on one of the 750's. I also have 1TB external that is about 2 years...
  6. Super Sarge

    Mushkin Support Thread

    I want both High Speed and lots of Ram, that is why 24 gig of memory is out of my price range
  7. Super Sarge

    Mushkin Support Thread

    I will stick with my 12 gig of Red-Lines running at 6 8 6 24 1T @1636 MHz
  8. Super Sarge

    Mushkin Support Thread

    No I am talking about 4 gigs on one stick, they are not cheap, for me to go full out for my mother board I would need 6 sticks with 4 gig of memory on each stick and need it to be triple channel
  9. Super Sarge

    Mushkin Support Thread

    No there are 4 gig sticks but unless you have the bucks ah well
  10. Super Sarge

    EIZO Announces 27 inch Self-Calibrating Monitor for Graphics

    Any one seen the pricing on this monitor?
  11. Super Sarge

    Mushkin Support Thread

    I have 12 gig of Mushkin Red-Lines running at 6 8 6 24 1T I know these are the the stick you want as they are only 2 gig per stick and triple channel on a 1366 ASUS P6T V2 Deluxe board
  12. Super Sarge

    Good HDD Cloning Softwre for Win 7?

    Yes it is a form of cloning, as long as the image you are creating is going to be installed on a disk or partition of the same size or greater. It can not clone it to a smaller partition or Disc.
  13. Super Sarge

    Good HDD Cloning Softwre for Win 7?

    Seagate has there own software it is a lite version of Acronis that also clones.
  14. Super Sarge

    Ultimate Defrag 3

    Thank you just updated my machine
  15. Super Sarge

    What are your next upgrades??

    If I had the bucks I would go from my 920 d0 CPU to a 980 CPU, but alas in this economy, this is a fantasy.
  16. Super Sarge

    Microsoft Security Essentials Version 2.0 now Available

    It seems version 2 of MSE is now available. http://dottech.org/freeware-reviews/19752
  17. Super Sarge

    Best full-tower case for overclock build

    I like the Antec 1200 case. Look at the different Antec cases.
  18. Super Sarge

    AIDA64 BETA downloads

    I have the latest final as i was an up to-date subscriber of Everest
  19. Super Sarge

    Windows 7 is corrupting all of my floppies.

    I have a floppy drive on the machine I have connected to TV. It was part of the card reader combo when I purchased thee machine. I never use it. My main machine has no floppy I have disabled it in BIOS so I now have A as a Drive letter for my use with any of the 5 thumb drives or 4 flash cards...
  20. Super Sarge

    FinalWire Announces AIDA64 State of the Art Diagnostic Software

    Fiery must be Tamas Miklos of Hungary
  21. Super Sarge

    FinalWire Announces AIDA64 State of the Art Diagnostic Software

    http://pcqanda.com/dc/dcboard.php?az=show_topic&forum=2&topic_id=524540&mesg_id=524540&page= See Messages 1 and 4 By the way you can use both Everest and AIDA 64 at same time as a Everest user I am evaluating this AIDA 64, like previously stated only one more bench mark other wise it it...
  22. Super Sarge

    Is there any real world performance difference going from this ram to this ram

    You get what you pay for, I run my 12 Gig of Mushkin Relines at 1660MHz 7 8 7 24 1T @ 1.62 V Latency is <50ns
  23. Super Sarge

    For Everest Lovers

    http://benchmarkreviews.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=12159&Itemid=22 Upgrading from EVEREST FinalWire provide free upgrade path for EVEREST customers until October 20, 2010. For terms and conditions, visit www.aida64.com/free-upgrade-aida64. Pricing and Availability...
  24. Super Sarge

    APPLE Case Mod

  25. Super Sarge

    RealTemp General Discussion

    I really do not know it was quite awhile ago, I think it had something to do with C1E and or Turbo both of which I use at times, I use Turbo all the time My OS is W7 64 bit Pro, Intel 920 CPU D0. 12 Gig Mushkin Triple Channel 1600 MHZ Red Lines. Program ran but sometime during the day or night I...