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  1. desertjedi

    More powerful of these two cards?

    Anyone know what would be more powerful for gaming of these two... 1) 7950GX2 (confirmed running in SLI mode, no OC) 2) 8800GTS 512 (it will be OC'ed to 750/xxxx/1050) Someone posted a way to actually get SLI working in Arma. My gaming buddy has been sidelined for quite some time as his...
  2. desertjedi

    Help me overclock my X800GTO

    I just unlocked an X800GTO to 16 pipes. I went to overclock it and can't get it anywhere near what others have. My max overclocks are 415/525 from the stock 400/492. That's pretty laughable. I have the stock cooler on and the temps seem fine - 48C under full load. The 3DMark05 score on this...