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    Help Choosing Video Card

    Don't worry. Although Ati has a bigger GDDRam than nVIDIA but its bit interface is smaller. The bandwith and the GPU of a VGA is the most important. In this example, GTX285 is more powerful than 4890 :rockout:
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    Help Choosing Video Card

    Sorry but can you calculate it again??! about this sentence :rofl:
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    Help Choosing Video Card

    Sorry :banghead:, the latest nVIDIA Driver can increase fps in these game more 20% so that nVIDIA is still a good choice :p
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    Help Choosing Video Card

    in my experience, nVIDIA Card have a better fps than Ati. Especially in some Game support PhysX such as Crysis, FarCry... So... that 80$ will help you more in games :pimp:
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    Help Choosing Video Card

    Games nowaday don't support the multi core GPU Card so I think the gtx285 is the best choice for you. Anyway, it have a high fps in all games that gtx295 and 4870x2 can't beat.
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    my FPS Problem at Call of duty : waw

    ati drivers maybe cause this problem. Just try to uninstall the current driver and install another.
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    Multi Anti-Virus Protection?

    Kaspersky is the best:rockout: But if you rely on PCWorld Anti-Virus Chart, you can choose Norton 2009 after all :banghead:
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    looking for great 22'' 1680x1050 gfx card

    Playing Crysis ong high settings such as "Gamers" smoothly I think you should choose GTX 260 or higher (GTX275 maybe) with 1GB VRAM
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    fps needed for smooth game play

    Just get GTX295 and you will not care about fps so far :pimp: