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    BIOSTAR Releases TA790GX A3+ AM3 Motherboard

    I don't know if that's correct. From my understanding most 790fx motherboards support AM3 chips. http://www.msicomputer.com/msiforms2/AM3.asp Biostar also has a link to info about this here on their website: http://www.biostar-usa.com/app/en-us/ I could be misunderstanding this article...
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    Dell Comes Up with 24-inch 16:9 Widescreen Display

    16:10 exists for a very specific reason. It allows for two full standard size (A4) pages to be displayed side-by-side. 16:9 is great cuz you can watch widescreen movies without letterbox... oh what's that? Now they use an ever wider format meaning there's still letterboxing even after I dropped...
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    Microsoft Offers Software to College Students for Free via DreamSpark Program

    Though you are right, it does not mean that I am not. Though there are alternatives to Windows, Word, Excel, etc., you are not likely to find them on any pc. Thus comes out the whole monopoly argument. I'm a bit rough on it, but from what I remember in this situation price is best determined by...
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    Dell and Goodwill Launch Free Computer Recycling Service

    But my used computer parts are not waste. Granted, people throw them away. But there's enough metal (like gold) to make these things worth more than nothing. What would be even more effective than giving us a way to dispose of our old computers for free is a way to dispose of them for money. But...
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    Microsoft Offers Software to College Students for Free via DreamSpark Program

    How about this: why not set lower prices on their software, making it more available to everyone. That way, they could charge more than $5 in China, less than $200 in the U.S., piracy would be less of an issue, and people like me who are no longer in school can build up our expertise and...
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    Undersea Fiber Optic Network Cables Being Cut, Owners Won't Speculate As to Why

    you're all a bunch of paranoid fools. There's absolutely no reason to think it's terrorism. Active volcanoes does not mean tectonic movements are great enough to break anything (1 inch a year? come on...). The dragging anchor seems the most likely (human error, more stupidity). When was the last...
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    Microsoft to Compensate Xbox LIVE Members for the Network Issues

    I dealt with this for four days. Just got a 360, just paid for gold membership. all i wanted to do was recover my gamertag so I wouldn't be wasting time and effort making progress in games only to start over once I had my tag. I still want to know what was wrong. My guess: "hey, IT snatches. I...
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    Firefox Suspension Hoax Nearly Cripples High School

    omg. What happened to being responsible for one's own actions? Columbine is suddenly Manson's fault, kid locks a college building and shoots everyone is because of society, I don't have enough money for the soda machine is because of the rich people.... Sure, the kid probably deserves some...
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    Software Update Blocks Unlocked iPhones

    funny thing is AT&T is at last updating their internet service in order to drastically increase bandwidth, but it won't work with the iphone. Sucks to be rich AND stupid.
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    Desktop Factory Taking Pre-Orders for Their 3D Printer

    I forgot math as well, it seems. 5x5x5=125 cu. inches, = $125. But if my memory serves me well, one of the intentions of this product is to be able to create replacement parts for things like your barbie-doll or cell phone's shell. my phone is approx. 4.5x3x0.3125 (it's really slim). This shell...
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    Sony Creates Sugar Powered Battery

    Oh noes, farmers in the midwest are finally getting competitive prices. Perhaps two other good things will come out of it: people will get over this stupid obsession for organic foods (which is oxymoronic by definition, and a sign people have too much money to spend), and by increasing the...
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    Hector says: Intel is a monopoly, Microsoft isn't

    Here is an example of why microsoft is being considered a monopoly: Google is complaining that the search engine built into vista is 'hardwired' so that at no point can the user choose an alternative search engine. This is monopolistic because google is unable to provide their product to vista...
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    Hector says: Intel is a monopoly, Microsoft isn't

    You are all missing the importance of an "illegal monopoly". Your local cable provider is most likely a monopoly. That radio-station company owned by Disney is a monopoly. The electrical company, even if owned by the city/county/state is a monopoly. Anti-trust laws are not there to combat...
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    Violent video games blamed for Virginia Tech slaughter

    counter-argument: there are many people who either directly or indirectly use video games as a means of releasing stress, anger, and even violent behavior. The simple fact that people's mindsets do change as they play *any* video game is a clear sign that video games can function as a means of...