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  1. MoralesD66

    Corsair Launches Vengeance Pro Series DDR3 Memory

    These look sweet. I hope there's good headroom in these sticks.. wouldn't mind upgrading my existing Vengeance sticks for these.
  2. MoralesD66

    Iiyama Announces the G2773HS 120 Hz Pro Gamer Display

    Looks decent Rather have a 2560x1440 rezz... :-) Eyeing those CATLEAP panels :rockout:
  3. MoralesD66

    E5200 Overclocking

    e5200 Hey, quick question. i currently have 2x2gb of Gskill pc2-6400 cl5 memory and i ordered 2x2gb ocz reaper hpc pcs-6400 cl4 sticks. Do you think i will be able to achieve a better OC, due to the extra headroom in the new sticks? Or should i need my cl5 mem and underclock the ram? Hmm....
  4. MoralesD66

    E5200 Overclocking

    Hello, new to Thread. I have my e5200 at 3.6ghz with 1.315 volts on a Pq5-e and OCZ reaper 2x2 gb. Was such an AMD fan, but i've had enough. Wolfies for the WIN!!
  5. MoralesD66

    Best Game Ever Made

    Best Games Ever!!! Super Mario 3, Contra, SUper Mario Kart 64, Goldeneye 64, CounterStrike, and Halo 2:toast:
  6. MoralesD66

    AMD Overclockers Club

    nice... time for some nice thermaltake orange fans.. they make much noise.. but i dont care. the tower is under the desk anyways... how about the panflo's??? great as they are hyped-up to be? anyways.. enuff of this rant.. its the AMD overclockers club thread and now my bs overclock thread...
  7. MoralesD66

    AMD Overclockers Club

    after i primed it on a warm day (35C)i hit 57C wit the artic freeezer... its all stock though.. i'm thinking of putting a bigger 12cm fan on both ends of it.. to really push some more air.. the artic cooler chokes in the heat and the 9.2cm fan doens't blow much air at all
  8. MoralesD66

    AMD Overclockers Club

    you must have a great stepping.. b'c I can only run 2.64 at 1.425 in bios.. 2.75 needs more juice.. anything lesss will lockup and reboot my pc:confused:
  9. MoralesD66

    AMD Overclockers Club

    you telling me you can run 24/7, run super pi 32meg, prime for 48 hrs at 2.75ghz at 1.4 volts???.. and its not an opty??...... u sure??.... if so.. kudos.... i guess my ultra-D and chip are power hungry... time for an opty 175
  10. MoralesD66

    AMD Overclockers Club

    does it matter that my HT is soo high? does it give any type of performance boost? or it is more harmful and good?:confused:
  11. MoralesD66

    AMD Overclockers Club

    will do.. i'll post when i get home from my worthless jobbbby job:banghead:
  12. MoralesD66

    AMD Overclockers Club

    Overclockers club I ran Sciencemark 2.0 and got 1430 marks, and on super pi 1mb like 30 secs and change..
  13. MoralesD66

    AMD Overclockers Club

    Hey y'all.. i'm at 2.75 ghz with an x2 4200.. @ 1.525 volts... 1250HT.. on a Ultra-D.. i love this chippppy chippperrroooo...go AMD..
  14. MoralesD66

    how do i get a higher overclock it seems i can only get 2200mhz

    that asus av8 hey.. i've previously owned that motherboard. what holding you back is that via chipset. I was only able to get my amd 3500+ up to 2.5ghz. you should try dropping the cpu multiplier from 11 to 10, and Ht link from 5 to 4. There are great articles around on this.. good luck...
  15. MoralesD66

    Need For Speed Carbon

    I've been playing it for the past 2 days.. and all i can say that the car looks sooo realistic compared to the Most Wanted version. They are really starting to utilize pixel shaders to make it look nice... the tracks are nice as well.. lighting is great... awesome rendition of the NFS series...
  16. MoralesD66

    Sapphire X1800GTO2 512MB

    Sorry i'm late to this post.. but i have a x1800GTo2,, just flashed to an XT PE last night. And it works great, but CCC freezes when i hit the AVIVO tabs... bahhhhh Gotta go home and go my homework. ANy info on how to resolve this?