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    Undervolting my Phenom II 955

    i used to undervolt my old amd fx55, i used http://users.bigpond.net.au/CPUburn/ to do it drop the voltage by then min it allowed and ran this for at least 2 hours then dropped the voltage again and ran again, did this till it wouldnt boot tried it with my x2 and it worked
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    asus a8n sli premium

    just helped my mate set up his sli on his mobo all went well except he didnt have a long enough bridge but thats not the problem, the problem is he shut down last night all went well but today it wont boot theres no power light on, on the mobo hes checked the psu best he could, tried it with 1...
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    Magic: The Gathering Club

    i used to play along time ago when black lotus and mox ruby etc where big money didnt no it was still going cost me a fortune at the time
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    7850 black editiion overclocking help

    not sure ill have to check never thought of that i do now booted up with a 225 htt not sure if its stable yet got my core voltage at 1.4v ill run a few tests, then try upping the htt abit more if its stable ive just rebooted with a 15x multi and 210 htt 1.376v @ 3.15ghz cpuz says 15x...
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    7850 black editiion overclocking help

    im currenty at 3.11ghz, 222 htt 14x multi stock voltage, my problem is if i up the multi it doesnt change in cpuz/amd overdrive stays at 14x in both if i take my htt above 223 the system wont boot, ive upped the voltage to 1.4v and its still the same, could my ram be causing it? i...
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    Dead X850 XT PE

    i got water on mine the day i bought it it was dripping out my cpu block onto the card and down my dfi mobo i dried it off with papertowels left it a while dried it again with hairdryer on low setting put it in and it booted not had a prob since it ocs well 594/661 max without arifacts good...
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    9800 SE 256bit/256mb > XT ?

    i could of showed you my 2001 score with my x850xt lol http://service.futuremark.com/compare?2k1=8551682 oops or my 05 score that nearly beats your 03 score http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm05=800952 :D my best 05 score with my 9800xt was with my 2600+ xp not my 64bit couldnt...
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    Logitech MX-1000

    surley after 3-4 years youll have a new mouse!! they dont last forever ive had no probs with mine at all had it about 7month all the buttons do what there supposed to works with all games i play etc
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    9800 SE 256bit/256mb > XT ?

    both your scores are low i know my oc is higher but your cpu speed is (sort of) better
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    Omega vs ATI

    hows radlinker too complicated? its just two sliders! atitool is complicated if you go into ram timings and fan speeds etc
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    AMD Athlon 64 or Intel Pentium 4 ?

    intel better for encoding! have you seen the dual core amd chips they beat intel for nearly everything the fx55 beats intels encoding apart from music is a bit slower and video is 3secs slower over 90mins films
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    How far can an AMD Athlon 64 be overclocked?

    for fxs you need 0442 for the best oc i got lucky with mine :D but my 3500+ was a good ocr to 2.9ghz 2.75 for 24/7 use
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    Advice for my X850XT please...

    think ill just get bigger ram sinks my small ones do a good job of cooling the ram but i need a fan on full blowing accross them when running under load
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    Advice for my X850XT please...

    i need bigger ram sinks or watercooed ram sinks but cant find any :(
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    over clocking ati

    that was with my 9800xt not my x850xt pe
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    over clocking ati

    i get this with my x850xt pe http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm05=800952 :D
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    Advice for my X850XT please...

    heres some pics
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    x850 volt mods

    your score isnt much more than i get without a vmod my card does 594/661 have you got a pic of the mod or a guide?
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    over clocking ati

    480/402 was the max oc on my 9800xt without vmods http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm05=235383
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    Advice for my X850XT please...

    ill take some pics of mine later and post them
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    Advice for my X850XT please...

    have you added ram sinks to your card? if you have have a fan blowing across them its only a small oc so you should be ok if games run stable with it low 40s underload isnt to bad rememeber graphics cards run hotter than cpus my pe overclocks to 594/661 with no artifacts when i bench but if...
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    ATI Catalyst Control Center...Overdrive

    try and download it again you may of got the wrong one
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    DFI Lan-Party nf4 ut-d problem

    get over to dfi street forum theres a problem with corsair ram on the dfi mobos ive never had a problem but alot of people have there is a bios fix though are you running @ stock vdim if you are thats your problem up it to at least 2.9v turn 1T off - disable cpc in the bios try...
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    Intel VS AMD help!!!

    if you use a a64 clocked @ 2.2ghz and a xp clocked @ 2.2ghz the xp is so slow i couldnt believe it, also for intel been faster at encoding your only talking seconds @ the same speeds but a p4 3.8 ee is slower @ encoding than a fx55 but the p4 3.8ee is faster @ encoding music, but its the...
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    ATI Catalyst Control Center...Overdrive

    have you installed NET version 1.1 framework you need that