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    The graphics card with the hottest looks!

    The ASUS HD 5770 had a place in my heart: I like the simple, sleek look.
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    Help me choose a cheap 1155 board!

    Unfortunately, you cannot overclock your i3, or you at least have very little room to do so. They have a lock multiplier. The only chipsets for the LGA 1155 platform that allow overclocking are the P67 and Z68 chipsets, not the H61 or H67 chipset. Basically, you cannot overclock, but if you...
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    new rig.. comments/ suggestions?

    Not bad for $500. I would have gone the Intel route, but it depends on your needs (mine is mostly gaming). In the end, it's about being happy with what you have. Also, did you consider a Gigabyte, ASUS, or AsRock MoBo over the MSI (they run slightly cheaper)? They usually produce better...